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2021 Dynasty Nerds Writer’s Hot Takes!

How hot is too hot?! @tristancook_ and the @dynastynerds staff writers share their hot takes for 2021! What’s your hottest take?

It’s once again time for our staff writers’ hot takes article! This is the third year of doing this article. If you want to check out either of the previous years to laugh at how bad some of the takes are, you can find 2020 here and 2019 here. We are running a contest this year for the best reader’s hot take! One person will be winning a Dynasty Nerds T-Shirt! Please keep an eye out on Twitter for information on how to enter, or reach out to me @tristancook_ if you have any questions!

2020 Hot Takes Review

Before we get started with 2021, let’s look at three of the best and worst takes from 2020.

Well, the first two couldn’t have been more wrong, but congrats to @tubadeus on being absolutely correct with his hot take.

(AP/ Photo Jeffrey T. Barnes)


Now, there are a few disclaimers that I need to state. First, remember, these are not things that we think WILL happen or not even things that are LIKELY to happen. They are merely things that COULD happen. 

Next, there will be overlap in some of these takes, and that is intentional. I asked each writer to provide their hot takes. Some are spicier than others. Others are identical. And some are directly opposed to others. The purpose of this article is to have fun with some outlandish takes, but also it is a great way to see how people view players differently.

Also, all of these takes are based on 12-team PPR formats unless otherwise stated. So, if you see WR3, that means top 36 WR. Or if you see RB2, that means top 24 RB, and so on.

Finally, a big thank you is due to all of the writers who put forth hot takes so this article could be possible. Please drop all of them a follow on Twitter!

2021 Hot Takes


Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The AFC South gets us started with an especially spicy take by @DarthDbacks. The best chance that this has to come true is if Henry gets injured. It’s hard to imagine a healthy Henry not hitting 200 carries. But he does have an incredibly high workload in the last two seasons, so it’s possible that could be taking a toll on him. The James Robinson hot takes seem far less spicy now that Etienne is out for the season, but these picks occurred before his injury.

  • James Robinson will again finish as an RB1 (@TheSmingDynasty
  • James Robinson finished top 10 in PPR (@DarthDbacks)
  • LaViska Shenault is a top 20 WR. (@tristancook_)
  • Derrick Henry finishes outside the Top 12 RBs and under 200 carries (@DarthDbacks)
  • Nico Collins emerges as the WR2 on the Texans and is a top 36 WR (@FF_Worm)


Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA Today Sports

Moving up to the AFC East, my favorite take on this list is Tua in the top 8 QBs. It feels like not that long ago, we were enamored with Tua. Now, many people are ready to write him off after one season. I am not ready to give up on Tua, so I think I’m with @DynastyPJ here. Corey Davis as a top 20 WR is also an exciting one because that would likely mean that Elijah Moore was underwhelming. 


Credit: USA Today

Moving over to @DynastyRich’s favorite division, the spiciest take here might be Joe Mixon playing all 17 games. He always seems to get dinged up. But I think my favorite take is from @DevyCramps. None of the Steelers WRs finish in the top 30. That would likely be due to an injury to Big Ben and a throw-away season in the Steel City. It’s hard to imagine none of them finishing in the top 30. 

  • Baker Mayfield finishes as a top 8 QB (@CoreyEasterday)
  • Nick Chubb is a top 4 RB in full PPR (@DevyCramps)
  • Joe Mixon plays in all 17 games and finishes as an RB1 (@DarthDbacks)
  • Tee Higgins finishes as a top 15 WR (@FF_Worm)
  • Diontae Johnson finishes as the Steelers top fantasy option with Juju and Claypool both healthy. (@DoomzoneFF)
  • None of the Steelers WRs finish inside the top 30. (@DevyCramps)
  • TJ Watt doesn’t finish in the top 5 of scoring (@DarthDbacks)
  • Rashod Bateman finishes as the rookie WR1 (@carl_vagleFF)


Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Heading out west, we see a couple of CEH hot takes, but my favorite of these few is Jerry Jeudy finishing in the top 10 WRs. I’m not sure how much faith I have in that one with Teddy Bridgewater under center for Denver, but it feels like quite a spicy take to me. Jeudy does seem like a good bounce-back candidate, but we’ll see if @DynastyPJ was a little too bold with his top 10 calls.

