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The Takeaway - Week 2


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This week was about as frustrating as week 1, but we now have a better idea of who was just a week 1 bust and who are really starting to trend in a negative way.  I will cover notable players from each team as well as players requested by members of our Facebook group.  You can find them by team, in alphabetical order.




Mike Glennon: 301 Yards, 1 TD, 2 INT, 1 Lost Fumble
Glennon did the ol’ Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde impression in week 1 & 2.  I really thought he looked decent in week 1 and possibly an option if you play in a 2 QB league or as a possible matchup QB on bye weeks or if you are a QB streamer.

I was wrong.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Week 3 could possible be the last start for Glennon. With the Steelers next up on the schedule, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Trubisky in the second half. If I am being completely honest, this isn’t entirely Glennon’s fault as the Bears are completely devoid of offensive weapons.

Jordan Howard: 9 Carries, 7 Yards
The line speaks for itself. This isn’t what you are looking for out of a guy that was suppose to be a top 12 back.

My Week 2 Takeaway:  I was pretty sure that he was going to lose a lot of play in the passing game, but didn’t expect him to catch 0 passes. He also has a shoulder injury and is rumored to be in jeopardy of missing week 3. I am not really worried about his long term value at this point, but the short term is murky.

Tarik Cohen: 7 Carries, 13 Yards, 8 Rec, 55 Yards, 1 Fumble (Punt Return)
The Bears backfield was putrid in yards per carry, but Cohen caught another 8 passes for 55 yards.

My Week 2 Takeaway: This was a terrible day for Chicago’s running game, so I am not too worried about the YPC. This is clearly a RB to own in PPR leagues. He will continue to get 6-8 receptions in this offense until WR’s step up.

Kendall Wright: 7 Rec, 69 Yards
Kendall’s line doesn’t look bad from a PPR sense, but if you watched the game you saw him drop numerous balls.  He isn’t the guy you want as your #1 WR.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He is likely to get peppered with targets, so he may be playable week-to-week as a FLEX or bye week stop gap, but I wouldn’t be targeting him.

Josh Bellamy: 4 Rec, 51 Yards
I honestly expected more from Bellamy as the guy that was pegged as the Kevin White replacement.  Glennon was bad, so his lines might get better.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He is not meant to be a #1 WR, but nobody expected the sorely missed Cameron Meredith to be a viable option either. I have picked him up in a couple spots, but I am not expecting all that much.

Deonte Thompson: 4 Rec, 57 Yards, 1 TD
In “The Takeaway – Week 1” I said that, “the only guy with enough upside to target at the moment is Thompson.  He is a speed freak and the best option for big plays.”  I still believe that to be true.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Deonte Thompson is one of my favorite dynasty targets at WR right now.  He is not really expensive, but offers a lot of upside.  Once Trubisky takes over, I see Thompson as the front runner to be his favorite target.

Zach Miller: 6 Rec, 42 Yards
Watching this game, it was easy to see that Miller was the best and most consistent option in the passing game.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Outside of Miller, the Bears don’t have any true red zone targets.  The only competition he may have in this regard is Dion Sims, but I really don’t expect that.  The only other issue, is the ineffectiveness of the Chicago offense.  I like as a buy low.




Andy Dalton: 224 Yards
I chalked the whole Bengals ineffectiveness in week 1 up to the putrid start by Andy Dalton.

Week 2 was more of the same and this is beginning to become very worrisome.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I would be willing to start Dalton in week 3, but only for the fact that he will have to throw a ton to keep up with a pissed off Aaron Rodgers offense and the Bengals just replaced their OC.  Garbage time might be his friend in week 3.  Hopefully, for the sake of AJ Green owners, that jumpstarts this offense.

Joe Mixon: 9 Carries, 36 Yards, 1 REC, 36 Yards

Joe Mixon hasn’t had stats in the first 2 weeks, but he did lead the backfield in carries.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He is the best back in this offense easily.  I am betting on the new OC getting him more involved.  I am not sure he will be a viable option for you this year, with terrible QB play and a bad offensive line, but I am still trying to buy him up for the long term.

AJ Green: 5 REC, 67 Yards
He got the offensive coordinator fired after voicing his displeasure in not being more involved.

My Week 2 Takeaway: A week 3 matchup with the Packers could be a perfect set up for an AJ Green breakout in 2017.  Garbage time and the Packers struggle with big receivers combine for the perfect recipe for a big game.

Tyler Eifert: 3 REC, 42 Yards
Eifert was also injured in this game, we should be used to this by now.

My Week 2 Takeaway: TE injures are mounting up, so hopefully Eifert can find the field in week 3.  He is important to this offense.  With Eifert, defenses have to concentrate on someone other than AJ Green in the red zone.  He would be sorely missed.  If you are an owner, you can’t sell.  His price would be too low for his talent level, but if you don’t have any viable options at TE, you may want to look at Tyler Kroft for week 3 in case Eifert misses.


Tyrod Taylor: 125 Pass Yards, 55 Rush Yards
The passing game was in disarray.  I don’t know what else to say.

My Week 2 Takeaway: After week 1 I said, “Tyrod won’t have the yards week-to-week, but his legs will help even that out.  I honestly want no part of Tyrod as I don’t think the Bills want any part of Tyrod.”


Shady McCoy: 12 Carries, 9 Yards, 6 Rec, 34 Yards
What.  The.  F%$K???

My Week 2 Takeaway: Talk about a defense zeroing in on someone.  It is obvious that taking McCoy out of the game means that the Bills have no offense.  The lines won’t be this bad very often, but if other players don’t step up, it will be tough for McCoy to get the job done.

Jordan Matthews: 3 Rec, 30 Yards
Very uninspiring.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Matthews will be a low floor, low ceiling play week-to-week.  If you can find a taker at any point, I would move on.  Between his limited skill and limitations of the offense, I want no part of Matthews.

Zay Jones: 2 Rec, 18 Yards
Bills fans have already turned on him after a huge drop.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Young athletes can lose their confidence in an instant.  I like Zay Jones long term, despite the horrific offense he is in, but I hope the game losing drop doesn’t haunt him.  I hope they get him involved early & often in week 3, but as of now, he is a buy low option.

Charles Clay: 3 Rec, 23 Yards
Outside of McCoy, this guy has the most receptions on the team.

