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2020 Dynasty Nerds Writer’s Hot Takes!

How spicy do you like your hot takes? @tristancook_ and the @DynastyNerds staff writers share their hottest takes for 2020!

It’s that time of the year again, we are on the eve of the 2020 NFL season! We have once again compiled hot takes from the Dynasty Nerds staff writers. But, before we get to this year’s hot takes, we will look back at some of the best and worst takes from 2019. 

2019 Takes Review

Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Now, there are a few disclaimers that need to be stated. First, remember, these are not things that we think WILL happen or not even things that are LIKELY to happen. They are merely things that COULD happen. 

Next, there will absolutely be overlap in some of these takes, and that is intentional. Each writer was asked to provide their own hot takes. Some are spicier than others. Some are identical to others. Some are directly opposed to others. The purpose of this article is to have fun with some outlandish takes, but also it is a great way to see how people view players differently. 

Also, all of these takes are based off of 12-team PPR formats unless otherwise stated. So, if you see WR3 that means top 36 WR. Or if you see RB2, that means top 24 RB, and so on.

Finally, a big thank you is due to all of the writers who put forth hot takes so this article could be possible. Please drop all of them a follow on Twitter!

Now, without further ado, let’s get to the hot takes!

QB Hot Takes

Credit: ESPN

RB Hot Takes

Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
  • Kerryon Johnson will outscore D’Andre Swift. ( @tristancook_ )
  • Cam Akers finishes as a top 12 RB. ( @TubaDeus )
  • Marlon Mack and Johnathan Taylor finish the year as a top 20 RBs. ( @FF_Intervention )
  • Jonathan Taylor does not finish as a top 3 rookie RB. ( @TubaDeus )
  • Damien Harris leads the Patriots backfield in touches and finishes as a RB2. (pre-IR take) ( @Ekballer )
  • Miles Sanders does not finish as a top 10 RB. ( @FF_MarvinE )
  • Austin Ekeler finishes as the RB1 overall. ( @3COAK_FF )
  • Chase Edmonds finishes as a RB3. ( @3COAK_FF )
  • Joe Mixon finishes outside of the top 10 RBs. ( @andy_buckler )
  • Cam Akers will finish as a top 24 RB. ( @GBridgfordNFL )
  • David Johnson outscores DeAndre Hopkins. ( @ReflipeWThenuz )
  • Four Rookie RBs finish inside the top 18, twice as many as 2018 and 2019. ( @Josh_FF )
  • Joshua Kelley outscores Melvin Gordon. ( @mastapj )
  • Melvin Gordon finishes outside the top 24 RBs. ( @GBridgfordNFL )
  • Clyde Edwards-Hilaire will not be a top 10 RB. (  @GBridgfordNFL )
  • No Ravens RB finishes inside the top 20 at RB. ( @DynastyOasis )
  • Jonathan Taylor will finish outside the top 24 RBs. ( @GBridgfordNFL )
  • Kenyan Drake finishes inside top 5 RBs. ( @JamieHfantasy )
  • Zack Moss finishes as an RB2. ( @JamieHfantasy )
  • Tarik Cohen Finishes as an RB1. ( @JamieHfantasy )
  • Leonard Fournette finishes as an RB1. ( @NateNFL )
  • Devin Singletary finishes outside of the Top 24 RBs. ( @NateNFL )

