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Dynasty Nerds vs. Dynasty Happy Hour

The writers at Dynasty Nerds & Dynasty Happy Hour have started a new 14 team Superflex TE Premium league. 7 of our writers vs 7 of their writers. Here is a recap of the first three rounds of our startup. Follow our draft online #DHHvNerds

Dynasty Nerds vs. DHH 14 Team Super-Flex TE-Premium Startup Draft

As a friendly bit of competition, the boys at Dynasty Nerds and Dynasty Happy Hour decided to get together and form a 14 Team League. We split the league into two divisions of 7 teams, Nerds on one side and DHH on the other. We thought it would be interesting to both recap the draft for our readers and at the same time have the Nerds owners give their reasoning behind their picks and any trades they made to acquire the pick. Since the draft is a 30 round startup we have decided to break it down into 3 round chunks to make it more manageable for the audience. Without further ado, here is a recap of the first three rounds.

Round 1:

  1. Patrick Mahomes, KCC QB
  2. Lamar Jackson, BAL QB
  3. Christian McCaffrey, CAR RB
  4. Saquon Barkley, NYG RB
  5. Deshaun Watson, HOU QB
  6. Kyler Murray, ARI QB
  7. Michael Thomas, NOS WR
  8. Dak Prescott, DAL QB
  9. Davante Adams, GBP WR
  10. Dalvin Cook, MIN RB
  11. Ezekiel Elliott, DAL RB
  12. Russell Wilson, SEA QB
  13. Alvin Kamara, NOS RB
  14. DeAndre Hopkins, HOU WR

Round 2:

  1. George Kittle, SFO TE
  2. Nick Chubb, CLE RB
  3. Tyreek Hill, KCC WR
  4. Joe Mixon, CIN RB
  5. Josh Jacobs, LVR RB
  6. Mike Evans, TBB WR
  7. 1.01 Rookie Pick
  8. D.J. Moore, CAR WR
  9. Chris Godwin, TBB WR
  10. JuJu Smith-Schuster, PIT WR
  11. Odell Beckham, CLE WR
  12. Travis Kelce, KCC TE
  13. Baker Mayfield, CLE QB
  14. Aaron Rodgers, GBP QB

Round 3:

  1. 1.02 Rookie Pick
  2. Josh Allen, BUF QB
  3. Aaron Jones, GBP RB
  4. Carson Wentz, PHI QB
  5. Miles Sanders, PHI RB
  6. Daniel Jones, NYG QB
  7. A.J. Brown, TEN WR
  8. 1.03 Rookie Pick
  9. 1.04 Rookie Pick
  10. Amari Cooper, DAL WR
  11. Derrick Henry, TEN RB
  12. Matt Ryan, ATL QB
  13. Jared Goff, LAR QB
  14. Sam Darnold, NYJ QB

Jeff Abercrombie – @thesofascout

1.01 – Patrick Mahomes

An obvious pick here. I listened to trade back offers but none were good enough to move off of a generational 1.01. Super Bowl Champion and 2018 MVP becomes the cornerstone of my franchise and will help me win now or build a future ascending team.

2.14 – Aaron Rodgers

Superflex puts a premium on QB. 14 teams make getting a starting option even more scarce, as mathematically there aren’t even enough for every team to start two through the bye weeks. Sitting on the turn and with several teams yet to select a field general I don’t want to risk having a second solid stable option. Wentz and Rodgers were the last two in a tier for me. Although Rodgers has almost 10 years on the promising yet unfulfilled Wentz, 4,000 yards is the floor for any Rodgers year, and 4,000 has been the ceiling for Wentz. Rodgers is a HOF guy who should sustain a 6% TD rate, where Wentz showed promise but may ultimately settle south of that elite level. Rodgers also hasn’t slowed down and guys are playing well into their 40s leaving several elite years for him. His perceived value may decline, but he will continue to score at a top-end clip likely outscoring any other flex spot I could find here.

3.01 – Rookie Pick 1.02

Leonard Fournette and Amari are still on the board. Both are the best remaining at their position. I am slightly worried about Fournette, I think injury issues can still arise and the Jags aren’t a good team. He’s an asset worth drafting, but I go with flexibility with the second overall pick in the 2020 draft. The pick could be Tua, Swift, or if KC grabs a high-end RB. There are a lot of possibilities with this pick including trade options. I’ll get a top-end talent with the flexibility to meet the needs of my team after its drafted.

