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QB Start/Sit: Week 3

Not sure who to start at QB this week? @MikeMeUpP has got you covered with the weekly start / sit article!

Hello Nerds! The DynastyNerds writers are here once again to provide you with your weekly starts and sits. We will be making our recommendations based on weekly consensus rankings from FantasyPros. Here are the cast and the position groups they will be covering to help you win your week. Follow us, friend us, stalk us, whatever floats your boat!

  • QB: Mike Liu (@MikeMeUpP)
  • RB: Erik Kortz (@ekballer)
  • WR: Tristan Cook (@tristancook_)
  • TE: Mychal Warno (@dynastydadmike)
  • FLEX: Tyler Grzegorek (@tyler_grez)

Your boy is here to kick things off with quarterbacks! QBs are important decisions to make week-to-week, especially if you’re streaming. I’ll be covering off both single QB and Superflex formats here by offering some start options beyond the top 12 QBs every week… Without further to do, let’s get it!

Lock, Stock & Smoking Starts of the Week

Kyler Murray vs. Carolina Panthers (Expert Ranking: QB11)
  • -2.5 Panthers with 46.5 O/U → Cardinals 22 Panthers 24.5
  • Week 2 (QB13 – 16.36 Points): 25/40 for 349 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT

My sit of the prior week finds himself as a locked and loaded start for me this week. Despite going on the road against the Ravens, Murray still managed to throw for nearly 350 yards. What held him back is not getting into the endzone and the lack of rushing production. Seriously though, what’s up with that? I thought Kyler was supposed to light up the league with his legs while being a proficient passer as well. I guess that memo got sent to my boy LJax instead. Despite being one of the worst teams in the league, the Cardinals continue to churn out great fantasy assets simply because of their pace of play. Per Pat Thorman, Cardinals run 41% and 72% of their plays out of no-huddle over the first 2 weeks. Murray also leads the league in passing attempts through 2 weeks with 94 while Newton and the Panthers are tied for 2nd at 89. Although that number may decrease with Newton out and Kyle Allen in, the Panthers will still need to keep up with the pace of the Cardinals which might make this a back and forth passing affair. If Murray ever decides to put his legs to use, you’re looking at a potential top 5 upside finish.

Jameis Winston vs. New York Giants (Expert Ranking: QB12)
  • -7 Buccs with 48 O/U → Buccs 27.5 Seahawks 20.5
  • Week 2 (QB21 – 13.2 Points): 16/25 for 208 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT

The thought of putting Winston in your starting lineup right now may make you a bit nauseous. I know. I’ve been there. But hear me out on this one. Winston and the Buccs get to host the New York Football Giants at home. The Giants right now are a bottom of the barrel defense that appears to have given up and has no interest in playing defense. They’ve surrendered 2 top 7 performances in back to back weeks to Dak and Josh Allen. Despite disappointing so far in their first 2 games, the Buccs are still absolutely littered with talent at WR/TE. Jack Rabbit ain’t the shutdown corner he used to be and we all know the Giants can’t defend TEs if their lives depended on it so I’m expecting big games from both Evans and Howard with Godwin sprinkled in. The Buccs D is also much improved from last season under Bowles. The man sucked as a head coach but don’t get it twisted, he can put together a defense. They should be able to give the offense great field position against rookie Danny Dimes who is finally taking over for Eli “Wet Noodle” Manning which will result in more scoring opportunities. I’m expecting 250+ yards passing with 2-3 TDs on the day from Winston.

Philip Rivers vs. Houston Texans (Expert Ranking: QB16)
  • -3 Chargers with 48 O/U → Chargers 25.5 Texans 22.5
  • Week 2 (QB25 – 10.9 Points): 21/36 for 293 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT

It was a rough week for Old Man Rivers last week as he went on the road against the Lions but I’m not holding it against him. The yardage was there but they just weren’t able to convert in the red zone. Contrary to popular belief, the Lions secondary is actually a top 10 unit in the NFL led by one of the NFL’s top corners in Darius Slay who shadowed Keenan Allen all day with an injured Mike Williams largely ineffective. Now with another week to recover, a healthy Allen, Williams, and Ekeler should give the Texans all they can handle at home who just yielded a QB15 finish to Pornstache Minshew. Does Rivers have as much swag as Minshew? No. Can he grow a better pornstache than Minshew? Still no. But what he does have is better weapons and a proven career of being able to get it done through the air. More importantly, he will be going up against the electric DeShaun Watson in what should be a light show. Both sides can put up points so this is a showdown I want in my lineups.

