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Quick Hits: 3 Big Winners and 3 Big Losers from the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is already effecting the dynasty landscape. @OmalTheAlleyCat details his 3 big winners and 3 losers.

Draft day has come and gone. Like Christmas, we NFL fans look forward to the draft, and before you know it, it’s over. The shockwaves can immediately take effect and shape the league for years to come. So today, I present to you my three big winners and three big losers of the NFL draft.


Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow had the best single-season in college football history. Justin Jefferson was Burrow’s go-to, but if you ask anybody that followed the LSU Tigers in 2019, they would tell you Ja’Marr Chase was the best wide receiver on the team. The duo will reunite thanks to the NFL draft. This will give the former Heisman winner the receiver core of Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd.

Any time your running back benefits the offense will help everything else run smoothly. With a healthy Joe Mixon, an improved offensive line, I expect big things from Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals offense this season.

Mike Davis

Courtesy of Brian Blanco/ AP Photo

One of the most popular RB locations that people speculated would attack the position in the draft was Atlanta. Those experts were wrong. The Falcons looked at Mike Davis and his tree-trunk thighs and saw him as more than serviceable. He has been disrespected since his Seattle days and always part of a committee.

Atlanta might have taken a good long look at their cap space and realized, “You know, maybe RB doesn’t matter.” The volume that is in store for Davis gives him the chance to be the best sleeper back in all draft formats, but the price for acquiring him in a dynasty is more than worth it if you are in “win-now mode.” I expect nothing short of Davis getting tons of work in 2021.

Myles Gaskin

Courtesy of Phelan M. Ebenhack/ AP

Miami might have had the best organization turnover in the last few years. At the least, the Dolphins are turning a new leaf. Someone must have seen Myles Gaskin was more than solid last year(or perhaps people should be higher on Salvon Ahmed). Regardless, Myles will have all the opportunities in the world in 2021. Miles is a fast and shifty RB that can fall into RB2 territory. If I had to choose who I would prefer in 2021 between Gaskin and Davis, it would be Davis and that has nothing to do with the price. That does not mean Gaskin isn’t absolutely a draft winner.


Jimmy Garoppollo

Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Had Jimmy G connected a deep pass in the Super Bowl to Emmanuel Sanders, his entire career wouldn’t be nearly as bleak as it is now. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world of pixie dust and fairy tales. Life is brutal sometimes. Kyle Shanahan doesn’t even know who will be alive on Sunday, but I’m pretty sure we know who is the quarterback of the future.

With the third pick of the NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers selected Trey Lance. There is a chance San Fran goes with the dated mindset of not letting the kid start right out the gate. I do not believe this for a second. I see the 49ers going with the kid from day one. There is also the very realistic chance Jimmy gets cut. This would be highly rash, but the National Football League is unforgiving eventually to everyone not named Tom Brady.

John Elway

Courtesy of David Zalubowski/ Associated Press

It isn’t every day that you get to say a two-time Super Bowl winner as a quarterback and a Super Bowl champion as a General Manager is a loser. As I’ve been hearing for over a year now, these are strange times. In the case of Elway, I will make an exception. If Peyton Manning didn’t go to Denver a few years back, I’m more than confident Elway would be without a job by now. Well, that’s an exaggeration. I’m sure he would be selling tires in a local Denver car commercial. It is John bleeping Elway after all.

Regardless when he stared down Justin Fields, who was available when the Broncos were on the clock, and said, “Nah fam,” there was no telling me he didn’t make one of the worst decisions of his life. Some guys have “It”. Fields absolutely has “It”. Maybe Drew Lock gets it together and is decent enough to warrant another contract, but Fields has a chance at multiple Pro Bowls. Get it together Elway!

Jamison Crowder

Courtesy of Sarah Stier/ Getty Images

Poor Jamison. The guy was more than serviceable last season for the Jets. With Sam Darnold or Joe Flacco at the helm, Crowder didn’t have much to work with in terms of quarterback talent (sorry for the shot Flacco, you’re still my guy). The Jets signed Corey Davis this offseason. Then for about a day, Crowder got to appreciate his new QB, Zach Wilson. Then the Jets selected Elijah Moore in the 2nd round. The Jets all but laid out the groundwork for their plans with that pick.

Crowder is one of the top-cut candidates, but he will have more receivers to battle with than just Denzel Mims or Braxton Berrios even if he survives cuts. I am rooting for Crowder to improve his situation, but his future with the Jets is bleak.

Trust the Alley Cat

Opinions in the fantasy landscape are more common than clouds on a gray day. We all have them if we play this amazing game. It’s when you roll with your gut that you will more than often prosper if you have the right process to back it up. Let me be your process and get you through these head-scratching times. No need to overthink and overanalyze. Sometimes it is as easy as saying a Hall of Fame quarterback is a loser. Trust your boy. These winners and losers may as well be set in stone. Take them to the bank and tell them Mike O sent you.

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