Mike Collins – @DynastyTradeFF

1.02 – Lamar Jackson

Going into the draft, I knew that I’d be walking away with Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes. In our league settings Lamar outscored the 2nd highest fantasy scoring QB, Dak Prescott, by 60.2 points.

2.13 – Baker Mayfield

I struggled between the 2020 1.02 rookie pick and Baker Mayfield with this pick. Ultimately I selected the former Rookie-of-the-Year. There is little doubt that Baker disappointed during his sophomore year. However, I am expecting a healthy amount of positive regression. I expect new Head Coach Kevin Stefanski and Alex Van Pelt to build a system around Baker’s strengths and let him air it out to OBJ, Landry, and Njoku.

3.02 – Josh Allen

I felt that selecting a QB would give me the much-needed depth that 14 team Superflex leagues require as well as start a QB run at the same time. I absolutely love me some running QBs. To that end, Josh Allen provides a high floor due to his rushing ability. He has piled up 1,141 rushing yards and 17 rushing TDs in his first two years. I expect another top 6 QB finish in 2020.

Joe Buttgereit – @joebuttgereit

1.04 – Saquon Barkley

In 1QB leagues, Saquon is still my 1.01. In SF leagues, he’s my 1.02 behind Mahomes. Taking him at 1.04 with Mahomes gone was a no-brainer to me. The age, the skill, the upside, the floor, the direction of the team, etc… All sides lean in Barkley’s direction moving forward. He is also a piece at a top-heavy position that makes building the rest of your team much easier.

2.11 – Odell Beckham Jr. 

Beckham seems to be the forgotten receiver in fantasy football circles. He had a “difficult” first season with Baker Mayfield and the Browns. “Difficult” turned into 74 receptions, 1,035 yards, and four touchdowns. The touchdown number is remarkably low in comparison with his per-game career averages. The positive touchdown regression likelihood makes him a legitimate, if not definite, bounceback candidate.

3.04 – Carson Wentz

Quarterbacks were flying off the board, and in a Superflex league, it was now or never with 21 picks in between me and my next selection. Wentz is my dynasty QB6, so snagging him 32nd overall, (QB10) felt like an incredible value. I really wanted to take advantage of the value available with guys like Derrick Henry/Leonard Fournette in this spot, but the need/value at QB was just too great.

Erik Kortz – @ekballer

1.06 – Kyler Murray

I’m picking dead center in this one but I’m coming out swinging. I’m taking the QB with the highest upside not named Jackson, Watson, or Mahomes. Last year he hit both the 7th best passing and rushing yardage for a rookie in the past 20 years. This was all done while throwing to receivers like Damiere Byrd.

2.09 – Chris Godwin

At 23 overall I’m taking a young stud receiver to pair with Kyler Murray. Godwin will be a cornerstone piece of my team for years to come. He is only 23 years old and was the overall WR2 last season. 

3.06 – Daniel Jones

This league is a 14 team Superflex. QBs were flying off the board and doing the math it didn’t look smart to play chicken here. That would be how you wind up starting Dalton and Rivers. I decided to take one of my favorite you signal callers, Danny Dimes. Did you know that he put up a top-3 rookie season in terms of passing yards, and top-10 in terms of FP? You do now. 

Doc Mitchell – @ReflipeWThenuz

1.08 – Dak Prescott

This league being a 14 team Superflex I decided to throw a monkey wrench into the mix in the first round. With 4 QBs off the board, I decided to select my top-level signal-caller. Not many people realize that Dak Prescott was the overall QB2 last season. He was also the no.3 overall scorer behind Lamar Jackson and Christian McCaffrey who both had historic seasons last year. At just 26 years old with a new pass-happy coach in town, there is still room to grow for the criminally overlooked Cowboys signal-caller. Sure I was tempted by several of the high-end RBs still on the board but I did not want to miss out on the chance to build my squad around an elite young QB.

