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SuperFlex – 2021 Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft 2.0 | 1st Round

Our Devy team goes through a two round rookie mock. Here is round one of mock 2.0

We are just two weeks away from Bowl season, a.k.a. the College football postseason. At this point in your dynasty league, you’ve either made the playoffs or are getting ready for your rookie draft. Our devy team decided to help give you an idea of just how deep this draft class is. Today we will do round one of a two-round SuperFlex rookie draft mock. Here is round one. At the bottom, I’ll post a chart showing how this has changed from our last mock.

Round 1

1.01- Trevor Lawrence- QB, Clemson

Drafted by Ricky Valero- @Rickyvalero_

Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
  • Height- 6’6
  • Weight- 220
  • Class- Junior

I tend not to pick first in mock drafts because I like to see how things shake out, but for my first mock, but I suffer from Trevor Lawerence Fever. There is no other option in Superflex, he is the 1.01, and you are set for years to come. 

With Lawrence, you can anchor your fantasy team for the next ten years. It’s not just his smart decision making with the football. It’s his playmaking ability with his legs that make him my guy. He had 400 yards and seven touchdowns on the ground last year, which equates to 6 additional fantasy points per game. Overall, his game is practically flawless and is one of the highest-graded players I’ve ever seen.

1.02- Justin Fields- QB, Ohio State

Drafted by Dwight Peebles- @FFPeeblesChamp

  • Height- 6’3
  • Weight- 228
  • Class- Junior

Don’t get cute. Taking Fields at the two spot is the only way to go. He continues to get better – completing nearly 80% of his passes this season, and he has been more dangerous running than he has been thus far. Fields is a potential superstar and an easy pick here.

1.03- Najee Harris- RB, Alabama

Drafted by Matt Jackson- @DHH_Matt

  • Height- 6’2
  • Weight- 230
  • Class- Senior

In a weak RB class, Harris is the clear-cut RB1 in this class to me. He is shifty between the tackles, shows balance and an ability to break tackles, and is a force in the receiving game. There is no dynasty asset that you can’t acquire for a top RB, and I feel that Harris can be that type of RB.

1.04- Travis Etienne- RB, Clemson

Drafted by Carl Vagle- @carl_vagleFF

  • Height- 5’10
  • Weight- 205
  • Class- Senior

Zach Wilson continues to tempt me, but I’m taking Etienne, who didn’t hurt his stock by going back to school. Obviously, Najee and Etienne are the top two RBs, and I was happy getting whichever one fell to me. Etienne is a modern back who plays a major role in the passing game, and I expect him to make an impact right away. Fingers crossed he goes to the Cardinals.

1.05- Trey Lance- QB, North Dakota State


Drafted by Phil Pennington- @DynastyPhilDawg

  • Height- 6’4
  • Weight- 227
  • Class- Rs-Junior

Trey Lance is everything you look for in a franchise quarterback. He brings athleticism to the table. He has a gun, has prototypical size, and is said to be extremely smart. Lance’s only question is his college competition because of playing at North Dakota St. I believe he’ll be the third quarterback taken in the 2021 NFL Draft. You cannot pass that up in a Superflex draft. I’d be ecstatic to get him in the middle of the first round.

1.06- Ja’Marr Chase- WR, LSU

Drafted by Nate Christian- @NateNFL

  • Height- 6’0
  • Weight- 210
  • Class- Junior

By the time your rookie draft comes around, this pick could very easily be a quarterback. A couple of “Tier 2” QBs could make the case if drafted in the first round in a good landing spot, but without knowing that information, I wanted to take the best player available. Jamarr Chase is still by WR1 in this class, despite not play going into this year, and should be one of the top receivers drafted next Spring. He’s full of athleticism and has everything you want out of a top wideout. Though we didn’t see his tape in 2020, his record-setting connection with Joe Burrow showed us that he’s ready for the next level.

1.07- Zach Wilson- QB, BYU

Drafted by Derek Bosworth- @dynasty_god

  • Height- 6’3
  • Weight- 210
  • Class- Junior

Zach Wilson is very likely to be drafted in the top 15 of the NFL draft next year, which is why I would be very excited to land him at pick 7 in a Superflex draft. He may not be a starter from day one in the NFL, but whichever team drafts Wilson will certainly have plans of him being their franchise QB soon. I love Wilson as a prospect due to his improved mechanics over his college career and how he throws absolute rockets for passes.

1.08- Kyle Trask- QB, Florida

Drafted by Alex Kurpeski- @3COAK_FF

  • Height- 6’5
  • Weight- 240
  • Class- Senior

I’ll be honest here. I don’t really love Trask as a prospect, but I fully believe that he will be a first-round pick on the merit of his size, arm strength, and production these past two seasons. At 1.08 in an SF draft, this is the right pick.

1.09 Kyle Pitts- TE, Florida

Drafted by DynastyPJ- @mastapj

  • Height- 6’6
  • Weight- 246
  • Class- Junior

With all of the top quarterbacks off the board, I had to pivot to another position, and Pitts is in a tier by himself at TE for me. While he might not be the best blocker, he is the kind of tight end the NFL is evolving to love. Essentially a tall wide receiver, he should consistently have mismatches, and given his style of play, he might be able to acclimate to the NFL game quicker than most tight ends.

1.10 Mac Jones- QB, Alabama

Drafted by Matt Bruening- @SportsfanaticMB

  • Height- 6’2
  • Weight- 214
  • Class- Junior

While still a ton of talent on the board in Superflex leagues, quarterbacks have that extra value, in my opinion. The 2020 draft class is loaded at wide receiver and tight end. For me, Mac Jones is the last of the elite quarterbacks left in this class and my third-ranked quarterback for this class. I’d rather take my chances on a quarterback with likely first-round draft capital and grab a wide receiver in the second round. Getting a Jones and Wallace or Surratt combo for me is better than a Moore and Purdy combo.

1.11- DeVonta Smith- WR, Alabama

Drafted by Erik Kortz- @ekballer

  • Height- 6’1
  • Weight- 175
  • Class- Senior

If I can get Smith at 1.11 in my drafts this spring, I’ll jump for joy. Smith is the complete package, a true, dominant X receiver that wins in multiple ways. He outproduced Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs when they were all on the field together. Without them, he’s on pace for a 1500 yard season.

1.12- Jaylen Waddle- WR, Alabama

Drafted by Eric Herauf- @ejh1528IDP

Credit: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
  • Height- 5’10
  • Weight- 182
  • Class- Junior

The third Alabama guy in a row and the fourth in the round. I love Jaylen Waddle. I was disappointed when he went down with an injury, but I don’t think that will hurt his stock all that much. Waddle has a great catch radius, and his speed makes him a huge asset. Waddle can play anywhere on the offense and will also contribute in the return game.

NamePositionTrendSpotsPrev. SpotNew Spot
Trevor LawrenceQBHold11
Justin FieldsQBUp132
Najee HarrisRBUp143
Travis EtienneRBDown224
Trey LanceQBUp165
Ja’Marr ChaseWRDown156
Zach WilsonQBUp297
Kyle TraskQBDown178
Kyle PittsTEUp2119
Mac JonesQBHold1010
DeVonta SmithWRUp32nd Rd.11
Jaylen WaddleWRUp32nd Rd.12
These are the changes in how players were drafted compared to our first mock last month.

This completes the first round of Mock Draft 2.0. Round two will be released on Friday. We on the devy team will continue to do these every month leading up to our favorite time of the year, draft season. You can find Round 1 of our 1QB Mock Draft 2.0 here. Continue to check back for all of our devy and NFL draft content as we push closer to the off-season.

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