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Kareem Hunt to Cleveland: The Fantasy Repercussions

As of approximately 2pm ET on February 11th; The Cleveland Browns have signed Kareem Hunt to a 1 year deal worth north of 1 million dollars. 

Now, we could have a discussion about the off the field issues and the PR hit that this could be for the Browns, but for the sake of this article I am only going to write about the fantasy football implications.

Before we can accurately predict Hunt’s value, we need to understand a few factors. First of all, there is likely an additional suspension looming for Hunt so I expect him to miss anywhere between 4 and 10 games. This means that he will be looking at a new playbook and miss on the field time. We also know that the running back position seems to be one of the most physically demanding positions on the field-so being in shape is another concern. Now, we also have to add that Nick Chubb is also in the same backfield and is presumed to be the lead dog for carries at this point. 

All these things put together tells me that his 2019 value shouldn’t be super high. However, the fact that he has a job in 2019 is definitely a positive. I expect this deal with the Browns to be looked at as a “prove it” type contract and he will sign for big money elsewhere in 2020. I think a rebuilding dynasty team could buy somewhat low mid-season and get a big return in 2020.

If you are a Nick Chubb owner, DON’T PANIC SELL! I said it before but this is a one year deal. I still expect that Chubb will get the full workload during Hunt’s suspension, and for years after Hunt finds another team. Likewise, when Hunt is in the lineup, I still expect Chubb to get over 50% of the carries in this offense.

In effort to be super clear, don’t sell Nick Chubb or Kareem Hunt low. Even though their situation has changed, their value should stay relatively the same.

It looks like the Browns are going all-in, in 2019 and don’t be surprised if they add even more weapons in the coming months.

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