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Matt’s Top 10 Devy Quarterbacks 5-1

For starters, many of you may be thinking about what a Devy league is. It stands for Developmental players. In a Devy league, you are drafting college players before they are eligible to enter the NFL draft. This kind of league benefits you more than you may originally realize. For starters, you now pay more attention to College Football. You learn about the prospects and in return learn more about the incoming rookie class and its depth. Most Devy league drafts are usually two to three rounds, which you may think, won’t that affect the rookie draft? No, it doesn’t. See not all players drafted in a Devy draft are going to be coming out this year. For instance, a couple of players in this article will be players coming out in the 2021 class. 

Now that I’ve given you a small breakdown of Devy leagues I would encourage you to check out Garret Price’s article to learn more about the benefits of playing in a Devy league. In this article, I will break down my top quarterbacks 5-1 and give you a few guys to watch out for. I would draft them in this order in a Devy league draft, and these ranks can also be applied to anyone playing in a College Football fantasy league. During each break down I’ll discuss their college production while also give you my opinion on how they might translate to the NFL, so let’s start breaking down some Devy studs.

5. Justin Fields- The Ohio State 2021

6’3 223LBS

Justin Fields joined the Georgia Bulldogs as a five-star prospect per

Justin Fields is the one quarterback on this list that has not had a starting job in college football so far. He joined Georgia has a highly touted prospect, he was ranked the number two prospect in the nation and number one at the position, ahead of Trevor Lawrence at the time. However, when Fields was supposed to take over at Georgia in walked Jake Fromm. Fromm won the starting job and that led to Fields transferring out and landing with the Ohio State Buckeyes. While he has been named the starter by Head Coach Ryan Day, he also mentioned he’s not quite where he needs to be at the moment. An interesting statistic to mention with Fields though. The last two times Ohio State had a starting QB in their second year of college, Braxton Miller in 2012 went 12-0, couldn’t play in the National Championship because of a ban but should have played Notre Dame. JT Barrett in 2014 went 14-1 including winning the first-ever College Football Playoff National Championship. Justin Fields is currently entering his second year in college. 

Fields is a truly intriguing and exciting prospect. He has the typical NFL size and body type. Add in a great throwing arm and mobility in and outside the pocket, he has been laser timed running a 4.51 40. While we haven’t seen much of him in college, going back to his high school tape, he showed great poise in the pocket. He was a passer first and a runner second. Fields is only 20 years old and still has some growing to do and he’ll need to do it quickly on a team poised for a National Championship.

Fields has yet to be a starter in college and is now finally getting his chance. While he has all of the intangibles, we haven’t seen them put into action. Add in he is now the quarterback of a top-five ranked college football team, a team with National Championship aspirations. Fields will have to learn the playbook quickly as Head Coach Ryan Day likes to run a more pro-style offense. His biggest question mark is going to be can he handle being the guy in high-pressure situations and we are going to find out very quickly. 


In this clip, Fields shows us what he can do when he tucks and runs. A good athlete in open space. 


Here we get to see Fields arm strength. Steps into the throw with defenders around him and unleashes a 60 yard rope to Mecole Hardman for an easy touchdown.

4. Jake Fromm- Georgia 2020

6’2 220LBS

Jake Fromm joined the Georgia Bulldogs as a five-star prospect per

Fromm enters 2019 as a true junior and has steadily improved in his first two years at college. Yet he hasn’t put up prolific numbers as Georgia has been mostly a defense-first team and running the ball to control the clock. Georgia will likely continue to employ this strategy in 2019 as well as having the top RB prospect and an intriguing freshman behind him. He has some things he could improve on and could easily fall down this list based on his play, but starting the year in my top five was an easy call.

Fromm shows off one thing in almost any game you watch of him. Decision making is an elite skill for him. He consistently works through his progressions and finds the open receiver. Georgia’s pro-style offense helps him in the spacing it gives his receivers and he doesn’t tend to miss when he gets the space he needs. Thrives on short and intermediate passes. Some of his best plays on film are touch throws allowing his receivers to do work after the catch.

There are just a couple of questions to Fromm’s game for me. For starters, he plays the game very safe. Rarely does he make any high-risk throws and often checks down to the easy pass. When needed to add some zip to the ball he fails to do so. While his arm isn’t weak, he is never going to wow you with deep balls or cannon fires into the middle of the field. Mobility would be my next big concern. He has shown little to no mobility. While he certainly can move around and manipulate the pocket until a receiver gets open, he’s not going to be beating anyone to the first down marker. 


Fromm rolls out and identifies his open receiver in the end zone. He puts enough zip on an off balance throw for an easy touchdown. 


With all the time in the world Fromm is able to unleash a 60-yard pass and puts it right on the money for his receiver to catch and eventually score. 