My Week 2 Takeaway: “There will be a week when Taylor and the Bills offense implodes.  I would then throw out offers to Clay owners.”  That was my week 1 takeaway. If you are a contender and need depth at TE, throw out an offer.



Trevor Siemian: 231 Yards, 4 TD, 1 INT, 5 Carries, 14 Yards, 1 Lost Fumble
Semian looked good once again.  He hasn’t had the huge yardage games, but the Broncos haven’t been trailing either.

My Week 2 Takeaway: After 2 games in which the Broncos were mostly in control, Siemian has thrown for 450 yards, 6 TD, 2 INT, 33 Rush Yards, 1 TD and 1 lost fumble.  It is possible that turnovers could mount up as the Broncos play more close games, but the yardage likely would too.  Siemian could be a better option for owners of Dalton, Palmer, Manning & Bortles at this point.

CJ Anderson: 25 Carries, 118 Yards, 1 TD, 3 Rec, 36 Yards, 1 TD
Once again, healthy CJ looked like a bowling ball.

My Week 2 Takeaway: After week 1 I said, “As long as Anderson stays healthy, he is likely to have these nights, with touchdowns sprinkled in.”  He sprinkled in some week 2 TD’s. If you got him cheap in the offseason, great for you.  I am still not convinced he will stay on the field, so I see no problem with selling high, but if you got him cheap, why not ride it out?

Jamaal Charles: 9 Carries, 46 Yards, 1 REC, 6 Yards
Charles is averaging 4.5 yards per carry on 19 carries this season.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Buy him low.  Stash him.  As I said, I am not confident in CJ’s ability to stay on the field.  In the event that he would miss time, Charles could become a viable RB option.

Demaryius Thomas: 6 Rec, 71 Yards
This line would have looked better with a TD in there, but furthers my notion that Thomas is being grossly undervalued at the moment.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Once again, his price tag isn’t going up.  Get your offers in now before he has his big game.

Emmanuel Sanders: 6 Rec, 62 Yards, 2 TD
He was underwhelming in week 1, but this was a huge bounce back.

My Week 2 Takeaway:  After week 1 I wrote, “Siemian only completed 17 total passes, so the lack of receptions doesn’t worry me much with 7 different receivers catching passes.  If you saw the play where he ran from sideline to sideline to grab 10 yards, you know he still has it.”

If Siemian continues to play well, Sanders could have serious value.  While, asking prices probably jumped higher than I would pay in dynasty after week 2, flag and wait for the right time to pounce.



DeShone Kizer: 182 Yards, 3 INT, 37 Rush Yards

At one point, Kizer left this game with a migraine and later returned.  This tells me two things.  1. Don’t read too much into this line.
2. This is one tough mothertrucker.  If you have ever experienced a migraine, you know the last thing you would want to do is go outside.  Going outside to play football is on a whole other level.  No thank you.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I like his toughness and upside.  I am not reading too much into this line as he was playing a solid defense, with a migraine, in only his second start.

Isaiah Crowell: 10 Carries, 37 Yards
Another underwhelming stat line by Crowell.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He opened up with two tougher defenses.  So I think this is a perfect opportunity to buy low going into a matchup with the Colts.

Duke Johnson: 4 Carries, 21 Yards, 3 Rec, 59 Yards
Get this man involved.

My Week 2 Takeaway: It may just be that I am a Duke Johnson truther, but I have never understood why they haven’t gotten him more involved.  He is another guy that I would buy low & stash for long term just in case the Browns, or another team learn to utilize in the future.

Corey Coleman: 1 Rec, 9 Yards, 1 Injury
The verdict is a broken right hand, the same one he broke in a 2016 practice.  This is a tough blow for the second year Coleman.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I haven’t heard a solid time table on how long Coleman will be out after his surgery, but if you have roster space, this may be a good time to buy really low and stash.

Rashard Higgins: 7 Rec, 95 Yards
Became the go to man in week two after Coleman’s injury.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Obvious PPR value here if you are looking for someone that could be on your waiver wire.  The Browns will continue to throw and with Coleman out, Higgins could carve out a role that remains in tact even when CC returns.

Kenny Britt: 1 Rec, 2 Yards
Somehow his stat line was worse in week 2 than week 1.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Move on.

Josh Gordon: 1 Rehab Stint Near Completion
Gordon will be leaving rehab on September 21st and will likely go straight to apply for reinstatement.  We don’t know what would happen with him and the Browns, but the guy is still only 26 years old and recent pictures show him in great shape.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I saw what he did in 2013 and haven’t been able to bring myself to drop him because of that.  The slight glimpse we seen in preseason in 2016 proved that he still had skills.  If the NFL denies him again, I will be forced to finally move on.

David Njoku: 3 Rec, 27 Yards, 1 TD
He is getting involved early and that is a positive sign.

My Week 2 Takeaway: The yardage isn’t there, but I am not really worried about 2017 anyways.  The fact that the Browns are getting him involved is a great sign for his long term value.

Seth Devalve: 2 Rec, 61 Yards
Could the Browns have two TE threats long term?

My Week 2 Takeaway: In just his 2nd season, Seth DeValve is becoming a threat in the Browns offense.  His shares are almost free at the moment, so stash if you need youth depth at the TE position.



Jameis Winston: 204 Yards, 1 TD, 3 Rush Yards
The Bucs never needed him in the passing game.

My Week 2 Takeaway: The Bucs were in control from pregame warm-ups.  His lines will get much better.

Jacquizz Rodgers: 19 Carries, 67 Yards, 1 TD
The Bears didn’t give Rodgers much room, but he was still overshadowed a bit.

My Week 2 Takeaway: His long term outlook doesn’t look promising.  Peyton Barber was more effective and Doug Martin will return in a few weeks.  Sell now.

Peyton Barber: 10 Carries, 47 Yards
More effective that Rodgers minus the TD.

My Week 2 Takeaway: This running game is up in the air, so Barber is one to keep an eye on.

Mike Evans: 7 Rec, 93 Yards, 1 TD
This would have been a HUGE line if the Bears were competitive.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Mike Evans is my #1 dynasty WR.  He will have a huge year as long as the Bucs don’t make a living on murdering their opponents like they did to the Bears.

Desean Jackson: 3 Rec, 39 Yards
DJax will have solid numbers in this offense.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Once again, game script took DJax out.  You might be able to buy him right now and reap big rewards later.

