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Interesting Stats on QBs Against thier Divison

NFL teams have to play their division six times in a season. How do those players fare against them? We break down 13 quarterbacks and their history against their division.

This article dives deep into some interesting stats that may not always be brought up when discussing a player, but it’s interesting to know. We will talk about quarterbacks who play their division six times throughout the season. A stat like that is important since they impact a third of their games.

These veteran quarterbacks have played in their division for at least three-plus seasons. Thirteen quarterbacks have been with their team for at least three seasons. We will discuss some trends we can find with these quarterbacks.

Josh Allen, BUF

Per GameGCmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntRateAttYdsY/ATD
Miami Dolphins1223.234.966.4280.32.80.6110.
New York Jets1121.534.063.1232.
New England Patriots1119.332.858.7220.21.60.885.27.632.54.30.5
Per Game Average vs Divison

Allen has owned the AFC East since coming into the league for fantasy. His best starts are against the Dolphins. As you can see, he averages 333 all-purpose yards and almost three touchdowns per game. In his last six games against the Dolphins, Allen has averaged over 30 fantasy points per game. It will be interesting to see if Allen can keep up this production level while the offense loses talent.

The Jets do put up a fight against Allen, as he averages an interception per game, but he manages 280 all-purpose yards. He can still average over 24 fantasy points per game against the Jets. Even last year, he can still put up elite numbers, even with the Jets’ elite defense.

The Patriots are no different, but he does average his lowest yardage with 250 all-purpose yards per game. In fantasy, Allen is excellent, as he had over 20 fantasy points in five of his last six games against the Patriots. He continues to prove that he owns the AFC East. The 2024 season will be a big test of whether Allen can continue this dominance for fantasy.

Jalen Hurts, PHI

Per GameGCmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntRateAttYdsY/ATD
Dallas Cowboys616.225.763.0206.01.20.792.
New York Giants812.922.557.2141.30.60.871.
Washington Redskins719.629.765.9247.91.70.4104.97.329.14.00.7
Per Game Average vs Divison

Hurts has had decent production against his division foes. Starting with Dallas, he does run the most per game against them. He has been slipping with Dallas over the last three seasons. He has two elite games and has two games under 19 fantasy points. Last year, Hurts finished with 28 fantasy points at home and three total touchdowns. When he went to Dallas, he finished with 12 fantasy points and would have zero touchdowns. He isn’t making a difference with his yardage, as he was held under 245 total yards.

Photo Courtesy of Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire

Hurts per game average against the Giants are slightly skewed on the stats. He played the Giants in week 18 back-to-back seasons where he didn’t need to overperform. In the other two games over the last two years, Hurts would have over 28 fantasy points, showing his ability to perform.

The Commanders have been a team that Hurts dominated in games. He throws for his most yards per game and has a 104 QB rating. He combines for almost three touchdowns per game. Hurts has had 25 fantasy points in five of his last six matchups against the Commanders. Hurts does fine against his division, but the Commanders are a must-start matchup for Hurts in fantasy.

Dak Prescott, DAL

Per GameGCmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntRateAttYdsY/ATD
New York Giants1421.433.364.4263.91.90.6100.92.911.33.90.1
Philadelphia Eagles1322.633.866.8261.71.80.6100.
Washington Redskins1321.131.566.8241.92.10.4106.
Per Game Average vs Divison

Prescott leaves no room for error against his NFC East division. The Giants are a team he does play well against. He has 263 yards on average and almost scores two touchdowns per contest. He has struggled the road in New York for the last three years, but it may be the fact he wasn’t needed as much as in week one of the 2023 season. Prescott has averaged 30 fantasy points per game at home in his last three starts against the Giants.

Philly is another one that Dak seems to be able to step up to the plate against with solid per-game averages. Prescott would average 29 fantasy points against the Eagles in the last three seasons. It shows how intense these teams battle on the field, making games high-scoring. Prescott should be someone to play when you see that matchup against the Eagles in 2024.

The Commanders have been a team that Prescott averages two touchdowns per game against. He gives a decent rushing output with 24 rushing yards. Prescott has been over 30 fantasy points in three of the last five games against the Commanders. The other two games were on the road in Washington, and Prescott was held under 17 points. Nonetheless, Prescott is a good quarterback when it comes to playing his division.

