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Is Brandin Cooks Undervalued?

How do you build a championship roster? Having a team with Odell Beckham Jr., Mike Evans and Davante Adams would be a great start, right? Of course, it would be. But… it’s not realistic. Sure, someone’s team may be absolutely stacked at WR but for most people, that isn’t the case. So, if you aren’t that well off, and you’re in the boat with the rest of us, you have to build a team around players lower on the totem pole. So, what if there was a player that produced like a top tier WR but cost significantly less? What if that player was YOUNGER than the aforementioned stud WRs? Well, you’d definitely want him on your team, right? Of course, you would. Now, this all sounds too good to be true, but, what if I told you it WAS true? Well, it is. And who is that player? Brandin Cooks. Brandin Cooks? Yep, Brandin Cooks. Now, if you don’t believe me, let me prove it to you.

It’s easy to pick and choose stats or players that help make your point, and you could argue that I’ve done that, but I would imagine if you polled most dynasty players, you’d find OBJ, Adams, and Evans somewhere in their top 10, and possibly in their top 5. But, you probably wouldn’t see Cooks near that range. But, if you look at their respective production since 2015, you might be surprised by what you find. Brandin Cooks ranks 2nd in fantasy points scored.

2015-2018 Tgts Rec. Yds TDs PPR Pts Pts/Gm
Evans 568 311 4735 25 934.5 15.84
Cooks 457 293 4441 27 918.0 15.05
Beckham Jr. 492 299 4171 32 912.0 19.40
Adams 470 291 3561 35 857.1 15.31


Now, a fair point would be that on a point per game basis, Odell is way ahead of these other names, and that is true. It should be noted however that you can’t score points unless you’re on the field; Beckham has only played 16 games once in his career whereas Cooks has played in every game since 2015. However, I am not trying to say Cooks is better than OBJ, merely that he is undervalued. Well, how undervalued is he? Let’s take a closer look.

Player D101 FPros DHH AVG
Beckham Jr. 2.0 4.4 2.7 3.0
Evans 9.2 14.4 7.7 10.4
Adams 21.8 11.4 13.6 15.6
Cooks 33.0 26.6 28.0 29.2


Cooks has an ADP of 29.2 which places him in the mid-3rd round. If you compare that number to the ADPs of the other members of his 2014 WR class, his value become apparent. Cooks is CONSISTENTLY putting up numbers that compare to WRs who are being drafted way before him. Furthermore, if you compare his production to other WRs with similar ADP he leads the field.


2015-2018 Tgts Rec. Yds TDs PPR Pts Pts/Gm
Cooks 457 293 4441 27 918 15.05
Diggs 417 288 3387 21 752.7 14.48
Robinson 382 200 2915 24 635.5 14.44
Cooper 443 265 3825 25 798.5 13.77
Davis 159 88 1140 4 226.0 9.42


So, why is Cooks so undervalued? Well, there is something wrong with him. Or at least that is what his detractors have been saying. However, the only real argument against him was that he had been on three teams in three years. Now sure, that isn’t IDEAL, but if that’s all they can come up with, then he’s doing alright. Why? Because he’s produced solid fantasy numbers at every stop. Now, don’t get me wrong. This isn’t supposed to be me trying to convince you that Cooks is a better fantasy asset than OBJ, because he’s not. But, what Brandin Cooks can be, is a low-end WR1 that you can at a significant discount.

Now that you are hopefully with me on the Brandin Cooks is undervalued bandwagon, where do we go from here? We go full speed ahead and try to acquire him. There’s a high likelihood that his owner doesn’t value him where they should. How do I know? Because I am a Brandin Cooks owner that, up until recently, didn’t realize his value. He’s younger than all of the aforementioned WRs, he’s on a long-term contract on one of the best offenses in the NFL and yet, no one seems to realize how good he is. He’s a low-end WR1 that isn’t viewed as one. Now is the time to acquire him.

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