OJ Howard & Cameron Brate: 1 Rec, 17 Yards & 2 Rec, 24 Yards
Neither were heavily utilized.  We will have to wait and see what happens when the Bucs passing game is more heavily relied upon.

My Week 2 Takeaway: OJ is definitely the dynasty TE to own.  We will have to wait and see who is the TE to own in 2017, though I think it will be Brate.



“Give us Luck back and then we will talk.  In the meantime, buy up cheap shares of Hilton and Marlon Mack.”  That was my weak one takeaway on the entire Colts team.
Jacoby Brissett: 216 Yards, 1 INT, 22 Rush Yards
He did more for the offense than that other guy.  He is still just a stop gap for Andrew Lucks return, but when will that be?

My Week 2 Takeaway: He only warrants a roster spot if you are desperate at QB or have really deep rosters.  That may change if we find out that the Colts plan on shelving Luck for most of this season.

Frank Gore: 14 Carries, 46 Yards, 1 TD
He got over half the carries and despite not averaging 4 YPC still looked like the best RB the Colts have.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I am still not convinced that the hapless Colts won’t give Marlon Mack this his job in the second half, just to see what they have got going into 2018.  I would be selling Gore if I had any shares.

Marlon Mack: 6 Carries, -3 Yards, 1 Rec, 11 Yards
7 touches for 8 yards isn’t an inspiring line from the rookie running back.

My Week 2 Takeaway: This may be the perfect time to buy as I believe that the Colts will look to give him a larger role as the weeks move on. If Luck returns, it will open up the running game more and Mack could play a large fantasy roll down the stretch and into the future.

T.Y. Hilton: 4 Rec, 49 Yards
He just needs a little Luck.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Hilton is at the top of my buy low list. If Luck returns this year, he could win you a championship. If not, you will still get value in the long term. It is definitely not his talent you have to worry about.

Jack Doyle: 8 Rec, 79 Yards
He is the security blanket for Brissett.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I like Doyle’s value even with Brissett at QB.  He is obviously leaning on him and Luck it won’t be much different when Luck returns.


Carson Palmer: 332 Yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
The yardage was there, but this was in no way a pretty effort.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I thought if Palmer was going to bounce back, the Colts were a good matchup.  That didn’t happen.  I would be leaning towards not starting him, but after the game Siemian just put up on the Cowboys in week 2, I am not opposed to starting him at home against the Cowboys on Monday night.

David Johnson: I.R.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Now that we know that Johnson will be out until Christmas at the earliest, I would send out offers to desperate contenders.

Kerwynn Williams: 9 Carries, 22 Yards
He did not take advantage of his opportunity.

My Week 2 Takeaway: You can’t sell him. You might not even be able to drop him. But you can’t start him at this point. It is possible he could still become valuable as he is battling with Chris Johnson & Andre Ellington.  I would hold until this shakes out a bit more, but I wouldn’t blame you for dropping him if you need help right away.

Chris Johnson: 11 Carries, 44 Yards
A cool 4 yards per carry for a guy just signed off the street.

My Week 2 Takeaway: After week 2, I wouldn’t be surprised if Johnson got 16-20 carries in week 3.  The Cardinals trust him and he could become a viable FLEX/bye week fill in.  He could also be released in 3 weeks.

Larry Fitzgerald: 3 Rec, 21 Yards
After a decent week 1, Fitz is almost non existent.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Now is the perfect time to buy low on Fitz if you are contending.  With Palmer looking terrible and a 5pt PPR week in the bag, you will probably be able to get him for pennies on the dollar.

John Brown: OUT
Brown may have lost his starting job as the WR2 in AZ.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I had him as a buy low target in week 1, but the sickle cell issue is rearing it’s ugly head.  Couple that with JJ Nelson’s huge week 2 and I am tempering my expectations that John Brown will ever be a reliable option.

J.J. Nelson: 5 Rec, 120 Yards, 1 TD
Could J.J. be the new WR1 in AZ?

My Week 2 Takeaway: My week 1 Takeaway was, “I am not convinced this will be the production to expect out of Nelson.  Stay tuned.”  Well, I tuned in and I am not sure that an aging Fitz can hold off Nelson as the #1 option in this offense.  I missed the buy low window here.  I am sorry.



Philip Rivers: 331 Yards, 1 TD
More of the same from Philip Rivers.

My Week 2 Takeaway: One of my top QB targets, Rivers and this offense will only improve as the season moves along.

Melvin Gordon: 9 Carries, 13 Yards, 1TD, 7 Rec, 65 Yards
Gordon’s owners are lucky for volume in the passing game.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Gordon is averaging a poor 2.5 yards per carry so far in 2017.  While that will improve, the volume will continue to be there for Gordon both in the running & passing games.  My confidence in him as a fantasy player is much higher than as an actual NFL running back.

Keenan Allen:  9 Rec, 90 Yards
My week 1 assessment stays the same.  Please stay healthy.

My Week 2 Takeaway: 2 Games, 14 Rec, 135 Yards, 1 TD.  If he stays healthy, he will be a top 12 PPR receiver in 2017 and beyond.

Tyrell Williams: 4 Rec, 54 Yards
The numbers haven’t blown us away yet, but Williams is still the #2 WR in the Chargers offense.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He is going to see many better days.  The early numbers haven’t blown anybody away, so his value may still be reasonable enough to buy if you are contending in 2017.

Hunter Henry: 7 Rec, 80 Yards
He wasn’t going to get shut out two weeks in a row.

My Week 2 Takeaway: “We will wait until next week to get a Henry takeaway.”  Now that it is next week, we can get a takeaway on Hunter Henry.  Now that Gates has his record, Henry will be the go-to TE here.  While Gates may vulture from time to time in 2017, Henry will have a chance to be a top 6 TE and possibly better with injuries mounting up at the position.



Alex Smith: 251 Yards, 1 TD, 21 Rush Yards
Back to the normal Alex Smith!

My Week 2 Takeaway: He didn’t get those week 1 numbers, but he is still a viable QB2.  With Hunt, Hill and Kelce to lean on, I feel he will be one of the most consistent QB’s out there.  It’s just unlikely that he ever has the gaudy week 1 numbers again.

Kareem Hunt: 13 Carries, 81 Yards, 2 TD, 3 Rec, 28 Yards,
Man was I ever getting hate texts after his slow start.  Quit overreacting guys.  Hunt is legit.