2.07 – Rookie Pick 1.01

At this point in the draft, I had hoped to score one of the top-end RBs to build my team around. Josh Jacobs was one of my last targets and he went two picks in front of me. Unhappy with what I was seeing from a value perspective, I decided to throw another wrench into the mix and took the top pick in the 2020 rookie draft. This pick offers me endless possibilities to address my squad after the startup draft. Joe Burrow is the obvious pick but trades are always an option as well. Taking a rookie pick also assures that my team will be built around young upside assets.

3.08 – Rookie Pick 1.03

The third round was the second round in a row that I was sniped. This time Miles Sanders went two picks ahead of me. I had the option to take Derrick Henry or Leonard Fournette but decided to again dip into the rookie pool. The 2020 class is one of the most highly touted classes in recent memory. The 1.03 will pair nicely with the 1.01 to assure my team is built around a solid young foundation. It is always a gamble investing too heavily in rookies but there is always the trade avenue. Everybody loves rookie picks, especially writers. Endless possibilities.

Tyler Grzegorek – @tyler_grez

1.09 – Davante Adams

I was presented with some really interesting options at 1.09. With this being a Superflex draft there was a big run on QBs from 1-8 with Christian McCaffrey and Michael Thomas coming off the board. I was left with the option of guys like Dalvin Cook, Nick Chubb, George Kittle, Ezekiel Elliott, and then Davante Adams. Guys like Zeke and Cook just didn’t give me the warm and fuzzy feeling that I wanted with the first pick of my dynasty team. Zeke’s wear and tear and Cooks’ injury history scared me off. So I’m left with Chubb, Kittle (TE Premium), or Adams. Chubb was very intriguing given the addition of Stefanski to the staff, but I was again scared off by the volatility of the RB position. So I’m left with Kittle and Adams. In TE premium they are probably equal. So, now I have to consider who else is remaining. There were several TEs I would have been ok nabbing a couple of rounds later, whereas the value of the remaining receivers wasn’t aligning for me right now. Thus, making Davante Adams the cornerstone of my dynasty team.

2.05 – Josh Jacobs

After the initial wave in the late 1st and early 2nd, the pool of elite RB talent to a big big hit. Jacobs really came to the forefront of my mind at that point. I also considered the upside of DJ Moore but the uncertainty at QB scared me away. Travis Kelce was another consideration. While I know for a fact I would be getting a top tier TE talent, how long would I have that for? At 30 years old and following what Gronk did, that’s enough to scare me as well.

3.10 – Amari Cooper

This was not an easy decision by any means. There were a number of different players and positions that I considered selecting here. However, Cooper is a supreme talent when healthy, and no matter where he lands, he will be a force. His biggest negative though is that we don’t know where he will be playing in 2020. Regardless, I’m excited to pair him with Adams for the foreseeable future. 

Tristan Cook – @tristancook_

1.14 – DeAndre Hopkins

I was shocked that Hopkins was still available at the end of the 1st round. I was hoping to take at least one QB at the 1/2 turn, but with 6 QBs off the board ahead of me that made me reconsider my options. I debated taking Mayfield but felt like it was a bit of a reach. I decided to pivot my strategy to go the best player available, understanding I would likely be short-handed at QB. Furthermore, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity of taking Hopkins here. I am very happy about my selection.

2.01 – George Kittle

It’s nice having back-to-back picks, but in a 14 team league, it means that there is a lot of waiting in between picks. It also means that there won’t likely be any of the players I’m considering here available at my next pick. After taking Hopkins, I considered going WR again and taking OBJ. However, because this is also a TE premium league, I chose to go with the best TE, George Kittle. This allowed me to secure the position early in my draft. Not taking a QB in this format was a big risk, and it will somewhat come back to haunt me, but I feel good with my top 2 picks.

3.14 – Sam Darnold

With so many QBs going off the board between my last pick and this pick I decided I couldn’t wait any longer to add a QB. I wanted to draft someone that was still young and had the opportunity to develop further, rather than take a more veteran QB that had already reached his ceiling. That led me to the easy decision of Darnold. I did briefly consider taking RB or WR here. My choice would have likely been between Julio Jones, Leonard Fournette, Courtland Sutton, or Keeryon Johnson. I am happy that I decided to go with QB.

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