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Off the Field Tape: Evaluating Like a Real GM

Dynasty players strive for the extra advantage, the push, the edge that will ultimately gain them the upper hand on their way to a championship. Evaluating incoming talent in-depth always presents an opportunity to land a late-round steal or side ...

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“Dynasty Ideology” The Importance of Veterans and Youth on your Roster

It recently occurred to me, during a mock draft, that many dynasty teams are hating on some veterans too much.  While I certainly don’t advocate taking veterans to build your team around, I think a strong strategy exists that involves ...

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“Dynasty Ideology” Tips For Taking Over an Orphan Team

dynasty football orphan team

When you take over an orphan dynasty team, you are most likely coming into an established league with owners that have been around for a while. This puts you at a decided disadvantage compared to your new league mates. You ...

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“Dynasty Ideology” The First 4 Picks for your Startup Squad in 2014

The first four picks in your dynasty start-up can make or break your team.  I’m here to provide a guide on how I think you should draft your core-four. Round 1: A “Big-6 WR”: Calvin Johnson, AJ Green, Demaryius Thomas, ...

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“Dynasty Ideology” When you should Target RB’s in the Rookie Draft

This years NFL draft will take place May 8th-10th at Radio City Music Hall. It is one of my favorite times of the year and the signal that our Dynasty football rookie draft is right around the corner for most ...

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“Dynasty Ideology” Building your Team Around Young WRs

If you are getting ready to start a new dynasty league and are prepping for the draft, whom are you targeting?  In fantasy drafts, running backs have been the majority of first-round picks. With the NFL turning into pass-happy league, ...

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“Dynasty Ideology” – Why you should be planning for the future!

Unless you have been living under a rock the last few years, you probably already know about Clemson wide receiver, Sammy Watkins.  Watkins was a unanimous top fifty overall recruit coming out of high school. Of the major recruiting services, ...

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