My Week 2 Takeaway: RB1.  Get used to it.

Tyreek Hill: 4 Rec, 43 Yards, 1 Carries, 6 Yards
At some point, his game streak with a 60+ yard TD had to come to an end.  See you next week Tyreek.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I believe this is about his floor week-in & week-out.

Travis Kelce: 8 Rec, 103 Yards, 1 TD
He felt left out in week 1.  He was the man in week 2.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Right now, Kelce is my #1 dynasty TE.  All the upside without the extensive injury history.



Dak Prescott: 238 Yards, 2 TD, 2 INT, 24 Rushing Yards

He can’t be effective when his running backs rush for 16 yards combined.

My Week 2 Takeaway: The rushing game is very important to Dak and the Broncos completely took it away.

Zeke Elliott: 9 Carries, 8 Yards, 4 Rec, 14 Yards
Throw on your favorite belly shirt, Zeke went on vacation.

My Week 2 Takeaway: It is the first terrible week by Elliott and I do not expect it to happen again, but all the talk is about his lack of effort.  Dez & Co. will have to nip that in it’s tail if it is true and not media created.

Dez Bryant: 7 Rec, 59 Yards, 1 TD
We asked him to pick it up after week 1 and he did just that.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Dez is still one of the most talented WR out there.  The Cowboys need him involved for the offense to be at full potential.  I am have no qualms with inquiring, though he would have been cheaper after week 1.

Terrance Williams: 4 Rec, 17 Yards

My Week 2 Takeaway: “Has any WR is recent memory been as hard to figure out as Terrance Williams?  One day, he looks like a legit number 2 and then other months he doesn’t exist. He and Prescott may have Rapport now. Or it may be an aberration. Stay tuned.”


Jason Witten: 10 Rec, 97 Yards, 1 TD
Safety Valve.

My Week 2 Takeaway: If you need consistency at TE, Witten is the man you should be targeting.



Jay Cutler: 230 Yards, 1 TD, -1 Rush Yards
Solid debut for Cutler.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He is who he has always been.  He has the talent, but will turn it over more than you’d like.  He will throw some TD’s in this offense when the pass game is being more heavily relied on.  Buy low target.

Jay Ajayi: 28 Carries, 122 Yards, 2 Rec, 4 Yards
Volume.  Volume.  Volume.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He will get the volume, but I can’t buy in knowing his knee is one hit from exploding.  It may come back to bite me though.  Do what you will, I am still staying away.

Jarvis Landry: 13 Rec, 78 Yards, 1 Carries, -7 Yards
If you were worried about him in PPR formats, get over it.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Just because Cutler will look for Parker, doesn’t mean he won’t target Landry even more.  Parker is his big play machine and Landry is his security blanket.  You should have bought him up.

DeVante Parker: 4 Rec, 85 Yards
He is going to be a big play threat with Cutler at the helm.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He is a guy that I think you will be able to flip after the season for a huge haul.  His value will drop if Tannehill comes back to be the starting QB.

Kenny Stills: 2 Rec, 37 Yards, 1 TD
This is Kenny Stills being Kenny Stills.

My Week 2 Takeaway: The notorious TD vulture will be an inconsistent play.  Use him more on Draft Kings than your weekly lineups.

Julius Thomas: 3 Rec, 26 Yards
He will get more involved.

My Week 2 Takeaway: TE starving owners should be targeting the very cheap Julius Thomas.  Cutler loves his TE’s and I believe Thomas is the perfect low-risk, high-reward target.




Carson Wentz: 333 Pass Yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 55 Rush Yards
Wentz looks like a weekly 300+ yard, 2 TD threat.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Wentz could be breaking into QB1 territory.

LeGarrette Blount: 0 Touches
And 0 shits given about your fantasy team.

My Week 2 Takeaway: And it looks like the Eagles are moving on.  So should you.

Alshon Jeffery: 7 Rec, 92 Yards
And this is the Alshon I expected when he went to Philly.

My Week 2 Takeaway: WR1 upside without the WR1 price tag.  Get him now before those two things even out.

Nelson Agholor: 1 Rec, 9 Yards, 1 TD
Back to earth.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I wasn’t convinced that week 1 would be the norm for Agholor but he secured another TD which raises confidence in his ability to be a scoring threat in this offense.

Zach Ertz: 5 Rec, 97 Yards
Ertz is finding consistency.

My Week 2 Takeaway: With injuries mounting up, Ertz is a quickly rising up my TE ranks.  You likely can’t buy and if you have him, you likely got him for a fraction of the cost that others paid for top TE’s.



Matt Ryan: 252 Yards, 1 TD, 8 Rushing Yards
Started fast, but with the Falcons in charge the whole game, the numbers tapered off.

My Week 2 Takeaway: No change of thought towards Matty Ice.

Devonta Freeman: 19 Carries, 84 Yards, 2 TD, 2 Rec, 16 Yards
Bounce back week for Freeman.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I am selling Freeman all day.  For some reason, I just can’t get on the bandwagon.

Tevin Coleman: 6 Carries, 42 Yards, 2 Rec, 3 Yards, 1 TD
Another bounce back week for an ATL running back.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Coleman still intrigues me.  I wish he had an opportunity as a 3-down back.  Maybe next year?

Julio Jones: 5 Rec, 108 Yards
TD’s are coming next.

My Week 2 Takeaway: On to week 3.

Austin Hooper: 2 Rec, 7 Yards
Back to earth.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Hooper will likely be boom or bust in 2017, but I still say buy him if you are looking for a high upside stash at TE.




Eli Manning: 239 Yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
Still not good.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Giants still need to find a new QB.  A healthy OBJ will help, but will it be enough?

Paul Perkins: 7 Carries, 10 Yards, 2 Rec, 12 Yards
Not good.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Giants still need to find a new RB.

Shane Vereen: 6 Carries, 28 Yards, 3 Rec, 27 Yards
The best of the worst.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Right now Vereen is the only Giants running back that you can even consider putting in your lineup.  You can’t even do that in non-PPR formats.  Can he stay healthy?  If so, he will likely earn a larger share of carries.

Odell Beckham Jr.: 4 Rec, 36 Yards
Get healthy sir.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Health is the only concern.  You could try to buy low, but it probably won’t happen.

