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Dynasty Nerds league bylaws

The Dynasty Nerds league has been in tact for over 10 years with the inaugural draft being held in 2004. Over the years we have changed the rules and league setup to what we believe is the optimal way to run a standard PPR dynasty league. Dynasty is a great format that allows you to make any rules that you seem fit for your leagues and playing style. Whether it be super flex, tight end premium or any other format, you should create a league that is fun and can sustain the test of time. Below is the basic rule structure of how we at Dynasty Nerds run our league.

12 teams

PPR league with quarterbacks four points per td

30-man rosters with 2 IR spots

The taxi squad — which is on MFL — is used for the rookies you draft in your future rookie-only drafts, following the initial startup draft. You own the rights to those rookies for two years. You can bring them off your taxi squad and onto your active roster as often as you like in those two years, but must cut someone to do so. After two years, you must decide whether to promote the player to your active roster or let him become a free agent.

There should be no limit on the number of taxi squad spots you own, as this would prevent you from trading for draft picks. However many rookies you draft in those two years you are allowed to put on the taxi squad. Our league is set to 25 spots and this has never been a problem.

We hold six-round rookie drafts.

Six teams make the playoffs. The six that don’t make the playoffs determine picks 1-6 of the rookie draft, with worst team getting first pick; playoffs determine the rest of the draft order with winner getting last pick.

However, the only spot that’s different is the first losers bracket, where the teams are playing for the seventh and eighth rookie pick. The winner of this game actually gets the better pick, which is the seventh; this gives them something to play for and avoids tanking then game.

Fractional points are used to best prevent ties.

Starting lineup consist of

QB 1

WR 3

RB 2

TE 1

K 1


In some newer leagues we have eliminated kicker and defenses, but for the original Dynasty Nerds league, it’s still in tact.

Trades cannot be vetoed unless it’s obvious collusion.

Our rookie draft is usually held a month after the NFL draft.

Tanking is prohibited, and a team that is caught deliberately tanking is penalized a rookie draft pick starting with a sixth-round pick that increases in value for every additional infraction.

We have a trophy — and it’s glorious. The winner gets the trophy for the year and gets his name and year he won engraved on it. After years of your league running, you’ll be happy with the money that you win, but the trophy will always be the main target and ultimate bragging right. Money comes and goes but a dynasty title last forever.

Got any feedback? Let me know your thoughts below...

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