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Dynasty Breakout players to Watch for on Each Team- AFC West Edition

Looking for some breakout dynasty players this year? Come check out Jake Oliver’s potential players to acquire in AFC West.

It’s Fantasy Football season once more! Though, if you’re in dynasty leagues, it’s year-round for you. For example, right now, you’re trying to make trades/waiver claims and get your team ready for the season. This is the prime trading season to get guys you’re high on for a lower price!

So, what guys should you acquire? If you have them, what should you sell them for or don’t sell them? Well, I’m here to help you with that issue. This is the first article in a series of articles that will cover all 32 teams in the NFL.

I’ll be recommending one main breakout player from each division, along with a player to get from every team. Explain why I chose them/my predictions and what I’d trade for them. This is for any league as well since I’ll be including IDP players too. This first article is about the AFC West.

Los Angeles Chargers: Josh Palmer

Courtesy of Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Palmer was drafted in the third round of the 2021 NFL draft by the Chargers. He came to the NFL after being at the University of Tennessee. A fun fact is he’s originally from Canada.

Palmers has the potential to be a rising player in the fantasy football dynasty world. He’s young, fast, and able to catch. Palmer is a deep ball threat, reining in long bombs and having 66 of his 99 career catches going for a first down.

He averaged 14.9 yards per reception in his college career. Palmer did that with dismal QB play too. He sells routes to CBs, knows where he is on the field, and uses the sidelines to prevent double coverage. Palmer tracks the ball like an eagle in the air while expanding plays with his hands, catching the ball away from his body and the corner.

He displays excellent body control and keeps his concentration. Palmer can come back to the ball out of breaks, and offers the quarterback a large target with his 6’1″ frame. This is evidenced in the video below.

However, Palmer is limited in his quickness and has no burst to his speed game. He’ll not catch up to the deep throw if thrown ahead of him. Finally, he needs to expand his route tree and improve his footwork to stand a chance and create separation regularly.

Set Up for Success

Palmer was drafted to be the team’s third wide receiver this year. In addition to possibly replacing Mike Williams after this season. Williams is a free agent, and it’s doubtful the team re-signs him after a rather bland time with the company.

Palmer’s limitations, minus the speed, are all correctable with coaching. His biggest need is a strong-armed QB who can hit him accurately on those deep routes down the field. Therefore, it’s a great thing the Chargers drafted him since they have an exciting, deep-ball specialist in talented young QB in Justin Herbert.

Palmer will need plenty of targets to throw to and is great at throwing the ball down the field. He is a field stretcher and can help a young QB by corralling in contested catches.  Palmer will not be pressured to start from day one. The Chargers boast an extremely talented duo of Williams and the great Keenan Allen.

Josh is blowing up training camp with his performance so far. He’s showing explosiveness, catching skills, and like he is a seasoned NFL player already.

Dynasty Price Range

Palmer is already being compared to Michael Thomas should have you extremely excited. He is in a pass-happy offense with one of the best young QB’s in the NFL. Palmer is a great pick to break out this year.

If you have yet to perform or are in the middle of rookie dynasty drafts, be sure to use a third-round pick on this high upside guy. You can stash him on the taxi squad for later in the season or next year. It just might pay off more than most third-round picks.

If you are trying to acquire him in dynasty, I’d be fine sending a way-off second-round pick for him. I’m also fine trading a 2022 third-round pick or one of my bench guys. Palmer is not going to be a stud yet. He has the potential to be one, for sure. I’d not wait for his price to go up.

Dynasty Breakouts for the Rest of the Division

Denver Broncos: Javonte Williams

Courtesy of NFL Inside News

Who else do you expect me to say? Williams is set up to be their next star running back and for dynasty. The Broncos traded up to grab the former Tarheel back. Melvin Gordon is still there for this year. Due to that, Williams’ price point is lower than it should be. He’s worth a first-round pick any year. However, after this season, it is going to be multiple firsts. Williams has an aggressive rushing style and the body to handle a large load.

He’s also good at receiving and knows how to hit the holes in the line. Williams will start the season as the backup. However, I predict by mid-way of this season; he’s the lead back. Talent always plays. Get a piece of this explosive Broncos offense while you still can.

Kansas City Chiefs: Mecole Hardman

Sammy Watkins is gone from the Chiefs. This opens up a big role in Kansas City’s offense that Mecole Hardman is about to take. This passing offense is all about feeding Kelce and Tyreek. However, there are over 350 targets for grabs from Mahomes. To get a large chunk of this offense, Hardman has blazing speed, good hands, and now the playing time. He will expand upon his 62 targets from last year.

Also, Hardman is affordable. He’s worth a second-round pick or less. Personally, I wouldn’t sell him as he’s perfect for win-now teams or re-builders. He’s only 23 and already a flex-caliber player. After this year, Hardman could be the next big WR for the Chiefs. Get a piece of the Chiefs offense for cheap and enjoy having a share of Mahomes’ golden arm.

Las Vegas Raiders: Bryan Edwards

Courtesy of David Becker, AP Freelancer

Bryan Edwards had an abysmal rookie year in 2020. He was injured and ineffectual. Do you know another player who struggled a lot in his rookie year to which Player Profiler compares Edwards? Corey Davis. The Raiders wide receiver room is rather displeasing. Henry Ruggs is the only piece most people like. I like Edwards more, though. He’s a possession receiver and has had a great training camp so far. Edwards is running with the first-string team so far this camp ahead of John Brown.

He broke out at 17 years old for you breakout age fans and had a college dominator rating in the 94th percentile. You have to be patient with him, just like Davis. Edwards’ trade cost is only a dynasty rookie third-round pick too. That’s super cheap for a potential every-week flex play. If I am re-building in dynasty, I want Edwards on my team.

I am always on Twitter at @DarthDbacks and in the largest Fantasy Football Chat on Discord under the same username. I hope this season goes excellent for you, and I’m happy to help on Twitter or Discord anytime! Also, happy to discuss Star Wars, Marvel, Baseball, movies, or writing with you.

As always, May the Force be with You…

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