  • Justin Herbert will struggle on his way to a mid-QB2 finish (@TheSmingDynasty)
  • Austin Ekeler finishes as a top 3 RB in PPR (@TheHQNerd)
  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire finishes inside the top-6 RBs. (@ConbonNFL
  • CEH finishes the year as a top 5 RB in PPR formats (@DynastyPJ)
  • Noah Fant finishes higher than college teammate T.J. Hockenson (@ReflipeWThenuz)
  • Jerry Jeudy finishes inside the top 10 WRs in PPR (@DynastyPJ)


Credit –

Switching conferences, we find ourselves in the NFC South first. And with possibly the division with the hottest of takes. Is it because it has two of my own takes? Possibly. But, it’s hard to narrow down which take is the spiciest. I think my favorite one is Sam Darnold being a QB1. I am hopeful for a big season in Carolina. He easily has the best weapons of his career and the best coaching as well—time to put up or shut up for Darnold.


Credit: Business Insider

This division has the most takes. But not only does it have the quantity, but it also has some spicy takes here. There weren’t too many Giants hot takes, but Barkley finishing outside the top 12 would be surprising if he is healthy for the entire season. Logan Thomas finishing outside the top 15 TEs would also be rather surprising. My hot take of Dak finishing outside the top 10 is primarily due to a lack of confidence in him playing the entire season and the Cowboys leaning more heavily on Zeke.

  • Logan Thomas finishes outside the top 15 TE’s in 2021 (@TheHQNerd)
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick finishes outside the top 15 QBs (@ReflipeWThenuz)
  • Taylor Heinicke will be the starting QB for WFT by the end of the year (@Happy_Guitarist)
  • Terry McLaurin will finish in the top 10 WRs (@tweetsbychad)
  • Kyle Rudolph finishes higher in TE rankings than Evan Engram (@DarthDbacks)
  • Saquon Barkley finishes outside the Top 12 RBs (@DevyMatt)
  • Michael Gallup finishes as a top 30 WR (@CoreyEasterday)
  • Dak Prescott finishes outside the top 10 QBS (@tristancook_
  • Micah Parsons finishes above Isaiah Simmons in IDP PPG (@IDP_Baumer)
  • DeVonta Smith wins offensive rookie of the year. (@DevyMatt)


Credit: John Autey / Pioneer Press

This division rivals the NFC South as the division that may have the spiciest takes overall. Right off the bat, we have an incredibly spicy take from @coachstevenp, with none of the Vikings WRs finishing as WR1s. It makes sense to think that Jefferson would regress in 2021. But I think I’d still expect him to be at the tail end of the WR1s, at worst. Two takes that go well together are  @DevyMatt’s prediction that Darnell Mooney finishes as a WR1 and mine of A-Rob finishing outside the top 24 WRs. I think that’s really the only scenario outside of an injury that it could happen. Or, the Bears struggle offensively with Dalton and Fields splitting time. Interesting that we didn’t have any Packers hot takes. 



To finish it off, we have the NFC West providing two hot takes that are impossible to both take place. Both Kyler Muray and Russell Wilson can’t be the QB1. Although I suppose there’s a chance they could tie, it’s improbable. Kyler absolutely could do it if this offense takes another step forward. And Russ has already been the QB1 previously, so we know that’s possible. I think my favorite take here is actually not specific to the NFC West. And that is 4 of the 5 rookie QBs finish as QB1s on a PPG basis. It could be that the four are all but Trey Lance. But, we know that 3 of the 5 are starting out of the gate. It comes down to Lance vs. Fields for who gets the starting job next.

  • Kyler Murray finishes QB1 on the year (@DarthDbacks)
  • DeAndre Hopkins finishes with the most fantasy points at WR (@DarthDbacks)
  • Rondale Moore finishes as WR1 in this rookie class this year (@DarthDbacks)
  • The Cardinals have two LB’s who finish in the top 10 of LB (@DarthDbacks)
  • Tutu Atwell finishes as a top 36 WR (@carl_vagleFF)
  • Russell Wilson finishes as the overall QB1 (@FF_Worm)
  • 4 of the 5 rookie QBs will finish as a QB1 on a point per game basis in 2021 (@DanT_NFL)

That’s the end of our hot takes. We will check back in and see how these fared at the end of the season. But for now, let’s hear some of your hot takes! Please feel free to reach out on Twitter @tristancook_ and join our hot take contest where you can win a free Dynasty Nerds T-Shirt!

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