Lamar Jackson, BAL

Per GameGCmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntRateAttYdsY/ATD
Cincinnati Bengals1015.224.661.79183.41.40.496.811.
Cleveland Browns1113.620.566.37164.81.30.796.710.158.05.750.5
Pittsburgh Steelers613.022.059.09145.
Per Game Average vs Divison

Jackson’s stats against this division are eye-opening, but he has been able to thrive. The Bengals have been a great matchup for Jackson to start in fantasy. He averages almost 70 rushing yards per game against them. He has 25-plus fantasy points in three of the last four games. Last year, Jackson could not be stopped by the Bengal’s defense, as he had 50 rushing yards in both games and two passing touchdowns.

The Browns have been a solid matchup for Jackson. As you can see from the 58 rushing yards and a half of touchdowns per game, Jackson thrives. Last year, he put up 31 fantasy points in week four. He would have four total touchdowns in that matchup. Jackson has struggled in games against the Browns’ strong defense in the last three years. He has been held under 20 fantasy points in three of his last four full starts. At the same time, it may not be that big of a deal, but something to monitor for sure.

As long as Jackson has been in the league, he only has played the Steelers six times. He only has played them twice in the last three seasons. Jackson struggles against the Steelers, as he doesn’t score a touchdown per game and has the fewest rushing yards in the division. In Jackson’s one game last year, he only scored 16 fantasy points. Thankfully, Jackson’s rushing ability keeps him alive, but he does underperform in the Steel City.

Jared Goff, DET

Per GameGCmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntAttYdsY/ATD
Chicago Bears621.331.368.09%
Green Bay Packers622.033.066.67%
Minnesota Vikings625.238.066.23%
Per Game Average vs Divison

Goff has a smaller data table but has been with the Lions for three seasons. The Bears have been an up-and-down matchup for Goff with his time in Detroit, but he has the highest touchdowns and interceptions per game. Every year, it seems that Goff slips his production with the Bears. He has three games over 20 fantasy points and three games under 17 points. Goff has struggled on the road in the Windy City in the last two years.

The Packers have also had a slight up and down for Goff. He has his fewest touchdowns per game against the Packers compared to the other foes. He has been held under 20 fantasy points in four of the last six games. Last year, Goff could have had a better game versus the Packers, but he didn’t need to do all that much with his excellent run game.

Goff is night and day against the Vikings, so far as a Lion. He seems to struggle on the road in that loud Minnesota Dome. He averages 14 fantasy points on the road compared to 26 points at home. You may want to steer clear of Goff at Minnesota. Goff has solid games but isn’t much of a starter option against his division.

Patrick Mahomes, KC

Per GameGCmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntRateAttYdsY/ATD
Denver Broncos1323.435.266.5269.61.50.893.33.813.63.60.2
Oakland (LA) Raiders1224.537.066.2297.82.50.3109.64.321.15.00.2
LA/ San Diego Chargers1023.536.764.0281.52.50.6103.
Per Game Average vs Divison

The great Mahomes has done very well against his division over his career. Denver has given Mahomes some trouble at times. As you can see, his average per game is much lower than that of the Raiders or Chargers. Mahomes has been under 17 fantasy points against the Broncos in two of the last six games. He has been able to put up some big numbers even though he almost turns the ball over at least once per game against Denver.

Photo Courtesy of Adam Bow/Icon Sportswire

The Raiders have been a matchup that Mahomes loves to go off against. He averages almost 300 passing yards and scores at least two touchdowns per game. Mahomes has been under 20 fantasy points just once in the last six games against the Raiders. Last year, he put up 23 and 21 fantasy points, where he combined for three passing touchdowns.

If you have Mahomes, then playing against the Chargers is a great matchup for him. Like the Raiders, he puts up high stats and fantasy points to match. In four of the last five games, Mahomes has put up over 29 fantasy points against to the Chargers. Those are matchups to circle off your calendar for a fantasy win those weeks. Overall, Mahomes can stay elite against his division foes.

Tua Tagovailoa, MIA

Per GameGCmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntRateAttYdsY/ATD
Buffalo Bills718.430.161.1207.
New England Patriots620.830.568.3216.51.20.792.
New York Jets517.423.275.0189.
Per Game Average vs Divison

Unfortunately, my boy Tua has not been so great against his division in his career. He doesn’t average a touchdown per game against the Bills but does average an interception per game. His completion percentage has been trash at 61% in seven career games. In the last six games, Tua has barely gotten over 20 fantasy points once. He usually averages around 15 fantasy points per game versus the Bills. He isn’t someone to start in those situations, but hopefully, that can change in 2024.

