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Off-season Impact: Offensive Line

Offensive line play is critical to fantasy player production. Dive into off-season moves by some of the bottom ranked lines in pass/run blocking with @FFB_Vern.

Fantasy Forecast: LA Chargers

Venerable QB Philip Rivers has moved on. Can Austin Ekeler lead the switch to a more run focused offense? @DynastyDadStache gives you the lowdown on a team in transition.

Carolina Panthers’ Reggie Bonnafon: Handcuff Heaven

Jumping way down in ADP for our next Value-Based Players: Teams A-Z installment. @TripleDFFP breaks down Reggie Bonnafon of the Carolina Panthers! Find out why one of the lowest ADPs in the market can be a HUGE value for your team.

Fantasy Forecast: Miami Dolphins

After a shaky 2019 season, the Dolphins made some big moves in the offseason and look to continue to build a possible contender in the future.

Fantasy Forecast: New York Giants

The New York Giants are a team that looks to be on the rise and my have some future dynasty studs on their team. Let’s find out!

Stock Watch: Revisiting the Class of 2019, Quarterback Edition

Stock Watch: Revisiting the Class of 2019, QBs: It’s been a year since the Class of 2019 entered the NFL, so what are their prospects heading into Year Two? In this first part, we look at four quarterbacks and their opportunity to succeed in 2020.

Fantasy Forecast: Detroit Lions

Detroit finished with the 3rd overall pick in 2019. 2020 may be a very different story after the horrendous injuries across the offense last year! This team is on the rise!!

2020 Contract Year Players – Wide Receivers

Continuing with the Contract Year Players series, @FF_MarvinE takes a look at three contract year WRs and evaluates whether you should you buy or sell at their given price point!

Buffalo Bills’ Zack Moss: Big Man, Big Talent

Bills Mafia, you’ll like this one. We’re moving forward with our Value-Based Players: Teams A-Z and covering rookie Zack Moss of the Buffalo Biils! @TripleDFFP dissects his backfield split, Moss’ trade value and his possible ’20 output! Check it out below.

Fantasy Forecast: Washington Redskins

Washington looks to rebuild with a new head coach ad a team with some young talent. @OklahomieDoug walks us through the scary story.

If you’re looking for one of the smartest Devy guys in the game, here he is. Support him and he’ll help you dominate your Devy leagues.

Twitter feed video.If you’re looking for one of the smartest Devy guys in the game, here he is. Support him and he’ll help you dominate your Devy leagues. 

I’m very excited to announce a solo project I’ve been working on for a while, The Devy Database! I’m giving you access to my living/breathing workbook I use for all my player notes through my Patreon. Available on mobile/desktop w/ live updates as I work.

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