WR Hot Takes

AJ Brown (Yahoo Sports)
Credit: Yahoo Sports
  • N’Keal Harry will be a top 24 WR. ( @tristancook_ )
  • Darius Slayton will be a top 20 WR. ( @tristancook_ )
  • Allen Robinson will finish outside the top 24 WRs. ( @tristancook_ )
  • LaViska Shenault Jr. will be a top 5 rookie WR. ( @tristancook_ )
  • Robert Woods finishes as a top 5 WR. ( @TubaDeus )
  • D.J. Chark does not finish as a top 24 WR. ( @TubaDeus )
  • Stefon Diggs finishes as a top 12 WR. ( @TubaDeus )
  • Marquise Brown does not finish as a top 36 WR. ( @TubaDeus )
  • Terry McLaurin and DJ Chark both finish as top 15 WRs. ( @Ekballer )
  • Amari Cooper does not finish as a top 15 WR. ( @Ekballer )
  • A.J. Brown finishes as a top 10 WR. ( @FF_MarvinE )
  • Stefon Diggs is not a top 24 WR. ( @FF_MarvinE )
  • Michael Pittman Jr. leads all rookie receivers in catches and receiving yards, finishing as a WR2. ( @3COAK_FF )
  • Will Fuller stays healthy and is a top 15 WR. ( @mastapj )
  • Joe Reed finishes as a top 36 WR. ( @mastapj )
  • Allen Robinson finishes outside the top 20 WRs. ( @mastapj )
  • Jamison Crowder outscores Odell Beckham Jr. ( @andy_buckler
  • Brandin Cooks finishes as a WR1. ( @andy_buckler
  • DJ Moore finishes outside the top 12 WRs. ( @ReflipeWThenuz )
  • Courtland Sutton finishes outside the top 24 WRs in .5PPR. ( @Domffl )
  • Robert Woods outscores Cooper Kupp. ( @Domffl )
  • Parris Campbell finishes inside the top 30 WRs. ( @Domffl )
  • Preston Williams finishes with the most fantasy points among all Miami Dolphins players. ( @Josh_FF )
  • Both Gallup and CeeDee Lamb finish above Amari Cooper. ( @FF_Intervention )
  • Andy Isabella outscores Larry Fitzgerald ( @FF_Intervention )
  • Odell Beckham Jr. will bounce back for a top 5 finish after struggling with injuries in 2019. ( @GBridgfordNFL )
  • Steven Sims finishes as a WR2. ( @carl_vagleFF )
  • Christian Kirk finishes as a WR2. ( @JamieHfantasy )
  • Diontae Johnson finishes as a top 30 WR. ( @NateNFL )
  • Michael Gallup finishes with more fantasy points than Amari Cooper. ( @NateNFL )
  • DJ Chark finishes as a WR1. ( @ChiefSosaFF )
  • Cooper Kupp finishes as a WR2. ( @ChiefSosaFF )

TE Hot Takes

Miscellaneous Hot Takes

  • The Colts will finish the year as a top 5 defense. ( @FF_Intervention
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick will start at least 12 games and Tyrod Taylor starts them all while leading the Chargers to the playoffs. ( @FF_Intervention )
  • Aaron Jones lands in Arizona after having another great year in Green Bay, while A.J. Dillon gets the nod as the workhorse back going into 2021. ( @FF_Intervention )
  • Alex Smith will start at least four games in 2020 as Dwayne Haskins struggles to get up to speed with the NFL game. ( @GBridgfordNFL )
  • AJ Brown finishes with more receiving yards than Derrick Henry finishes with rushing yards. ( @DynastyOasis )
  • Diontae Johnson has a 100 catch season. ( @DynastyOasis )
  • Kerryon Johnson stays healthy, has 1,000 yards rushing, and keeps D’Andre Swift as the clear #2. ( @DynastyOasis )
  • Irv Smith Jr., not Justin Jefferson, is the second most targeted Viking, behind Adam Thielen. ( @DynastyOasis )
  • Kendrick Bourne will lead all 49ers WRs in touchdowns. ( @JD_Thunder )
  • Colts will have two 1k yard rushers with Mack & JT.- ( @ChiefSosaFF )
  • The Chicago Bears DST ends the season having been technically worth taking in the 3rd round or better. ( @statholesports )

Please feel free to reach out to us on Twitter to tell us all how bad (or hopefully good) our hot takes are. The fun of dynasty fantasy football is that everyone values players differently. Some of these takes will look like strokes of genius in a year. Others will be laughable. If you have a hot take you’d like to share, hit me up on Twitter @tristancook_ and I will pick my favorite hot take. AND, if it comes to fruition, I will personally buy you a DynastyNerds T-Shirt at the end of the season!

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