Sterling Shepard: 2 Rec, 23 Yards, 2 Carry, 7 Yards
I like Shepard a lot, but this offense needs to improve.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He was grossly underutilized in this game.  Eli missed him a number of times and took sacks instead.

Brandon Marshall: 1 Rec, 17 Yards
Not good.

My Week 2 Takeaway: 2 weeks and 2 catches and a whole lot of drops.  Don’t put him in your lineups until things change.  I don’t think they will.

Evan Engram: 4 Rec, 49 Yards, 1TD
Will Engram be the 2nd weapon in this offense?

My Week 2 Takeaway: Give me all the Engram shares.  And Giants, please replace Eli.



Blake Bortles: 223 Yards, 1 TD. 2 INT
Thank you garbage time.

My Week 2 Takeaway: The Jags really need to think about moving on.  His week 3 line against the Ravens will likely resemble this one.  More INT’s than TD’s and under 250 yards passing.

Leonard Fournette: 14 Carries, 40 Yards, 1 TD, 2 Rec, 21 Yards
His yards per carry still isn’t great, but the volume is undoubtedly going to be there.

My Week 2 Takeaway: The struggles by Bortles won’t make it easy on Fournette, but as long as the volume is there, he will be fine.  I still like his long-term value more than his short term.  I love seeing him active as a pass catcher too.

Allen Hurns: 6 Rec, 82 Yards, 1 TD
Thank you Hurns.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I said the following after week 1, “I have always liked Allen Hurns.  I was really discouraged with all the talk this offseason.  With Dede Westbrook already on IR, the new ARob injury and Marqise Lee being consistently injured, Hurns could have a big year.  He is still really cheap, I would buy.”  I still believe Hurns is the WR to own here and possibly beyond 2017.  If ARob leaves, Hurns could be the #1 for a couple years.

Marqise Lee: 7 Rec, 76 Yards
Lee has a nice PPR day.

My Week 2 Takeaway: The only thing that deters me from buying in on Lee is that he has been more consistently injured than he has been on the field.



Matt Forte: 9 Carries, 53 Yards, 4 Rec, 38 Yards
He is not really inspiring, but could find his way back to RB2 status in PPR formats.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Powell is hot trash and I don’t think Forte is anything to write home about, but he and McCown have some history together.  It may be enough to breathe a little bit of life back into Forte.  You can get him dirt cheap and he could add some depth to your roster.

Elijah McGuire: 6 Carries, 29 Yards, 1 Rec, 7 Yards
This is the guy I really want to own on the Jets.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I look at him the same way I look at Marlon Mack.  Veteran in front of him, but at some point their teams will look to see what the future holds.

Jermaine Kearse: 4 Rec, 64 Yards, 2 TD
Big day for Kearse.

My Week 2 Takeaway: After 2 weeks I feel a lot safer viewing Kearse as the #1 WR in the #1 garbage time offense. If you are rebuilding and have Kearse on your roster, you should be able to get some good value mid-season for a guy that probably won’t be a #1 WR after this season.



Matt Stafford: 122 Pass Yards, 2TD, 23 Rush Yards, 1 Fumble Lost
We will never see this few passing yards from Stafford again.

My Week 2 Takeaway: The Giants defense is tough and was in his face quite a bit, but Stafford will bounce back next week in what I expect to be the highest scoring game of the week.

Theo Riddick: 9 Carries, 20 Yards, 3 Rec, 17 Yards
This was not your typical game by Riddick.  What’s worse is below.

My Week 2 Takeaway: All guys get bad weeks right?  Riddick picked the worst time to have a bad week.  We will have to keep an eye on this situation.

Ameer Abdullah: 17 Carries, 86 Yards
Was this really Abdullah?

My Week 2 Takeaway: I have never been a fan, but AA threatened to get the first Lions 100 yard rushing game since like 2012 in this one.  Still need to see it more consistently.

Dwayne Washington: 3 Carries, 9 Yards
I expected more play for Washington.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Detroit just seems to be infatuated with Abdullah and that did not bode well for Washington in week 2.  Stash him and wait for Abdullah to miss time.

Golden Tate: 4 Rec, 25 Yards
Quite day for Tate.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Don’t worry about this game.  This will not happen often.

Marvin Jones Jr.: 1 Rec, 27 Yards, 1 TD
Similar line to week 1.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Marvin Jones is one of my favorite targets right now.  While everyone else is on Tate and Golladay, I am trying to get cheap shares of Jones Jr.  This offense will be explosive more often than not.

Kenny Golladay: 1 Rec, 8 Yards

He will be inconsistent in 2017.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He will get opportunities in this offense, but you will also have weeks like this.  Don’t buy after his 2 TD weeks, buy on weeks like this.

Eric Ebron: 5 Rec, 42 Yards, 1 TD
This is what we expected from Ebron.  Will it become a regularity?

My Week 2 Takeaway: I said last week that I was moving on.  This week makes me eat my words a little, but I need to see this with semi regularity before I start buying into Ebron.



Aaron Rodgers: 343 Yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 1 Fumble Lost, 8 Rushing Yards
Not often we see Rodgers in garbage time.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Who do you want more than Aaron Rodgers?

Ty Montgomery: 10 Carries, 35 Yards, 1 TD, 6 Rec, 75 Yards, 1 TD
Can we expect this production if the Packers aren’t way behind?

My Week 2 Takeaway: He hasn’t averaged more than 3.5 YPC in the first 2 games, but in PPR formats, his work as a pass catcher is immense.  Can he hold off Jamaal Williams for carries though?  I am torn on Montgomery.  Price is a little steep for me.

Jordy Nelson: INJURED
Quad injury, no timetable yet.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He has always been a risk for injury and at his age this quad injury could flush his dynasty value down the drain.  We will have to wait for the full prognosis.

Randall Cobb: 6 Rec, 60 Yards, 1 Injury
Right when we think he is back, he gets injured.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Hopefully his shoulder injury isn’t serious.  With Jordy out, Cobb could find WR2 value again.

Davante Adams: 8 Rec, 99 Yards, 1 TD
I said I needed him to pick it up after week 1.  He picked it up in Jordy’s absence.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Adams could quickly become a WR1 option if Nelson misses extended time.

Martellus Bennett: 5 Rec, 47 Yards

He could be trending into high TE1 status if Cobb and Nelson miss extended time.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Last week I said he may be a more valuable blocker than receiver on this team.  With the pre-mentioned injuries, that could quickly change.  If you are riddled by TE injuries like many, Bennett may be the buy you need.



