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Hurts so Good?!

@Dynastytodd takes a deep look at Jalen Hurts. After reading this article, let’s hope it alleviates the pain of what to do with Jalen Hurts.

The dynasty pulse

Being a part of the dynasty fantasy football community has allowed me to get a glimpse of how content creators feel about a player. Based on the information I have consumed, some people think Hurts is going to ball out, and they are trying to get as many shares of him as possible. Another popular opinion is that he will flash in the short term but isn’t a long-term option. Hurts is the presumed starter for 2021, with Carson Wentz becoming a Colt. The bottom line is that there is a lot of uncertainty as to what to think about Hurts and what to do with him in dynasty.

Hurts gets his opportunity

When Jalen Hurts was selected in the second round of the 2020 NFL draft, Eagles Fans and the fantasy football community were unsure what to think. I’ve watched every snap of Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz since he came into the league. He was an explosive playmaker who suffered a devastating injury in 2017 during his MVP caliber season. Since sustaining the injury, Wentz had been physically unsure of himself as his play fell off drastically.

In 2019, Wentz looked lost at times and never regained his 2017 form. We all know what happened in 2020. Hurts was sprinkled into the offense starting in week 3 of the NFL season. Wentz’s lackluster play allowed Hurts to come in during the Week 13 game against the Green Bay Packers in relief duty. The entire offense appeared to have life in it that had been missing all season.

Heading into week 14, Hurts was named the starter against the New Orleans Saints, who, at the time, had the #1 defense in the NFL. Hurts was very solid in his first start, passing for a TD as well as rushing for over 100 yards. He showed some accuracy with his passes, as well as electricity when pulling down the ball and running. His TD pass to Jeffrey was a well-placed ball where only his receiver could make the play. He has very good speed and vision as a runner, which you can see in his highlights below. He also has good touch on the deep ball and shows quick decision-making. In this Fantasy Football era of the NFL, quarterbacks with rushing ability have closed the gap on the top pure passing quarterbacks. Hurts has that ability!

Fantasy points

Let’s take a deeper look into the numbers Hurts was putting up with the Eagles. In his first start against the Saints, he scored 19.28 fantasy points. That was good for a top 10 finish that week. In his second start against the Arizona Cardinals, Hurts was the top-scoring quarterback in fantasy football, according to Fantasydata.com, as you can see below.

Week 15 statistics courtesy of Fantasydata.com

Following up on his first start, Hurts was given another start, this time against the New York Jets. He turned in a top 16 effort this time with his 18.58 fantasy points. These are some impressive numbers considering they were the first three starts of his NFL career. The Eagles offense as a whole looked much better with many of the same parts as their previous franchise QB Wentz had to work with. There is something to be said about that. Hurts went on to start the final game and was replaced for backup Nate Sudfeld in a meaningless game.

Credit: Inquirer.com

Jalen Hurts future

Gathering the final summarization on a player with 3 ½ NFL starts at the quarterback position is a daunting task. There are a few factors to consider, the first of which we will look at is talent. Jalen Hurts has all of the tools to be a difference-maker for any dynasty team. He can throw the deep ball, has a quick release, and his running ability is extremely impressive. The other part to look at with Hurts is the opportunity. As of now, Hurts is the starter as the Eagles appear to be ready to build around him.

There have been many swirling rumors, but with Nick Sirianni having worked with everyone from Philip Rivers to Jacoby Brissett. He has the experience to build around quarterbacks with different abilities. The truth of the matter is that Jalen Hurts was placed in a difficult position to replace a franchise QB with a depleted offensive line and questionable weapons. He took the task as a challenge, jumped into the spotlight, starting and completing Weeks 14-16. He had the best fantasy scoring game of any quarterback in that span and finished third overall of all quarterbacks.

The outlook

Hurts was a rookie QB during the season of Covid, playing with a team built around another quarterback. It is more than fair to think that Jalen Hurts will take a leap in year two on a team built around him. There are rumors that the Eagles may look to take a QB in the draft. But, being that they just went through the QB carousel, it’s fair to consider they will move forward with a talented young man in Jalen Hurts. The Eagle’s new QB coach Brian Johnson has been friends with the Hurts family since he was four years old. Johnson tried to recruit Hurts out of high school to play for Mississippi State, where Johnson coached Dak Prescott. It appears the Eagles are building around him, putting the pieces in place to make him successful.

In my estimation, Jalen Hurts will be the starter for the Eagles in 2021 and into the future. He is a good piece to roster as he will continue to grow while he progresses forward in his NFL career. If you were fortunate enough to grab him late in the draft, hold him and reap the rewards. If you have a chance to get him, I would do it now before he shines as he did for the Eagles last season.

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