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Devy to Dynasty Film Room: Tucker and Evans

In this series, I’m going to be taking a brief dive into one NCAA player (Devy) and one NFL player (Dynasty) that stuck out to me on film. We’ll look at what I saw, and what I think the implications may be for fantasy football.

Hello and welcome to the Film Room! My name is Matt Cooper. In this series, I’m going to be taking a brief dive into one NCAA player (Devy) and one NFL player (Dynasty) that stuck out to me on film. We’ll look at what I saw and what I think the implications may be for fantasy football. It’s always better to be early than late on prospects, and looking at the film is a great way to do that! So hopefully, this series will help you get that leg up on your league mates!

Without further ado, let’s dive into my Devy standout.

Sean Tucker #34, RB – Syracuse – Class of 2023

Sean Tucker is a player who I’m not ashamed to admit I was late to the party on when it comes to the Devy scene, but I sure won’t be when he gets to the NFL. Tucker came onto my radar in a big way this year when I had the great misfortune of playing against him as he put up 253 total yards and 5 TDs against Albany. My interest was piqued, and I decided to go beyond the box score and dive into the tape on this Syracuse RB. What I saw really impressed me, and he’s been someone I’ve had my eye on ever since. When I saw a matchup coming against Clemson, I was very curious to see how he would look against a Clemson defense full of NFL talent.

Let’s take a look at the film:

So, you can see this play is well blocked, and Tucker has a lot of open field to run. But there’s a lot to like here nonetheless. Look at the burst he puts on display as he rounds the corner. Then he puts on an incredibly efficient stutter step at full speed without losing any of his momentum. The defender has him dead to rights and can’t even get a finger on him! Finally, Tucker has the top speed to make it another 40 yards before anyone can catch him.

Let’s take a look at one more play where the hole is a lot smaller, and he needs to put his vision on display. 

Pause the video at the 3-second mark. Can you find the hole? It’s not easy. Tucker is going to slow down just enough to let his blocks develop and find the cutback lane to the right of the Center. When he sees it, he hits another gear. As he comes through the hole, you can see two linebackers look like they’re in a good position to make a tackle. But, they both dive, and all they catch is air! Tucker has elite acceleration. The defenders are tackling where they think he’s going to be, but he’s already gone. Pause it again at 5 seconds. You’ll there are still two DBs in a great position to make a tackle, but once again, he is the better athlete, and he just simply beats them to the outside with pure speed. It’s 30 more yards before they can run him down.

Again, this is Clemson. These are NFL athletes. It doesn’t matter. Sean Tucker is the real deal. So in 2023, when you’re doing rookie drafts, and you see some guy out of Syracuse who was a 3-star recruit, don’t sleep.

Chris Evans #25, RB – Cincinnati Bengals – Rookie (24 years old)

Chris Evans is a rookie 6th-round pick for the Bengals, who went undrafted in most dynasty rookie drafts. There is a decent chance he’s on waivers in your league.

Let’s see if he’s worth an add:

The Bengals coaching staff praised Evan’s receiving ability throughout training camp. You see it on full display here. He’s split out wide on this play, at the bottom of your screen. You see Evans jab hard to the inside on the release as if he’s running a slant, and the defender takes the bait. He then explodes outside and leaves his man in the dust. Evans displays advanced route running, especially for an RB, and he creates a ton of separation. Burrow has seen this on the practice field. He knows before the play starts that a linebacker has no chance. At the point of the catch, you’ll see Evans has to fully extend his arms to get his hands on the ball. He shows excellent ball tracking and great hands to reel in the tough catch for a touchdown.

Here’s another great play from the same game:

In this clip, Evans catches a short pass at the 13-yard line, with goal-to-go and a wall of defenders in front of him. In this play, he displays impressive YAC (yards after catch) skills. First, you see him plant his lead leg and cut hard to his right. It’s excellent footwork, and it causes the first defender to whiff completely. But there are still two defenders converging on him at the 8-yard line. He does a great job turning his hips and pointing his toes to get straight North-South as a runner. Then, he shows fantastic acceleration to get between those two defenders. Somehow, he comes out on the other side of them and leaves them running into each other. One of the two gets him by the shoestrings to save a touchdown, but he gets from the 13 down to the 2-yard-line purely by making defenders miss. Great play.

Evans could pass Samaje Perine (who was on the COVID list against the Lions when Evans made these plays) as the primary backup in Cincinnati. That hasn’t happened yet. Last week, Evans had 0 touches to Perine’s 12. As of this writing, Evans is out with a hamstring injury. If he continues to display this kind of receiving ability, there’s a possibility that Evans could eventually take over third-down duties from Joe Mixon, although Mixon is a very good receiving back in his own right. While the immediate path to opportunity is murky, the talent is evident for the rookie, and he is definitely worth an add-and-stash in dynasty leagues. If he’s on your waiver wire, go get him. But be prepared to be patient.

For a deeper dive on both of these prospects, check out my channel, the Devy to Dynasty Film Room on YouTube! You can also find me on Twitter @Devy2DynastyFR.

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