Surprisingly enough, the Patriots have been a decent matchup for Tua in his career. While it is still not great since he only averages 216 passing games, the fantasy output is slightly better for a QB2. Last year, he scored over 25 fantasy points against the Patriots. In the other four games in the previous three years, he averages more than 17 fantasy points per game.

The Jets have also been a team that Tua has struggled against, averaging under 200 passing yards but having a 75% completion percentage. Somehow, Tua finds a way to put up decent numbers, averaging around 18 fantasy points versus the Jets. The Dolphin’s defense has manhandled the Jets in that timeframe, which didn’t require Tua to step up that much. That could be different in 2024, with Rodgers back as quarterback for the Jets. You should be hesitant to play Tua against his division in 2024.

Trevor Lawrence, JAX

Per GameGCmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntRateAttYdsY/ATD
Indianapolis Colts621.330.270.7201.21.50.3100.85.720.03.50.3
Houston Texans623.739.260.4270.50.81.374.12.810.73.80.2
Tennessee Titans625.037.067.6269.
Per Game Average vs Divison

Lawrence has struggled against his division at times. The Colts have been a team against which Lawrence can make decent numbers. Strangely, his yards have been so low, but he manages to find ways to score against them. He has at least two touchdowns in four of the last five games against the Colts. Last year, he was held in check but managed to put up 18 and 22 fantasy points.

Touchdowns have kept him going against this division foe. Lawrence has struggled with Houston over his career. He has managed high yardage but under one touchdown output. Lawrence has been held under 20 fantasy points in four of six games against the Texans. He has only played well in shootouts with the Texans when both teams can get high scores. If he can get over 300 passing yards, he should have a good day, but if not, the numbers didn’t look great.

The Titans are a team against which Lawrence has played well in four of his six career games. He has at least 23 fantasy points or more. Even in Lawrence’s down season, he managed 57 total fantasy points against the Titans. Lawrence seems to be able to produce against the division compared to teams outside his division.

Matthew Stafford, LAR

Per GameGCmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntAttYdsY/ATD
Arizona Cardinals521.430.669.93254.
San Francisco 49ers527.041.864.59245.
Seattle Seahawks421.833.864.44283.
Per Game Average vs Divison

Stafford meets the minimum mark of years with his team since he has been with the Rams for three years. Stafford has averaged two touchdowns per game against the Cardinals, something he isn’t doing with the other two foes. In his five games, he has over 24 fantasy points in three of them. He didn’t need to do much in the other two, where he finished under 17 fantasy points since the team would win big. In 2023, he had one game with 15 fantasy points, but Kyren Williams would end up rushing for 150 yards against the Cardinals.

The 49ers have kept Stafford in check, but decent enough to play as a QB2. He hasn’t had big games versus the 49ers besides the Conference Championship game in 2021. Last year, he would only play 49ers once and had 300 yards and one touchdown. That was good for 21 fantasy points. Stafford has three passing touchdowns in the last four games against the 49ers. It shows that Stafford struggles against the elite defense.

Seattle has been a mixed bag for Stafford so far. In 2021, he played well against them, with 22 and 19 fantasy points. In 2023, he would finish both games under 18 fantasy points and only threw one touchdown over both games. Sometimes, the Rams’ strong defense has caused issues for the offense from having to put up points. That could be different in 2024 with Aaron Donald off the field.

Justin Herbert, LAC

Per GmaeGCmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntRateAttYdsY/ATD
Kansas City Chiefs723.635.466.5286.12.30.9102.
Las Vegas Raiders725.140.162.6289.42.10.399.
Denver Broncos724.437.465.3239.71.40.986.32.713.34.90.0
Per Game Average vs Divison

Herbert has put up big numbers against his divisions, but some are better. The Chiefs have always been a game that Herbert can play. It may not always be due to his doing well or the Chargers coming from behind against the Chiefs. He averages over two touchdowns per game against the Chiefs. In 2023, he had a down year, under 20 fantasy points for the first time in three years. He would average 27 fantasy points per game against the Chiefs in his prior four games.

The Raiders are another team that Herbert thrives against. In his last five games vs the Raiders, Herbert has been over 20 fantasy points in each one. Last year, Herbert only played them once but would put up 27 fantasy points. He didn’t play them well, but he found a way. They are another team that Herbert has averaged two touchdowns per game, which makes him a great start in those games. Herbert has only thrown two interceptions against the Raiders in all five games.

