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Changing the Call: QB Starts/Sits Week 5

@MikeMeUpP really scrapes the bottom of the barrel this week to bring you the answers in the weekly QB start / sit article. Check it out for yourself!

Hello Nerds! The DynastyNerds writers are here once again to provide you with your weekly starts and sits. We will be making our recommendations based on weekly consensus rankings from FantasyPros. Here are the cast and the position groups they will be covering to help you win your week. Follow us, friend us, stalk us, whatever floats your boat!

  • QB: Mike Liu (@MikeMeUpP)
  • RB: Erik Kortz (@ekballer)
  • WR: Tristan Cook (@tristancook_)
  • TE: Mychal Warno (@dynastydadmike)
  • FLEX: Tyler Grzegorek (@tyler_grez)

Your boy is here to kick things off with quarterbacks! QBs are important decisions to make week-to-week, especially if you’re streaming. I’ll be covering off both single QB and Superflex formats here by offering some start options beyond the top 12 QBs every week.

If you’ve been following along so far, we’ve been rolling with the picks, hitting 13 of 19 or a 68% hit rate. Hopefully, we can keep this good streak going. Without further to do, let’s get it!

Lock, Stock & Smoking Starts of the Week

Andy Dalton vs. Arizona Cardinals (Expert Ranking: QB15)

-3 Bengals with 47.5 O/U → Bengals 25 Cardinals 22
Week 4 (QB28 – 3.6 Points): 21/37 for 171, 0 TD, 1 INT

Another disgusting pick? Maybe. Do I feel good picking it? Honestly, I don’t feel that bad about it. This week is a totally different situation than last week. Red Sniper leads a pass-heavy offense gets to go against one of the worst defenses in the NFL at home. Last week, Dalton was an easy fade for me as I actually had Steelers as my top streaming defense of the week. But I think he’ll fare much better at home against a much weaker secondary. They’ve given up top finishes every week except for last week against Pete “Establish the Run” Carroll’s Seahawks in a game that was never close. I expect this game to be more of a shootout led by 2 pass-heavy offenses with no supporting defense and I want pieces of the action on both sides. 


Joe Flacco @ LA Chargers (Expert Ranking: QB24)

-6.5 Chargers with 44.5 O/U → Broncos 19 Chargers 25.5
Week 4 (QB7 – 22.0 Points): 22/38 for 303 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT

Had to reach way down into the pits again on this one and grab Joe Flaccid…I mean Flacco. Definitely not ideal but Flacco showed something last week I haven’t seen from him in ages…an ability to play QB. Also, this may come as a surprise but Flacco currently ranks in the top 8 in the NFL right now at 37 attempts per game. The Denver defense also hasn’t been all it’s been touted to be this offseason and just took a massive hit with Chubb being done for the year, prayers up for my dude. We know the Chargers, with Gordon back from the least effective holdout ever, should be able to put up some points. And Flacco seems to have two legitimate weapons in Emmanuel “Wolverine” Sanders and the former SMU star. Meanwhile, Casey Hayward seems washed and the Chargers, who were already without their best player on defense (shoutout to Derwin James da Gawd) also lost one of their best pass rushers in Melvin Ingram. All signs point to Flacco to putting up some solid points in garbage time. I’m firing him up in my single QB leagues as a streamer this week. Although I definitely won’t be watching the game, hopefully, Flacco can secure some decent points. 

Kyler Murray @ Cincinnati Bengals (Expert Ranking: QB10)

-3 Bengals with 47.5 O/U → Bengals 25 Cardinals 22
Week 4 (QB14 – 16.34 Points): 22/32 for 241 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT / 4 carries for 27 rushing, 1 rush TD

The prodigal son returns to make another appearance on the list. I’m not sure if people have noticed but something that gives me a great deal of hope here is the fact that Murray finally appears to be comfortable using his legs. Despite having a horrible showing last week against the Seahawks, he still provided a very decent floor. He now has 25 or more rushing yards in back to back weeks doing what we all drafted him to do and I must say, he looks great doing it. This week, he gets a leaky Bengals D where I expect the Cardinals to be able to stack up some passing yards in addition to the rushing floor. If he can get add a couple of TDs through the air, we’re talking top 8 upside on the week. Don’t be scared off by yesterday’s news my friends! Fire up Murray with confidence and let the fireworks begin!

