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“Dynasty 101” Superflex/2QB Leagues

Increasing in popularity are dynasty leagues in which you can start two QBs instead of the standard one.  In smaller leagues (eight or 10 teams), you may be required to start two QBs per week.  In leagues with 12 or more teams, the second position becomes a flex position. These are referred to as “Superflex Leagues.”  In leagues with 12 or more teams, the second position must be a flex position because there are only 32 starting QBs.  You couldn’t get bye-week replacements on every team at their QB2 position. In dynasty, it’s also more common to have a Superflex than 2QB because you don’t know the league schedule in advance. You may have three starting QBs on your roster, but have shared bye weeks that you can’t foresee each year. Instead of being forced into a trade or taking a zero at a position for a bye week, Superflex allows you to start a player at a different position to cover your QB byes.  In general most teams will start two QBs every week because QBs score the most points in fantasy football for nearly every scoring format.

This has become my preferred method of fantasy football and here is why:

  • Quarterback is, without question, the single most important position in the NFL. However, in 1QB fantasy football, parity at the position has caused quarterbacks to be an afterthought. In standard 1QB leagues, there are so many good QBs, that smart teams will wait until the late rounds to draft what is the most important position in the NFL. Does it make any sense that unproven guys with upside like Ka’Deem Carey, Ladarius Green and Terrence Williams are usually drafted before young star QBs like Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford and Russell Wilson in standard leagues?


  • We love dynasty football because it is more like being an actual GM of a football team. If you were a GM of an NFL franchise and all of the players were available, these young QBs would be some of the highest picks.  Dynasty fantasy football should reflect that.     

When you are creating a startup dynasty league, you are planning on doing it for the long haul.  Keep in mind that these leagues are becoming more and more popular. Get ahead of the curve and make your startup a 2QB or Superflex league, so you don’t look back at it in five years and regret the decision to only have one starting QB position. The parity at the QB position could continue to increase and make the position even less important in standard 1QB leagues. 


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I'm a 33 year old Emergency Room Physician Assistant who is addicted to dynasty football. I specialize in 2QB (Superflex) and large roster leagues. I only play in PPR leagues, so all of my rankings reflect that. I use both metrics and the eyeball test for my rankings. I love to trade more than anyone I know, and love to chat about trade ideas. Hit me up on Twitter or this website if you want to discuss trade ideas.