Picture Source: https://sportshub.cbsistatic.com

Bonus: Matt Stafford (consensus QB17) at Philly is a lowkey sneaky good play. Although the Lions are road dogs, this Eagles secondary is one of the worst in the league so I’m not as worried. In week 1, the Eagles surrendered a QB6 finish to career journeyman Case Keenum. As good as Scary Terry has been, the Lions possess more talent on the offensive side of the ball and should be able to take advantage of this swiss cheese defense that consistently gives up big plays. Ronald Darby is just the Oprah of WR donations. My new rule in fantasy – start anyone who is lining up opposite Darby. Kenny G, Marvin Jones, and TJ HockenGAWD should be in for a good day and in turn, so should Stafford. 

Risky Business Sits of the Week

Picture Source: https://s3media.247sports.com
Carson Wentz vs Detroit Lions(Expert Ranking: QB10)
  • -6.5 Eagles with 46 O/U → Eagles 26 Rams 20
  • Week 2 (QB11 – 17.5 Points): 25/43 for 231 passing, 1 TD, 2 INT / 1 rush TD

Is it just me or did Wentz look absolutely awful last week against a very beatable Falcons secondary? Not having his shiny new toy in DJax and his top red zone threat in Jeffrey did help but he was literally out there throwing ducks. I don’t even know who he was trying to throw to on one of those interceptions. Normally, heavy home favorites are chalk for QB starts but something in my gut tells me this is something to avoid. As of the time of writing this article, DJax and Jeffrey are expected to miss another game and as much as I love JJAW as a prospect, I’m not expecting him to light it up in his first game. You already saw some of the miscommunication and lack of connection in the prior game. Also as I mentioned above, the Lions D is no pushover either. I’ll fire up all the Ertz this week but don’t think there are enough weapons around this week making his projected top 10 finish in jeopardy.

Jared Goff @ Cleveland Browns (Expert Ranking: QB14)
  • -3 Rams with 48 O/U → Browns 22.5 Rams 25.5
  • Week 2 (QB8 – 19.1 Points): 19/28 for 283 passing, 1 TD, 0 INT / 1 rush TD

That’s right folks, I’ve done a complete 180 on one of my top starts from last week. Zig when others zag, we’ve got to #FadeThePublic. This week, Goff is going on the road to Cleveland against that talented defensive front led by Myles Garrett which held the Jets to 3 points. Granted the Jets had your soon-to-be local grocery bagger at QB but still, the defense locked down in a hostile environment on the road. And we all know how poorly Goff typically performs when traveling on the road. Honestly, even at home last week, Goff didn’t look great. This isn’t the same prolific offense from years past and in a week with so many options, I’m looking elsewhere.

Baker Mayfield vs. L.A. Rams (Expert Ranking: QB13)
  • -3 Rams with 48 O/U → Browns 22.5 Rams 25.5
  • Week 2 (QB18 – 15 Points): 19/35 for 325 passing, 1 TD, 1 INT 

Baker should remain seated for the second week in a row after another horrible performance against the Jets. He was completely bailed out by an 89 yard TD by OBJ who took a slant to the house. Without that play, Baker would’ve ended the night with 8 points en route to a, *checks notes*, QB29 finish. Not sure what’s going on but this isn’t the same Baker from last season. He looks objectively bad and totally lost out there. Part of it may be the play calling. I mean how many “throw out-of-bounds while rolling right” plays is Freddy going to dial up before tossing it in the trash? That’s on the coaching but Baker isn’t making the right reads and adjustments at the LOS either. He looks like a rookie in his sophomore year and I have no interest in starting him now against the Aaron Donald led Rams pass rush which is a tier above the Jets defense they faced last week. Combined with my sit of the week in Goff above, you can probably guess that I’m going to be betting the under on this game. It feels like easy money to me. Those of you out there expecting a Mahomes/Goff repeat from 2018 might be thoroughly disappointed.

That’s all for this week folks. Follow me @MikeMeUpP and make sure you subscribe to the #NerdHerd for more exclusive content. Don’t forget to tune in next week for more start / sit analysis from your @DynastyNerds writers!

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