Risky Business Sits of the Week

Tom Brady @ Washington Redskins (Expert Ranking: QB5)

-14.5 Patriots with 42 O/U → Patriots 28.5 Redskins 14
Week 4 (QB27 – 3.7 Points): 18/39 for 150 passing, 0 TD, 1 INT

I can’t believe I’m doing this but I’m putting the GOAT back on this list for the second week in a row except for completely different reasons. Last week it was because the Bills secondary is elite but the only thing that’s elite about the Redskins secondary is their ability to seemingly let opposing offenses do whatever they want, and that’s exactly what the Patriots are going to do. With Keenum in a walking boot and McLaurin still nurturing a soft tissue injury, I don’t see how the Skins are even going to be able to score on the Pats this game. I was honestly shocked to see Brady this high on expert consensus rankings. I get it, the Pats have a high implied point total but would anyone be shocked if half of the 28.5 points came from the Patriots defense? I typically avoid these types of blowout games because Patriots can just run the ball on the Skins. It’s not going to be some air raid light show, especially given Gordon and Edelman both aren’t at 100%. This is a game where I’m expecting most of the production to come from the backfield and the defense while they let the GOAT rest up for another deep playoff run.

Jared Goff @ Seattle Seahawks (Expert Ranking: QB14)

-1.5 Seahawks with 49.5 O/U → Rams 24 Seahawks 25.5
Week 4 (QB8 – 20.7 Points): 45/68 for 517 passing, 2 TD, 3 INT

It may sound crazy to sit Goff after the offensive light show he put on against Winston last week but hear me out. For starters, something tells me he won’t be passing the ball 68 times again this week. More importantly, this comes back to what I said last time I had Goff on this list…#RoadGoff is no bueno. And what makes it even worse? Rams are the traveling road team for Thursday Night Football. Road teams travelling on a short week never turn out that well. And for what it’s worth, I think the Rams D is a lot better than what they showed last week and with the whole #EstablishTheRun philosophy of the Seahawks, I’m betting the under on this game. Goff also just hasn’t looked very good at all, in fact, I’d say he’s looked objectively very bad. Maybe the defenses in the NFL are catching up with McVay or maybe it’s the fact that the Rams went from one of the best OL to bottom 3 in the league but whatever the reason, that whole offense looks like a shell of the 2018 version. 


Aaron Rodgers @ Dallas Cowboys (Expert Ranking: QB8)

-3.5 Cowboys with 46.5 O/U → Packers 21.5 Seahawks 25
Week 4 (QB2 – 25.5 Points): 34/53 for 422 passing, 2 TD, 1 INT / 5 carries for 46 rushing

Sitting 2 of the best to ever play the position, what am I crazy? Despite his heroic performance last week, we have to remember that was done against an absolutely trash Philly secondary with a healthy Davante Adams who literally made that entire defense his child. This time, Rodgers and Co are going on the road to Dallas without their top offensive weapon. Also, given what happened last week with Dak, and his banged-up WR corps, I have a feeling that Dallas is going to go back to what they know best and let Zeke pound this Packers defense into submission. The same defense that just let up 159 yards and 2 TDs to the Eagles and made Jordan Howard look like an All-Pro. Similarly, after witnessing some of the most idiotic play calling from LaFleur last week on the 1-yard line where he passed it 4 times, there may be an overcorrection this year as we see the Packers also lean on their ground game, especially with Adams out. As a result, I think this might be a game with fewer plays through the air and a running clock which means fewer opportunities for Rodgers to do his thing and live up to his top 8 consensus ranking.

That’s all for this week folks. Follow me @MikeMeUpP and make sure you subscribe to the #NerdHerd for more exclusive content. Don’t forget to tune in next week for more start / sit analysis from your @DynastyNerds writers!

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