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Dynasty Breakout players to go get on each team-Series-NFC West

It’s Fantasy Football season once again (unless you’re in dynasty leagues, then it’s year-round for you). Right now, you’re trying to make trades and waiver claims and get your team ready for the season. This is the prime trading season to get the guys you’re high on for a lower price!

So, who should you acquire? Or conversely, if you have them already, what should you sell for or should you hold? I’m here to help you with some of those decisions. This is the LAST article in a series of articles that will cover all 32 teams in the NFL. If you are looking for a specific division, here is a quick link to AFC WestNorthSouth, East, NFC East, South, and North. It’s been a joy to write these, and I just hope I hit on the majority of them.

I’ll be recommending one main breakout player from each division, along with a player to get from every team. Explain why I chose them, offer my predictions, and divulge what I would trade them for. The information shared below is applicable for any league as I’ll be including IDP players too. This article is about the NFC West.

Jordan Fuller IDP Dynasty Fantasy Football Los Angeles Rams
(Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Los Angeles Rams: Jordan Fuller

Jordan Fuller was a 6th round pick from the 2020 NFL draft who did not expect to see much playing time as a rookie. Then Taylor Rapp struggled with his play and injuries, and a spot opened up for Fuller. He took that chance and ran with it. During his rookie season, he compiled a great stat-line of 60 total tackles and 3 interceptions. He played more than was expected, starting 12 games and playing in nearly 70% of the defensive snaps.

Jordan is set to be a full-time starter after John Johnson III was signed by Cleveland. It will be the Fuller-Rapp show in the safety room. Fuller isn’t elite at anything, but he is solid in everything. He’s got hands for the ball and is always near whoever has the ball. He stops runners and receivers alike from gaining another yard as evidenced by his tackle on Ceedee Lamb below. 

Fuller is getting overlooked in draft season, but he is a hard worker who will be productive in IDP leagues. This season, Jordan won’t be leaving the field nearly as much after being spotted wearing the green dot at practice multiple times. He’s taking over the green dot reign from Johnson, who is no longer with the team. That’s going to help his IDP outlook for this season a ton. Don’t forget that the more opportunity he gets to be on the field, the more results he will produce. More production equals more fantasy points for your IDP. Fuller is going to ball out this year!

Jordan Fuller’s price in Dynasty

Jordan Fuller is cheap right now in dynasty leagues. In mixed-IDP drafts, he can be snagged in the 14th round or thereabouts. For a DB who can score LB points, Fuller is undervalued. In IDP-only drafts, make sure to grab him in or around the 10th round. As for his trade value, I’d say he’s worth a 3rd in IDP-only since he’s so undervalued. He’s going to be a weekly DB2 this year, and yet no one seems to be realizing this. To finish this thought, in mixed leagues, he’s worth a 3rd as well. I would reasonably pay that to satisfy my DB spot for many seasons. Go get your rosters full of Fuller.

Eno Benjamin Dynasty Fantasy Football Arizona Cardinals
DraftKings Nation

Arizona Cardinals: Eno Benjamin

This might be a weird or rather deep sleeper of a pick to break out for this season. I would say Rondale Moore, but considering I already wrote an article on him, I thought I should choose someone else. Now, you may be wondering why I chose Eno and not Isaiah Simmons or another player. I wanted to highlight a player who has been impressive in camp/preseason and has the potential to impact the season for the Cardinals in a huge way this year.

Eno was a 7th round pick by the Cardinals out of Arizona State University in the 2020 NFL draft. He has the Sun Devils’ all-time single-season rushing record. Benjamin rode the bench the entire 2020 season as the Cardinals didn’t believe him to be ready for the NFL. Yet, they believed in his talent enough to keep him the whole off-season and give him a shot at the RB3 role for this season behind Chase Edmonds and James Conner.

Eno’s a fast, quick-cutting, hole-finding running back who isn’t afraid of contact. He prefers to avoid it by finding the holes in the line to sneak through. That said, he’s more than willing to embrace contact if he needs to gain an extra yard. Additionally, he’s competent as a receiving back. Another point in his favor is getting good space while running routes and making the catch. Finally, Benjamin developed his special teams’ ability rather quickly and showed that he could be a returner. He had to learn special teams after never playing there before in his life.