Cam Newton: 228 Yards, 27 Yards Rushing
Are his days as a QB1 coming to an end?

My Week 2 Takeaway: This team is built to run and I just don’t see him getting the numbers to warrant a QB1 price.  I wouldn’t pay it right now and that is what sellers would ask for.  I think he is tough to buy and harder to sell at his current value.
Jonathan Stewart: 15 Carries, 40 Yards
Still getting the volume.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He will be even cheaper than he was last week and I still see the volume making him a high floor option as a RB2.

Christian McCaffrey: 8 Carries, 10 Yards, 4 Rec, 34 Yards

He will have to do more than he has in his first two weeks to get me excited.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I just can’t see him being more than a Theo Riddick type PPR back.  He was off my rookie draft board at his price and though it is only two weeks, I am very happy with that.

Kelvin Benjamin: 6 Rec, 77 Yards
He will get volume, but will this offense move the ball enough to get him the red zone looks he needs?

My Week 2 Takeaway: The volume will be there, but Kelvin needs his TD’s to warrant his asking price.  He may still be a buy low option for a contender that needs depth, but don’t pay more than WR3 value.

Greg Olsen: 1 Receptions, 10 Yards, Broken Foot
He is going to miss extended time.

My Week 2 Takeaway: This is a BIG hit to this offense and hurts everyone’s value.




Tom Brady: 447 Yards, 3 TD
A pissed off Tom Brady is one dangerous S-O-B.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He looked old in week 1.  Young in week 2.  This was the same Saints DEF that Sam Bradford looked phenomenal against in week 1, so the week 3 matchup vs. Houston may give us a better idea of where Brady is at.

Mike Gillislee: 18 Carries, 69 Yards, 1 TD
Back to earth Gillislee.

My Week 2 Takeaway: As long as the offense gets stopped inside the 5, he will have value.  I am still looking to sell high.

James White: 2 Carries, 11 Yards, 8 Rec, 85 Yards
White lead the Patriots in receptions.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I still think White has the highest week-to-week floor out of the Patriots backfield and may end up being a RB2 in PPR formats when it is all said and done.

Rex Burkhead: 2 Carries, 3 Yards, 3 Rec, 41 Yards, 1 TD, 1 Injury
Fun Fact: After his receiving TD in week 2, he had the most recent receiving TD’s for both the Patriots & Bengals.

My Week 2 Takeaway: It is unlikely that we get an honest report about his ribs.  Until then, there isn’t much to say.

Brandin Cooks: 2 Rec, 37 Yards, 2 Carries, 6 Yards

Perfect example that Tom Brady doesn’t give a damn who you are.

My Week 2 Takeaway: We all expected more from Cooks on a night that Tom Brady threw for 447 yards.  Like any other time, figuring out week-to-week production on the Patriots team is nearly impossible.

Chris Hogan: 5 Rec, 78 Yards, 1 TD
With Amendola out, Hogan became more involved.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Just like Cooks, Hogan will be a mystery week-to-week.  The only pass catchers I love owning in this offense are the slot guy and the TE.

Philip Dorsett: 3 Rec, 68 Yards

My Week 2 Takeaway: Buy Dorsett now!  Amendola is so fragile and this slot role is one of the most valuable in football. Dorsett and Brady could be a match made in heaven.

Rob Gronkowski: 6 Rec, 116 Yards, 1TD, 1 Injury
And this is what we expect.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I told you last week to inquire on him.  He is a little banged up, but this is the Gronk we know and expect to see.  He won’t be as cheap now.



Kirk Cousins: 179 Pass Yards, 1 TD, 7 Rush Yards
Nothing eye popping as after a putrid game in week 1, his running backs did most of the work in week 2.

My Week 2 Takeaway: The running game kicked it up 12 notches from week 1 to week 2.  This bodes well for Cousins 2017 outlook in my opinion.  He may be a buy low target for owners of Palmer, Manning and Dalton.

Rob Kelley: 12 Carries, 78 Yards, 1 Injury
Fat Rob was horrible in week 1 before tearing it up in week 2.  Luckily, he escaped serious injury and is currently listed as day to day.

My Week 2 Takeaway: This raises his value a bit, but I am still not buying.

Chris Thompson: 3 Carries, 77 Yards, 2 TD, 3 Rec, 29 Yards
Two weeks in a row that Thompson was the most valuable Redskin on the field.  6 touches for 106 yards… yes please.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I still look at him as a depth piece in PPR formats.  The price people ask after this week will probably be far to steep for my liking.

Samaje Perine: 21 Carries, 67 Yards, 1 Rec, 0 Yards

6 more carries than Thompson/Kelley combined and he still came up 88 yards short of their combined production.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I still want Perine over Fat Rob, but I would’ve really loved to see more production with this type of volume. Especially when the other running backs were tearing it up.

Terrelle Pryor Sr.: 2 Rec, 31 Yards

Not much from the passing game.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Buy low.

Jamison Crowder: 4 Rec, 47 Yards

Not much from the passing game.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Buy low.

Jordan Reed: 6 Rec, 48 Yards, 1 Injury

The TD’s haven’t showed up and now Reed is day to day with a chest injury.

My Week 2 Takeaway: After week 1 Reed had a reported broken toe. After week 2 he is day to day with a chest injury. The talent is unquestioned, but the man is made of glass.  To further the issues, he really needs this passing offense to get going to bring the value you expect.




Derek Carr: 230 Pass Yards, 3 TD
Carr is one of the safest weekly plays there are.

My Week 2 Takeaway: If you have Carr, you are happy.  If not, you are envious.

Marshawn Lynch: 12 Carries, 45 Yards, 1 TD, 1 Rec, 4 Yards
It is never good when you hear Carr scream, “Seattle!” while on the goal line and then throw a TD to Michael Crabtree instead of handing it off to Lynch.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Raiders looked like they were holding Lynch back for when they really need him.  I still have a high RB2 value on him for 2017, so unless you are a contender, you should be selling.

Jalen Richard: 6 Carries, 58 Yards, 1 TD, 2 Rec, 51 Yards
His 52 yard TD run showcased why Richard is one of my favorite dynasty RB’s to buy.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He has the talent and continues to do a lot with a little.  I expect his role to grow as the season wears on and Lynch wears down.  Buy before it is too late.

