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Comeback Kids: How will these 2018 disappointments fair in 2019?

2018 was a fantastic year with many players exceeding expectations and setting records. However, there were players that really disappointed this past season and as we move our attention to 2019 we have to ask ourselves “will these players bounce back?”

We’re going to take a look at 8 players and give them each a rating of 1, 2 or 3 based on how likely they are to get back to pre-2018 expectations.

  1. Not likely
  2. Somewhat likely
  3. Should meet or possibly even exceed pre-2018 expectations

1. Jarvis Landry (2)

2018 Stats: 16 Games 81 Rec 976 Yds 4 Td

For several years, we could expect “Juice” to nab around 100 receptions and go over 1000 yards. Unfortunately, Landry came up a bit short of those expectations and didn’t seem to get the looks that he got in Miami. Baker Mayfield seemed to spread it around a lot more than the Miami quarterbacks did, which doesn’t help his value. That being said, Landry is only 26 years old and has excellent hands. I am not sure he is a WR1 anymore, but I expect him to be at least a mid to late WR2 for years to come.

2. Aaron Rodgers (3)

2018 Stats: 16 Games 4442Yds 25 Td 2 Int

I think Rodgers season was worse in perception then it was in actuality. This dude was on a garbage team with a coach that was archaic in his play calling. Despite all of that, Rodgers threw for over 4,400 yards and only threw for two picks. Sure, the touchdown numbers left a bit to be desired, but I fully expect him to bounce back, especially with new play calling and all of these young receivers getting another year under their belt.

3. Tevin Coleman (2)

2018 Stats: 16 Games 167 Rush Att 800 Yds 4 Td 32 Rec 276 Rec Yds 5 Rec Td

Coleman was the hardest player for me to evaluate. His season was fine, especially considering that he didn’t have more than 16 carries in any game and 12 of the games he had 11 carries or less. According to the eyeball test though, he just never seemed to look like a guy that could really run away with a full-time job. The other factor that makes him tough to evaluate is the looming FA decision in his future. If he lands in the PEREFECT spot then he could maybe be running back 12 overall, but I believe it’s more likely that he is still in a time share, just on a different squad. 

4. Matt Stafford (1)

2018 Stats: 16 Games 3777 Yds 21 Td 11 Int

This guy is in his prime! We should all hop on board the Stafford train, right? As the great, Lee Corso says “not so fast”. Stafford looked bad this past season and I do not expect it to get better. The Lions have a defensive minded head coach and are transitioning offensive coordinators so I don’t know how to see that in a positive light. On top of that, Golden Tate is not coming back and I think the offense will be focusing more on using their start young running back, Kerryon Johnson. I would attempt to sell my Matt Stafford shares if at all possible. 

5. Rashaad Penny (3)

2018 Stats: 14 Games 85 Rush Att 419 Yds 2 Td 9 Rec 75 Rec Yds 0 Rec Td

Most people would assume that if you use a first round pick on a RUNNING BACK, that you would want to use him regularly. However, the Seahawks don’t operate that way. In their defense, Chris Carson played very well this season and Penny started the season a little banged up. I do think that Penny will get back to pre-2018 expectations, but all that means is that he gets more carries in a time-share. I would expect 150 carries or so on the season and for Penny to look capable in those carries.

6. Rob Gronkowski (1)

2018 Stats: 13 Games 47 Rec 662 Yds 3 Td

This one hurts. Gronk has been the TE1 for so long and despite getting banged up here and there, he has often put up WR numbers. However, I would be shocked if he ever even sniffed being a top five tight end again and I think he is only a borderline top 10 tight end this year alone… and it’s all downhill after that. Factor in the likelihood that both he and Tom Brady retire soon, I am all the way out.

7. Allen Robinson (3)

2018 Stats: 13 Games 55 Rec 754 Yds 4 Td

I feel like I am probably the contrarian on Allen Robinson. I know that this season was really bad. However, we saw glimpses of his upside in a few games during the regular season as well as the playoffs. Let’s also remember that this guy is still healing and learning a new offense at the same time. I also think that Mitch Trubisky will be better in 2019. I will likely have him between wide receiver 12-15 going into 2019.

8. Tom Brady (1)

2018 Stats: 16 Games 4355 Yds 29 Td 11 Int

It feels wrong to speak poorly about the GOAT, but I just can’t buy this guy anymore, even if it’s just for one season. The guy will be 42 next season and we have already seen the beginning of the end for Brady. He salvaged the end of his season with a few good games but I just can’t picture a guy with and aging Gronk, deteriorating skills and a team that wants to give love to the running game being a top 10 QB in 2019.

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