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Free Agent Dream Scenarios

As we inch closer toward the start of free agency in March, it’s easy to start day dreaming where some of your favorite NFL players will end up. Well, instead of keeping those dreams to myself, I decided to write them down for you all to see. Now, I am trying to work with some sort of reason. I realize the Colts (for example) would be a dream for most offensive weapons, but I am not going to put each and every free agent on that team. So, to keep some order in this fantasy world, I will only assign one player per position to a team.

Tevin Coleman – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

 Pre-2018 season it seemed like Coleman was in for a huge payday this year. Unfortunately, I don’t think that he impressed many people this season and it looks like he is probably headed for another time share somewhere. However, I do think that there are a few places where he would absolutely be a stud and a lead back; and Tampa Bay is one of them. I know there are some Ronald Jones truthers out there that would scoff at this notion, but let me give a free PSA here… RONALD JONES IS BAD AT FOOTBALL! In a Bruce Arians offense I think Coleman could be a poor man’s David Johnson. If Coleman becomes a Buc then he could be a top 10 running back.

Nick Foles – New York Giants

I don’t think that this landing spot is likely, but every Nick Foles owner would be ecstatic if it took place. Foles looked great at times and I think being in an offense with OBJ, Barkley and Engram could help produce fantasy gold for his owner. If you extrapolate his 7 game production over a full season he would have been looking at 4,300 yards and 23 touchdowns. Although those numbers are not eye popping, I could see a rise in production, especially in the touchdown department.  I think his value would be similar to Kirk Cousins if Foles spent his next few years with the Giants.  

Mark Ingram – Baltimore Ravens

This is a scenario for Mark Ingram that I not only think is ideal, but I also believe it is somewhat realistic. I think he is a great fit on a team that could use someone a little more steady to pair with the dynamic Lamar Jackson. I realize that Gus Edwards, Alex Collins, Kenneth Dixon etc. are already a part of this offense, but all of these guys are average at best while Ingram is a large upgrade. As an older running back, I can’t imagine that he signs any deal over 3 seasons, however, I do believe that he could return to similar numbers as we have seen in years past with a higher floor due to receiving more touches.

Golden Tate – Dallas Cowboys

With the likely departure of Cole Beasley, the Cowboys could really use a talented slot receiver and Golden Tate has been one of the better slot receivers in the league for years. The Cowboys desperately needed more receiver help and I can imagine Cooper and Tate being quite the combo. I think Tate would be a top 24 receiver again catching footballs in Dallas.

LeVeon Bell – Indianapolis Colts

I think that Bell fans all over the world would rejoice if he was able to pair with Andrew Luck. I even know that Bell has made some interesting social media moves to indicate that he wouldn’t be against spending some time in Indy. At this time though, I don’t think that he will actually land here as Marlon Mack has played well recently. We know that Bell’s upside is RB1 overall and I would assume that he could be that type of guy for the next couple of seasons. I think 2000 total yards and 18 touchdowns certainly wouldn’t be out of the question. I considered both Philly and Houston as other dream landing spots for Bell’s services, but with how improved the Colts line has been this year I think this would be the number 1 choice for LeVeon Bell.

Tyrell Williams – Cleveland Browns

All of a sudden, Cleveland is a desirable football destination. Thanks in no small part to Baker Mayfield, I expect that many wide receivers would be more than happy to play in the orange and brown. With how their current roster is constructed, a massive 6’4 receiver like Tyrell Williams would fit great and should see a bunch of red zone targets. Williams has been under used up to this point but I expect his numbers to increase significantly with a good landing destination.

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