Amari Cooper: 4 Rec, 33 Yards
His week 1 drops may have come back to bite him.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Viewing Cooper as the WR1 on the Raiders may be the wrong thing to do.  His drops may have cost him red zone targets and that is never good.  Let’s hope they do not linger.

Michael Crabtree: 6 Rec, 80 Yards, 3 TD
More of the same from the resurrected Crabtree.  He may be the most trusted WR by Carr.

My Week 2 Takeaway: His role remains the same in this offense.  He will consistently get you 12-15pts with occasional 20-25pt weeks.

(Yes, everything is the same as I said in week 1)

Jared Cook: 4 Rec, 25 Yards

Cook’s role will grow as the season progresses.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I think Cook is a solid buy at his current asking price.




Jared Goff: 224 Yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 1 Rush Yards
A slight step back from week 1, but still not 2016 Goff.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Goff is still one of my favorite young QB’s.  He has pedigree and a vastly improved offense from his rookie year.  With Kupp, Watkins and Everett as weapons, they should be able to grow together and put Goff on the QB1 track.

Todd Gurley: 16 Carries, 88 Yards, 1 TD, 3 Rec, 48 Yards, 1 TD
He is suddenly a PPR threat.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He finally averaged over 4 yards per carry!  He will get the volume in this Rams offense and now that he is a PPR threat, could find himself back in the top half of RB1’s.  The window to buy is probably past, but I would keep a close eye.

Sammy Watkins: 2 Rec, 30 Yards

We are going to need more from you Sammy.

My Week 2 Takeaway: No Rams player had more than 3 receptions, so there isn’t much to worry about.  As this offense grows, so will Sammy’s stats.  Buy low.

Cooper Kupp: 3 Rec, 33 Yards
The ups and downs of the top rookie WR.

My Week 2 Takeaway: This is what I think will be a blip on his stat sheet.  I still think he will average 5-7 receptions per game and probably 60-70 yards per game.  Don’t worry about this stat line.  If someone in your league is overreacting, buy him now.

Gerald Everett: 3 Rec, 95 Yards

Everett has arrived.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I view him in the same way that I view Evan Engram.  WR with a TE tag.  The rams love him and it is obvious he will be heavily utilized.  I currently rank him as a mid TE2 with long term top 8 upside.  Buy if you can.



Joe Flacco: 217 Yards, 2 TD, 1 INT
He is still working back from injury, but improved off of week 1.

My Week 2 Takeaway: The defense yet again shut down the opponent and Flacco didn’t need to throw his normal amount.  The same thing will likely happen in week 3 when they play the Jaguars.

Terrance West: 8 Carries, 22 Yards, 1 TD, 2 Rec, 23 Yards
West was dealing with injury and only received 15 snaps.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Despite the lack of touches, he still had a decent PPR day.  The injury is a soft tissue injury, so let’s hope he can get healthy and back to his 20+ carries and 2-3 receptions.  It is possible he could lose his job to Buck Allen and Alex Collins, but I still think West will be heavily involved once healthy.  Decent time to buy.

Javorius Allen: 14 Carries, 66 Yards, 5 Rec, 35 Yards, 1 TD

Lead the backfield in carries after West’s departure.

My Week 2 Takeaway: His rushing numbers are a little skewed as he had a long run of 37, which means 13 of his carries went for a total of 29 yards.  It is possible that the Ravens move away from him as an early down back and concentrate more on him as a pass catcher.  I wouldn’t be buying at this point.

Alex Collins: 7 Carries, 42 Yards

Great yards per carry from Collins.  A lot of guys thought we would see this in Seattle, but Collins was discarded.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I think he is an intriguing stash as he could take some early down work from West if he keeps showing like this.

Jeremy Maclin: 4 Rec, 31 Yards, 1 TD

Still lacking in the yards, but this will improve.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I still really like Maclin as a second half force. His price tag still isn’t outrageous, but don’t wait much longer. This offense will be throwing a lot.

Ben Watson: 8 Rec, 91 Yards

Someone resurrected Watson.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Sell, sell, sell. There are desperate owners out there that need a TE. Sell him now.

Maxx Williams: 4 Rec, 21 Yards
This guy was the 1st TE taken in the 2015 draft.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Buy. He was a 2nd round pick and we all know that Flacco loves his TE’s. I am not confident that Ben Watson will stay healthy and even if he does, Williams has long term value. He also has an injury history, but is also basically free. Check your waiver wire.




Drew Brees: 356 Yards, 2 TD
Drew Brees on the home line.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Drew Brees will be Drew Brees.  Epic at home.  Struggle some on the road.

Adrian Peterson: 8 Carries, 26 Yards
If you are going to complain about touches, do something with them when you get them.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I still want nothing to do with AP.

Mark Ingram: 8 Carries, 52 Yards, 4 Rec, 24 Yards
Ingram showed why Peterson will be phased completely out.

My Week 2 Takeaway: My biggest issue with Ingram is that it seems like he ends up in Sean Payton’s dog house every year. He is their best back at the moment, but I find it hard to count on him.

Alvin Kamara: 1 Carries, 3 Yards, 3 Receptions, 51 Yards
Patriots jumping out to a huge lead early, hurt Kamara as a rusher, but I expected more as a pass catcher.

Week 1 Takeaway: I really liked Kamara in this game. I figured it would be high scoring and thought we could see him catch 6-7 passes. I still think he will get there as he matures.

Michael Thomas: 5 Rec, 89 Yards
It is an improvement.

Week 1 Takeaway: The TD’s are to come. If Thomas owners are freaking out, buy him now.

Brandon Coleman: 4 Rec, 82 Yards, 1 TD
In perfect Coleman fashion.

Week 1 Takeaway: Coleman likes to come out of nowhere for a big game from time to time. I will need to see more consistency before I would waste a waiver.  Snead will be returning and I think Coleman will find it even tougher to get involved.

Coby Fleener: 3 Rec, 33 Yards, 1 TD
Two games in a row!?

My Week 2 Takeaway:  It looks like Fleener is going to remain involved in this offense.  His numbers haven’t been huge, but he likely has an 8-10pt floor with the occasional 20-25pt outbursts in this offense.



Russell Wilson: 198 Yards, 1 TD, 34 Rush Yards
Things are rough for the consensus top 5 QB.

