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Don’t call it a comeback

Making the decision to go for the title instead of a rebuild can be hard. @Culture_Coach shares his story in a competitive industry league.

An offer I couldn’t refuse

Every year dynasty players wrestle with the age old question of how many leagues is too many leagues? There is no denying the thrill of the start up draft. The adrenaline rush of finding out your draft slot. Deciding on a strategy– all in this year or building with young players. Then, working the trade wire get the picks to support your strategy.

Sometimes though, a league comes along and you can’t say no. So, despite already being in 16 dynasty leagues, I had to say yes to one more. The Dynasty Nerds/Dynasty Trade Calculator industry league.

The NerdCalc, as I refer to it, isn’t terribly unique in its scoring– Superflex, tight end premium, but is has some heavy hitters from the dynasty community. On the DTC side there is Izzy Elkaffas, JP Hurley, Sam Lane, Rob Waziak, Etan Mozia, Justin Barlow. Dynasty Nerds is represented by Rich Dotson, Matt O’Hara, Garret Price, Nick Whalen, David Zach, and yours truly. Go give them a follow on Twitter to get some of the best dynasty fantasy football advice in the business.

I’m competitive. This is a group of dynasty fantasy football heavyweights and so I jumped at the chance to hop in a league with them and test my mettle.

The start up

Start up draft order was randomized. no big deal. We would have a separate rookie draft after the start up was complete. The rookie draft picks would be draftable assets. I love that as an option in start up drafts. You can determine when you want to choose a rookie pick over a veteran player.

I typically wait on rookie picks and grabbed my first rookie pick (1.09) at 5.11. I came out of the start up with rookie picks 1.09, 2.05, 3.04, and 4.07. In contrast Dynasty Matt loaded up on picks with a total of ten, a first, four seconds, a third and four fourth round picks. The other end of the spectrum is where Sam landed with exactly zero rookie picks.

Start up draft done. Rookie draft board set. Now it got interesting. We decided to spice up the 2021 rookie draft by doing a Disrespect Draft. What is that you ask? Let me tell you. The premise of the Disrespect Draft is that you choose the first round pick of the person you think will have the worst record. The order was randomized and I got the first pick in the Disrespect Draft. Based on my assessment of the teams I chose Justin Barlow’s pick. So conceivably I could win the league, and if Justin’s team finished last I would also have to 1.01 in the 2021 rookie draft. Pretty sweet, huh. Dynasty Price picked my team with the 6th pick for the record.

My team

So, how did my team turn out? I liked it. But then I always do. Here is my draft.

1.077Cook, Dalvin MIN RB
2.0618Jones, Daniel NYG QB (O)
3.0731Kelce, Travis KCC TE
5.0755Jones, Julio ATL WR
5.1159* 2020 1.09, FA XX
6.0262Drake, Kenyan ARI RB
6.0666Brady, Tom TBB QB
7.1183McLaurin, Terry WAS WR
9.07103Thielen, Adam MIN WR
10.06114Slayton, Darius NYG WR
11.07127Mostert, Raheem SFO RB
12.06138* 2020 2.05, FA XX
13.07151Miller, Anthony CHI WR
14.06162Murray, Latavius NOS RB
15.03171Westbrook, Dede JAC WR (I)
17.07199Boykin, Miles BAL WR
17.11203Fells, Darren HOU TE
18.06210* 2020 3.04, FA XX
19.07223Cobb, Randall HOU WR (I)
19.11227Oliver, Josh JAC TE (I)
21.02242Tate, Auden CIN WR (I)
21.07247Parham, Donald LAC TE
23.07271Miller, Lamar CHI RB
24.06282Reynolds, Josh LAR WR
25.07295* 2020 4.07, FA XX
26.06306Gaskin, Myles MIA RB
27.07319Ozigbo, Devine JAC RB
28.06330Fountain, Daurice IND WR
29.07343St. Brown, Equanimeous GBP WR
30.06354Dulin, Ashton IND WR

I felt like I had a pretty good core– Cook, Kelce, Julio, Thielen. Some promising young players– McLaurin, Slayton, Mostert. And some vets– Brady, Drake, Murray. I added Ceedee Lamb and Michael Pittman in the rookie draft and felt like both could make an impact this season.

Let’s get it on!

Week one should have given me an indication of how the season was going to go. I scored the the third highest points. And, lost by .4 to the second highest scorer. I started the season 0-4. I maintained that third highest points ranking throughout. Yes, I was frustrated to say the least. Down but not out. I was considering burning it down and rebuilding. Then over a 24-hour period while considering getting a deal done with Etan, I decided I was going to be a buyer not a seller.

We’re dealin’

Going from 0-4 to the title in a league of heavy hitters doesn’t happen without cutting some deals and selling some souls. On October 7th I was working two deals. Dynasty Price was trying to get Dalvin Cook from me. He has spent most of the season in first place and leading in points scored. So why would I trade a top of the line RB to league leader? Well, he made a great offer. And, I was working a deal for a replacement for Cook.

Garret offered me Bryan Edwards (who I am high on), 21 first, 22 first. While that negotiation was going on I was working a deal with Rob Waziak to get James Conner and Cam Newton. Newton was playing better than Jones and I felt the upgrade on Jones would offset the downgrade on Cook. I pulled off the trades ten seconds apart heading into week five.

The heart of the schedule

Yes, I was 0-4, but I was third in points and looking at the next few weeks I had what I felt were very winnable games. Week five a 36 point victory. Week six a 41 point win. I’m on the comback, 2-4. Time for another deal.

I know that James Conner is no Dalvin Cook. And while I traded away a first round pick in the Conner deal, I received two first round picks in the Cook deal. My search for a running back led me to Dynasty Rich. Listening to the Dynasty Nerds podcast let me know that Rich felt Melvin Gordon was worth a first round pick. I also know from listening to the pod that he loved Gordon. I sent an offer of a 1st/3rd for Gordon and was immediately shot down. My counter was that same 1st/3rd for James Robinson, which was accepted.

Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Back to the games

Week seven a 150-144.8 loss. I mean, it was a win at the end of regulation. Dynasty Matt had Kyler Murray going in the Sunday night game, which you’ll remember, went into overtime. Thus snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Week eight was even more of a heartbreaker. The Chargers had lost Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson was looking good coming back from an injury. Jalen Guyton had popped a bit as a deep threat for LA as well. I made the decision to go with Guyton for the upside over Jackson for the floor. Well, that bit me in the ass. Guyton put up .8 points while Jackson put up 19.2, as you might have guessed lost the game. By .5 points.

Through eight weeks my records was 2-6. Time to make another deal.

A Holloween Deal

Did I mention earlier that I drafted Ceedee Lamb in he rookie draft? Well, Lamb was my rookie WR1 and I was reluctant to make him available. JP Hurley was having a sale and Michael Thomas was available. I think I turned him down two or three times because I didn’t want to give up Lamb if I wasn’t a legitimate contender. Each time I keep coming back to the points scored, third in the league. Make the deal!!

top Dynasty WRs

Michael Thomas and David Johnson for Ceedee Lamb and a first round pick. DJ was hovering around RB20 prior to his concussion. Not mind blowing but very steady. Thomas was coming back from and ankle injury/suspension.

The closing push

I closed out the season 4-1 to finish at 6-7 and the 6th seed. The playoffs have been secured. I have been calculating my chances each week and trying to determine the best path to a title. There are some verey powerful teams seeded ahead of me but I’m in.

To be continued…

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