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Dynasty Debate : Calvin Ridley or Cortland Sutton

In this series, we will take two Dynasty Nerds writers and pit them up against one another concerning certain players or topics. In this specific article Mychal Warno (@DynastyDadMike) and Garret Price (@GMP_33) debate on who you would want more in dynasty, Calvin Ridley or Courtland Sutton?

Calvin Ridley

I prefer Calvin Ridley over Courtland Sutton dynasty wise for a number of reasons. Calvin Ridley led all rookie wide receivers in fantasy points scored. In their first season in the league, Ridley out produced Sutton reception wise (64-42), receiving yards (821-704), and touchdowns (10-4).

 Ridley also is a fantasy friendly offense in Atlanta with former Tampa Bay Buccaneer coach Dirk Koetter returning to take over offense play calls. When Koetter was the OC in Atlanta previously (2012-2014), Falcon receivers Roddy White and Julio Jones finished with 1351 receiving yards (White) and 1198 (Jones). In 2013, Julio Jones was injured but Matt Ryan threw for 4,515 passing yards and 26 touchdowns. In Koetters final year, Ryan threw for 4.694 passing yards and 28 touchdowns. 

In Denver, Sutton will have Joe Flacco throwing him the ball for at least this year and possibly more. Denver is a run first team with a strong defense. In Flacco led offenses, he has never produced a top 15 PPR receiver. Joe Flacco has also only produced one 4,000 yard season in his 11 NFL seasons.  Sutton’s short term dynasty value definitely takes a hit with Flacco under center.

Good luck with your dynasty teams. If you got fantasy football questions, hit me up on twitter…

Courtland Sutton

The Ridley vs Sutton debate has more to do with ceiling and upside than anything else. I think that Ridley clearly had the better rookie season, but I am not sure how much he will be able to improve upon 2018. Of the 16 player that had 8 or more receiving touchdowns, only two players did it on less catches. Although that is very impressive, to assume he will repeat that output is seemingly unlikely. There is also no clear path to being the number 1 wide out in Atlanta while Julio Jones is there. Also after Julio leaves, I don’t believe that Ridley profiles as a true number 1 wide out. I’d expect Ridley to probably be a mid to low WR2 for the bulk of his career. I don’t want it to seem like that is a bad thing… I do believe that he is a solid receiver; I just don’t believe that he has much more upside then we have already seen.

Conversely, I absolutely believe that Sutton has the ability to eventually be a receiver that will be a true difference maker on your fantasy team. I get that he only had a so so rookie season, but Sutton was barely scratching the surface. His size is imposing at 6’3” and his path is very clear as he has no other receivers on the roster that will take targets away from him.  Remembering his college days, we saw that Sutton has incredible body control and plays very physical at the position. It also doesn’t hurt that he has a 35.5 inch vertical. I think he will have no problem going over the top of defenders deep down the field making big plays for your team. I know that the situation in Denver isn’t perfect with Joe Flacco, but he obviously isn’t the long term solution and if you’re taking Sutton over Ridley then it isn’t for the 2019 season, but it is for 2020 and beyond.

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