My Week 2 Takeaway: This offensive line might get Wilson killed.  I am keeping a close eye on this situation.

Chris Carson: 20 Carries, 96 Yards, 1 Rec, 7 Yards
We may have a new lead back in Seattle.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Rawls can’t stay on the field.  Lacy was a healthy scratch. And Prosise is better as a pass catcher.  The offensive line won’t help him much, so dud weeks will likely follow, but it looks like he will get the volume.

Doug Baldwin: 6 Rec, 44 Yards
This offense needs to get moving for Baldwin to have his high end WR2 numbers.

My Week 2 Takeaway: If the o-line can improve, I believe Wilson will get going and Baldwin is his favorite WR.  If this carries on, Baldwin will be a prime buy-low target for me.

Tyler Lockett: 6 Rec, 64 Yards
This guy could be dangerous.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Right now, he is a cheap option with Tyreek Hill-esque upside.  He was more involved than Richardson (though Richardson got the TD) and he has the skills to be an impact fantasy player.  I like him a lot, but I wish he was in a different offense.



Ben Roethlisberger: 243 Yards, 2 TD, -2 Yards Rushing
This line would likely have been better had Sam Bradford started opposite of him.

My Week 2 Takeaway: We still like Big Ben at home and cringe when he plays on the road.

LeVeon Bell: 27 Carries, 87 Yards, 4 Rec, 4 Yards
I am starting to get worried.

My Week 2 Takeaway: My 2017 is riding on the back of LeVeon Bell.  All I got to say is get your shit together man.  He whined about the touches and 91 total yards on 31 is not what we are looking for.  Vikings D is tough.  Now I have to root for an explosion in week 3 against my Bears.

Antonio Brown: 5 Rec, 62 Yards
This is his floor.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I will chalk this up to the Vikings inability to score.

Martavis Bryant: 3 Rec, 91 Yards, 1 TD, 1 Carry, 7 Yards
And this is why Martavis was very undervalued.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I still want every share I can get.  Then, he will get high again and ruin my life.

JuJu Smith-Schuster: 3 Rec, 16 Yards, 1 TD
The rookie got involved.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I was not high on Smith-Schuster coming out, but this shows that he may have some value.  I still don’t like his rookie price tag, but it is something to keep an eye on.

Jesse James: 4 Rec, 27 Yards
This is what I expect from Jesse James.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I still think he gets replaced by McDonald once he gets acclimated and is healthy.



Deshaun Watson: 125 Passing Yards, 67 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing TD
Not a bad fantasy day, but I am still not sold.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He broke off a 49-yard TD run that was more Bengals ineptitude than it was skill.  I still don’t like him as a passer and would rather have Trubisky, Maholmes and Kizer for dynasty purposes.

Lamar Miller: 18 Carries, 61 Yards, 3 Rec, 26 Yards
Lamar just doesn’t pass the eye test for me.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I think he will be losing his job to Foreman.  I would get out now while I still could.

D’Onta Foreman: 12 Carries, 40 Yards
Line isn’t great, but I thought he looked better than Miller.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Foreman will take over and I think he could be a force.  He looked bigger, faster and stronger than Miller, though the numbers don’t show it.  Buy now.

DeAndre Hopkins: 7 Rec, 73 Yards
We just need the TD’s.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Watson leans on him, which is great, but hopefully we can get some TD’s to go along with the big PPR numbers.




Marcus Mariota: 215 Passing Yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 24 Rushing Yards
Low end Mariota line in a game where they didn’t need to pass.

My Week 2 Takeaway:  I still have him ranked as a top 5 dynasty QB.  One of my favorites.

DeMarco Murray: 9 Carries, 25 Yards, 1 Rec, 3 Yards, 1 Injury
Murray left with a hamstring injury and the only good news is that Mularkey said Murray is still the starting running back.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I am very worried here.  Lingering hamstring.  Ineffectiveness.  Henry was a beast.  He has to improve fast or he will be playing second fiddle.

Derrick Henry: 14 Carries, 92 Yards, 1 TD
Henry was rolling people and could be in for huge workloads.

My Week 2 Takeaway: It is unlikely you can trade for Henry at this point, but he is probably going to play a heavy role for fantasy owners down the stretch. Mularkey stating Murray is still the starter for now, but if Henry stays productive and Murray struggles, that won’t last long.

Rishard Matthews: 3 Rec, 43 Yards
Underwhelming line for Matthews, but the passing game wasn’t really needed.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Now is the time to buy Matthews.

Corey Davis: 1 Rec, 4 Yards, 1 Injury
Davis is battling a hamstring injury.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He was my favorite player in the draft. I hate hamstring injuries. I am not dropping him from that top ranking yet, but he needs to get over his leg issues.

Eric Decker: 3 Rec, 32 Yards
Davis’ injury may add a little value.

My Week 2 Takeaway: I still think you should move him after he has a couple TD’s.

Delanie Walker: 4 Rec, 61 Yards
Delanie remains the top receiver on this team.

My Week 2 Takeaway: His numbers aren’t screaming out at you right now, so if you are in need of TE help, he may be the guy target.




Sam Bradford: (OUT) BONE BRUISE
Hopefully we don’t see more Case Keenum.

My Week 2 Takeaway: He got an injection on his knee and hopefully he returns in week 3.

Dalvin Cook: 12 Carries, 64 Yards, 2 Rec, 0 Yards
Not the follow up we wanted.

My Week 2 Takeaway: With a struggling offensive line and a quarterback that doesn’t scare the defense, Cook was bottled up most of the day.  Don’t read too much into this line.

Stefon Diggs: 2 Rec, 27 Yards
Sorry to all those that I said I would still play Diggs over J.J. Nelson.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Get healthy Bradford!

Adam Thielen: 5 Rec, 44 Yards
Thielen has a decent floor in PPR formats.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Once again, give us Bradford back!

Kyle Rudolph: 4 Rec, 45 Yards
Read above in regards to Thielen.

My Week 2 Takeaway: Yes, we just want Bradford back.


Outside of Carlos Hyde, there is not much to see here.  He had 15 carries and 124 yards to go with, 3 receptions and 19 yards.  Garcon & Goodwin had 3 rec and 26 yards each and Kittle had 2 receptions for 13 yards.  Player to watch: Matt Breida.  4 Carries for 35 yards and 1 reception for 3 yards.




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