3. Tua Tagovailoa- Alabama 2020

6’1 218LBS

Tua joined the Alabama Crimson Tide as a four-star prospect per

Tua enters his junior season with a ton of expectations on him. Possibly even more than what he had on his shoulders entering the 2018 season after winning the National Championship in 2017. Having been blown out by Clemson last year in the Championship game Tua took most of the blame. Yet he did also say they could have won had they done what they were supposed to. That has a likely chance of happening again this year as the Crimson Tide return a loaded team. He also enters the 2019 season the likely top QB choice for NFL teams. However, I feel the guy one spot ahead of him with a big year could change that. If Tua continues to improve and has another great season, he will likely be the number one pick overall in Las Vegas next year. Tua is one of the few left-handed quarterbacks that looks poised for success. 

Tua Tagovialoa best trait is his accuracy and he shows it all over the field. He has shown great touch to all three levels of the field. While he thrives in the pocket, he looks just as comfortable rolling out and throwing the ball on the run exhibiting the accuracy in both facets. When needed he can zip the ball in with some real velocity, while also perfecting the touch throws just over defenders. 

Tua, in all honesty, doesn’t have many question marks at all. The one concern I have, showed itself late last year against Georgia and Clemson. He seemed to miss some coverage changes in both those games which led to costly turnovers. He has rarely been tested in his career. While you can only beat the opponent in front of you, he hasn’t had many opponents up at his skill level.


Using pocket awareness Tua smoothly moves around and steps up in the pocket to unleashes a nice ball down the field that hits Jerry Juedy in stride. 


Using his running ability Tua makes a 50-yard touchdown run look easy against a good LSU defense. I wanted to show off a bit more of his athleticism with this clip. 

2. Justin Herbert- Oregon 2020 

6’6 237LBS

Justin Herbert joined the Oregon Ducks as a three-star prospect per

Justin Herbert is one of my favorite QB prospects and my number one QB for the 2020 class so admittedly I may be higher on him than others but I’ll tell you why. Herbert played his first full season last year after only playing eight in the season before due to a shoulder injury. He looked amazing in the first half of the season but struggled mightily in the second half. He got some good advice to return to college for his senior year, even though he likely would have been the number one overall pick in the 2019 draft. If he can continue to improve this season and stay consistent he could easily pass Tua for many NFL teams that need a QB.

Herbert is blessed with the size NFL coaches look for. Add in his consistency in accuracy and velocity will have NFL scouts drooling over his arm talent. He has no issues fitting the ball in tight spaces and can throw the ball on a frozen rope 50 plus yards down the field with perfect ball placement. He has good mobility in and outside the pocket, and due to his arm strength can still get the ball where it needs to be on the run. 

Herbert has some injury concerns as he has broken both his collarbone and femur. Playing a full season his senior year could help him erase that stigma. He tends to lock onto his receivers at times which he won’t get away with against top defenses. There is a tendency to make questionable decisions when pressured, instead of just throwing the ball out of bounds he may go for a tighter window than he should which leads to some turnovers. 


Arm strength and accuracy are two of Herbert’s best assets and he shows them off the with a bullet for a 35-yard touchdown. 


Herbert shows off his mobility getting out of the pocket and fires a laser into the end zone off balance. Again a great thrower even while on the move.

  1. Trevor Lawrence- Clemson 2021

6’6 215LBS

Trevor Lawrence joined the Clemson Tigers as a five-star prospect per

Trevor Lawrence had one hell of a true freshman season. He started the year as the co-starter with Kelly Bryant. However, after just a couple games he took over as the full-time starter and never looked back. He led the Tigers to a blowout win over Alabama and a very talented defense. Can he do it again? While Lawrence has had a ton of hype on him since high-school, some saying they could tell he has hall of fame talent then. He now leads a top college program to try and repeat which is rarely done in college. While his conference is not very good, he will have some tough match ups at least in the playoffs. 

I mean seriously where do we start with Lawrence. He has the prototypical NFL size and an absolute cannon for an arm, with the accuracy a sharpshooter dreams of. Great decision making in and out of the pocket. He is extremely mobile as well and can hurt you with his legs. He doesn’t lose any accuracy while on the move either. He threw a whopping four interceptions last year. In fact, after being intercepted on his final pass against Boston College on November 10th, Lawrence has completed 171 passes without being intercepted. 

Lawrence’s flaws? Are there any? He looks like Sunshine from Remember the Titans. Well, that’s probably not a flaw. It may be crazy to say but I don’t see anything wrong with Lawrence. Some will say he has so much talent around him it has made him look better, I don’t believe that for one second. I’d like to see him get out of bounds or slide more when running just to make sure he doesn’t take a big hit. I am interested to see how he handles the pressure of getting everyone’s best game this year being the unquestioned number one team this year. 


I love this clip as it shows off his arm strength and ability to throw on the move.  Here, Lawrence boots out to his left and throws a dart to the corner of the end zone.


Lawrence shows off the easy throwing motion and again flashes the arm strength. Easy placement into the stride of his receiver, this kid is something special. 

I hope you enjoyed my breakdown of these Devy/Dynasty quarterback prospects. If you would like to see how I ranked all my college players check out my Devy ranks on Check back soon as I will be releasing my top 10 wide receivers for Devy/Dynasty next. If you have any devy, college football, or dynasty questions you can always hit me up on twitter @SportsfanaticMB

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