Denver has been a team that Herbert struggles against per game. It could be the Chargers’ offense being so bad that Herbert struggles. In 2021, he would have 20 fantasy points in both. He has struggled over his last two games, being under 15 fantasy points. Denver has a tough defense that has given Herbert issues in his career.

Joe Burrow, CIN

Per GameGCmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntRateAttYdsY/ATD
Baltimore Ravens723.735.666.7268.41.70.698.
Cleveland Browns626.241.263.6259.51.70.886.43.810.82.80.2
Pittsburgh Steelers522.434.864.4253.62.21.688.
Per Game Average vs Divison

Burrow has done well against his division over his tenure in the league. Burrow versus the Ravens has been a dogfight over the years. He has averaged the most passing yards with the fewest turnovers and the best QB rating. Last year wasn’t great for Burrow, as he had under 20 fantasy points in both games versus the Ravens. In 2021 and 2022, Burrow would have four of five games over 20 fantasy points. The 2021 season stands out since he had over 30 fantasy points in both games, but we are two years away from that.

Photo Courtesy of Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire

The Browns have held strong against Burrow to some extent. You may not see it in the per-game average, but in fantasy, you do. Burrow has been under 20 fantasy points in three of the last four games against the Browns. His best game in the previous three years has been 21 fantasy points. Burrow can be a solid quarterback against the Browns, but he doesn’t have blow-up games.

Burrow’s best division foes are the Steelers, against whom he plays well. Surprisingly, he has only played the Steelers five times. He didn’t play them last year but has played well in the prior two years. He has had 20-plus fantasy points in the last four games against the Steelers. In 2022, he had over 29 fantasy points in both games. Burrow should be locked to start in gets versus the AFC North.

Kyler Murray, ARI

Per GameGCmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntRateAttYdsY/ATD
San Francisco 49ers624.336.267.3219.71.20.786.57.852.86.70.3
Seattle Seahawks824.335.169.0235.91.30.495.
Los Angeles Rams824.338.862.6246.11.00.881.23.619.55.40.3
Per Game Average vs Divison

Murray was one quarterback who caught my eye when I looked at this research. Murray has struggled somewhat against his division overall. The 49ers have been a tough play for Murray in the air since he only averages 219 passing yards per game but averages 52 rushing yards. Murray has only played the 49ers twice in the last three seasons. The last time was in 2023, and he managed 19 fantasy points. It was his second-lowest output after coming off injury.

Murray has fared solid against the Seahawks in his career. He averages 285 all-purpose yards against Seattle in his tenure. His touchdown output is the highest, and his interception output is the lowest. In the last four games versus the Seahawks, Murray has scored 19 fantasy points or more. Last season, he played Seattle in Week 18 and scored 20.4 fantasy points.

Murray has rebounded versus the Rams in recent seasons after struggling early on. During his 2021 season, Murray would rip apart the Rams with 25 fantasy points in each game but later would fall to them in the wild-card round. Murray has only played them twice in the last two seasons but did decent enough. He would have games of 16 and 23 fantasy points. He would have high yardage vs. the Rams, but he would have combined for ten rushing yards in those two games. It will be interesting to see what Murray does against his division in 2024.

Daniel Jones, NYG

Per GameGCmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntRateAttYdsY/ATD
Dallas Cowboys815.927.058.8163.00.50.672.85.826.84.70.0
Philadelphia Eagles521.232.465.4220.61.00.490.15.847.68.20.4
Washington Commanders722.031.669.7215.71.40.498.07.446.36.20.1
Per Game Average vs Divison

We get down to the final quarterback, Jones. His success versus his division has not been all that great. Jones has struggled against Dallas in his career, averaging under 200 total yards and less than a touchdown per game. Jones has struggled over his last four games versus the Cowboys, being under 15 fantasy points in all four games.

Against the Eagles, Jones has found some success but still struggles. Jones has gained yardage but still scores under two total touchdowns per game. Jones has 15 fantasy points or more in two of his last three games against Philly. On the road in Philly, Jones would only score 7.8 fantasy points. Unfortunately, Jones would not play the Eagles in 2024 due to his injury.

Jones has found success against the Commanders in seven career games. His completion % and QB rating are the highest among the division foes. Jones wasn’t available to play the Commanders at all last year. In his previous three starts against them, he had two games over 18 fantasy points. He scored over 25 fantasy points in one game due to his rushing ability. Jones looks more like a fade against the Cowboys and Eagles. He should be a solid play vs. the Commanders in 2024. 

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