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“Dynasty Stock Market” Be Bearish, Sell High – Feb 2014

petersonTrading a player away right before his decline or while they still hold value as top-tier talent before they enter the world of mediocrity takes not only courage but also the wherewithal to do so.  When I say to sell high on a certain player it doesn’t mean to take any offer that comes your way. If you do not get good value in return or what you’re asking for, just hold onto the player until something comes along your happy with.

When I say to sell high on a certain player it doesn’t mean to take any offer that comes your way.

Send an unexpected offer to someone for another player(s) or draft picks.  The sight of seeing a good player available might catch someone off guard and make a rash decision. Letting it be known that a certain player is available throughout the league is another option. You could get the same effect where another team thinks they’re low balling you when in reality they are over paying.

Here are five guys that I would sell high on entering the 2014 season

  1.  Adrian Peterson, RB, MIN– Peterson was the consensus No.1 overall pick in all 2013 redraft leagues and I believe AP will have a solid 2014 season. Peterson will be 29 entering next season and a year away from the dreaded 30-year-old wall. Peterson is a genetic freak but no running back has ever rushed for more than 1,000 yards in three seasons after turning 30.  Peterson still has some tread on his tires but if you’re able to parlay him into a stud young player and some picks, it could benefit your team for the long run.
  2. Julian Edelman, WR, NE-Coming off a career year in New England finishing the season as the 14th-best fantasy receiver in ppr league. I just can’t see Edelman repeating those numbers in 2014. The hoodie will likely add another free agent this offseason and they still have 2013 second-round pick Aaron Dobson and Danny Amendola who they signed for $31 million, including $10 million guaranteed. With Gronk coming back, I see Edelman coming back down to earth, and in turn, you should seek to move him while the name still rings hot.
  3. Peyton Manning, QB, Denver-Coming off the greatest year a quarterback has ever had, Manning is winding down a Hall of Fame career. Manning likely has two years left which means that if your team isn’t a contender now, then you should be selling this fantasy-point monster. Any team that is close to a championship should have no problem giving up youth for this golden goose. Manning’s fantasy years are on borrowed time as is his fantasy value.
  4. Eric Decker, WR, Denver- Decker didn’t disappoint in his contract year with the Broncos. Having already stated that he had to do with what’s best for his family, it’s all but guaranteed that Decker will be bidding adieu to Manning and Co. Decker is likely to be paid No. 1 receiver money and I view him as a great No. 2. Where he ends up will ultimately decide his overall value but I wouldn’t wait on that decision. Wherever he ends up his value will never be higher than it is today. What if Decker signs with the cap loaded Raiders or Jets? Is that a player that you’d be trying to acquire?
  5. Mike Wallace, WR, MIA– Coming off a disappointing first season, it’s hard to say sell high when the player had a bad year. I think Wallace is the type of player that after getting paid, his motivation has dwindled. While the value won’t be anything to knock your socks off, I bet if you shop him hard enough you’ll get an offer that you will be pleased with. I see Wallace as an inconsistent player from here on out and he’d be too much of a risk for me to trust in my lineup. I would make the move while some might still hold his name with high regard.

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