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Bargain Bin – WR 3’s

Dynasty fantasy football is all but ruled by the wide receiver position and for good reason when you factor in production, longevity of career and the modern day NFL passing game. There are so many ways to play this fun game we are all addicted to and whether you are a zero RB theory player or even a zero WR theory guy the fact remains depth at WR is very important to your dynasty rosters. As a dynasty player I want all the elite WR’s but that’s not exactly possible and I’ve explained in the past how important I believe WR3’s are to a championship team. Just like anything in life you buy, invest in or even work for you want the most for the least and that’s what WR3’s give you they aren’t the most attractive players but they have mostly come at a very cheap price with a chance to be great value.

Just so nobody is lost and I want to think you’re all intelligent players what do I mean when I say WR3? The WR that finish from 25th to 36th overall in fantasy points for the season. For this piece I based this on one of my many leagues that is 12 teams and full PPR. Thanks to myfantasyleague.com this information is very easy to find on your league page and you can use your leagues scoring to determine what you deem as a WR3. As I looked at the WR3’s for this league the total fantasy points ranged from 177 fantasy points to 194 fantasy points for the season. Now obviously there are outliers that finished as WR3’s last season like A.J Green, Dez Bryant, Allen Robinson and DeAndre Hopkins whether it was due to injuries or horrendous QB play. The range of fantasy points per game for WR3’s in this league ranged from around 15 FPPG to around 12 FPPG which for a quick example is roughly 7 receptions for 80 yards for the top end and 6 receptions for 60 yards for the bottom half. I don’t know how you look at it but if I can start a WR every week that will get an average of 12 FPPG I’m very excited about that especially one I paid very little for or even acquired on the waiver wire.

This is a very risky article before the NFL Draft and in the midst of free agency still happening but if you guys know me I”m not afraid to be wrong. I found 5 WR’s from last season that for one reason or another I believe has a real shot to finish in the WR3 range in your dynasty leagues. It’s called “Bargain Bin” because these are not players that are on many players minds. Actually some of these players might be guys you can acquire as throw in guys at the end of a trade for a better player that people are trying to get rid of to make room for rookie picks. These players aren’t exclusive to contending teams as there is a wide age variance and even as a rebuilding or stuck in the middle team can potentially find great value in these WR’s in 2017 and beyond.

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