Why Eno Benjamin Breaks out in Dynasty this year

He played his first snaps as a Cardinals player in the first preseason game against the Cowboys. His last game action came back in November of 2019. Suffice to say, Eno did not disappoint against the Cowboys. He was easily the best back on the field during the game. Per the snap percentages, Eno had the second most at 27%. The only one higher than him is his fellow competitor for the RB3 spot, Jonathan Ward, who had 33%. Despite that, Eno had a stat-line of 5 rushes, 50 yards, a TD, and a great 38-yard rush, as seen below. Watch as he doesn’t continue to follow the blocking path since he sees a huge hole to get an even larger gain. His burst gets put on full display right there as well.

For those who are worried about his special teams’ ability, since that’s pivotal for him to make the team, no need to worry; he led the Cardinals in return yardage against the Cowboys with 84 yards over 3 kick offs. I think he can return kicks now.

Against the Chiefs, he had another great performance and showcased to the nation what he’s been doing in camp. According to snap percentages, he led the Cardinals running backs with 43% of the offensive snaps. He piled up the stats once again as he led the running back room with 18 rushing yards over 3 carries. He added on two receptions for 16 yards too. Eno returned two kick offs and averaged 17 yards on each return. As seen in the clip below, Eno shows his ability to get open, catch the ball, and then burst up-field knocking off defenders as he pushes forward for more yards. He’s the type of ballplayer that you want on your team.

Eno’s going to be the RB3 on the offense-heavy Arizona Cardinals. He will be behind Chase Edmonds and James Conner. This means that he won’t be playing a lot or often until James Conner gets injured. You know Conner is going to miss some games. Eno will get his chance to impress the team. He just might bump Conner off his pedestal, too, as Conner has a super low guaranteed contract. If he isn’t performing, there’s no reason for the Cardinals to keep him. Eno’s also the only RB under contract long-term for the Cards.

Eno Benjamin’s Price in Dynasty

Eno’s free right now. He’s on waivers in a ton of leagues. He’s available deep into any dynasty draft. You can include him in trade packages, and most owners won’t care. Some owners would think getting a third for him is a steal. Eno’s a long-term breakout play. He’s not going to break out this year in the traditional sense of breaking out. To explain my point, he will show enough this year to raise his price a lot by the end of the season. Eno will prove to the Cardinals that he’s capable of doing more next season.

Jordyn Brooks Seattle Seahawks IDP Dynasty
Tacoma News Tribune

Seattle Seahawks: Jordyn Brooks

Seattle’s in a weird spot this year. Their team is full of older/proven players. There are not many young or unproven guys on their squad. While this is relatively good in both fantasy and real life, it can hurt the team’s potential. Furthermore, it can inflict some hardship on fantasy and dynasty players as they don’t know who to get cheap. Everyone wants DK Metcalf, but how many are going to pay the price required for him.

Due to these issues, I went with a former first-round pick from 2020 by the Seahawks, Jordy Brooks. Brooks didn’t get much playing time his first season, as shown by his snap percentage share of the defensive snaps was only 31.86%. That’s because he was playing behind starter K.J. Wright. Wright is now a free agent, and Brooks will step into the weak-side linebacker role. Brooks is a hard-hitting, tackling machine. He punishes those that come across him.

Why Jordyn Brooks will break out in Dynasty

To start, Jordyn Brooks still was able to produce rather nicely for a part-time player who was still developing his abilities. He garnered 57 tackles, including 35 solo tackles. He did all that in such a tiny snap share. Imagine what his stat totals will look like if he gets in the 80% snap share we expect this year.

Brooks will be playing next to the beast linebacker Bobby Wagner. This will allow him plenty of opportunities to rack up tackles and impact plays. Teams will be trying to avoid Bobby and instead take on Jordyn.

To finish, Jordyn teased a breakout was coming after getting 8 or more tackles in 4 of his last 5 games in 2020. Now, this year will be the official coming-out party to the IDP world, with him getting into the LB2/3 tiers by the end of the season. The factors are there for him to join the elite in IDP as he’s young, hungry, on a good team, has lots of playing time, and will be motivated to establish himself.

