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Dynasty Nerds Donations – Join the Nerd Herd

Thanks for choosing to donate. We are free site and we want to keep it that way – we can do that with your help. Please feel free to donate any amount you feel comfortable, you can choose a one-time donation or you can choose to make it a monthly re-occurrence. Whatever the amount, we will greatly appreciate. All proceeds will go to improving the site and if you donate enough we will buy the Browns and make them a great franchise – or at least load them with great fantasy players!

What is the Nerd Herd? It is a group of people that help the site keep functioning at a high level. By simply donating a dollar a month you are a Nerd Herd member. For every dollar donated equates to how many months you are a Nerd Herd member, twelve dollars equals a one-year membership. A one hundred dollar donation gives you a life-time membership! The easiest way to not miss out on this awesomeness is to sign up for the recurring monthly payment. By being a member of the Nerd Herd you are qualified to win any prize that we are giving away that month. Just as you are helping us we will always look for fun ways to give back to the Nerd herd community!



  1. Hope me and Acevill1492 can take this to the house

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