Jordyn Brooks’ price in Dynasty

In fact, Jordyn is still relatively cheap in dynasty start-up drafts and trade offers. Furthermore, you can get him around round 10 or in the middle rounds in IDP-only drafts as he is still unknown among the general crowd. In Mixed-IDP drafts, you can get him in the later rounds, roughly 15th or later. He’s beyond undervalued.

If you’re trying to trade for him, you’re going to love his trade price. If you’re in an IDP-only league, he’s worth a 3rd round rookie draft pick. That’s CHEAP for a potential long-term LB2/3. For those in Mixed-IDP leagues, he’s worth a throw-in in a larger deal. He’s worth a 4/5th round rookie pick. That’s outrageous for such a good player that can be a set-it and forget-it weekly player for your team. Go get Brooks before he blows up in price by the middle of this season.

Dre Greenlaw Dynasty IDP San Francisco 49ers
From GettyImages

San Francisco 49ers: Dre Greenlaw

To begin, Dre Greenlaw has been a favorite of mine since the 49ers drafted him in the 2019 NFL draft. A joy to watch as he always seems to be in the middle of the action. He makes highlight play look so easy. Dre gives all his effort on every play. The Energizer Bunny has nothing on the energy that Dre brings to the field.

For a rookie who played 71% of defensive snaps, getting 92 combined tackles is a great start. In 2019, he displayed his solid tackling skills and nose for the ball as he helped the 49ers get to the Super Bowl. During the 2020 season, Greenlaw got Covid and battled multiple injuries that sapped his ability to perform up to the standards he had set. He ended up only playing in 68% of the snaps on defense for 2020. However, that didn’t stop him from putting on a show.

Dre was the starting WILL linebacker to end the season and averaged over 5 tackles a game in the final quarter of the season. That’s beaucoup points for your IDP team. In this tweet below, he shows how he can read any play that is happening. He stops the Rams from scoring twice in a crucial moment of the game.

Why Dre Greenlaw will Breakout in Dynasty this year

To answer this question, one needs to realize that the band in San Fran is back together. Their defensive line is healthy. Fred Warner is healthy. Their DBs are healthy. No longer can offenses just key in on Warner and Greenlaw. The lack of attention towards Greenlaw will allow feasting on easier coverages, assignments, and blitzes.

As Dynasty Nerds senior writer Jayson Snyder points out, Greenlaw was headed for a top LB2 rank if not for the injury. Dre Greenlaw is in a defense that routinely has two linebackers be on the field at all times. That means he won’t be leaving the field. Not leaving the field gives plenty of opportunity for tackles and impact plays. Just watch this massive interception by him. 

Continuing that point brings me to the fact that Greenlaw just saw Fred Warner get a massive deal. Dre is in the 3rd year of his 4-year contract. He can get his contract extension after a massive year this year. You know that he’s determined to get that payday.

Another critical factor to Greenlaw breaking out is how low he’s being valued by the IDP community.

What is Dre Greenlaw’s price in Dynasty?

This is the true reason why Greenlaw will break out this year is that it’s like people forgot that he is even playing. He’s making highlight plays in training camp like the one below. No one seems to be talking about him, though. I don’t understand it one bit. If you’re drafting in a dynasty start-up for mixed-IDP, “reach” for Greenlaw by taking him in the 12th round or so. Your league-mates might think you’re crazy, but you won’t look that way at the end of the season. He’s that good. It will be a steal.

How about IDP-only drafts? I’m taking Dre as early as the 8th or 9th round. Why? Because I trust his talent and talent never lies. Why would you want an unproven LB when you can have a dude who has dominated for three years. Just plug him into your LB2 or Flex spot and watch as he scores double digits every week.

I would be trading for Dre Greenlaw in every league I could right now. His price will quadruple by the end of the season. If I’m competing now, you can give a 3rd round rookie pick for Greenlaw in IDP-only leagues. He will be worth a 2nd round rookie pick by the end of the season. While in the mixed-IDP leagues, you can steal Dre Greenlaw from your competitor for a 4th round pick or so. That’s a STEAL. He’s going to be worth an early 3rd by the end of the year. Get him now and win your championship. Meanwhile, do you have a rebuilding team? Don’t sell: go win some Green with Greenlaw this year.

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