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The Daily Fantasy Sports Dictionary: From a Dynasty Perspective

Whether we want to believe it or not, the fantasy football world is being dominated by daily fantasy sports. Personally, I regularly participate in DFS, but much prefer playing in season-long leagues, especially dynasty. However, as an avid dynasty player, I believe that having a well-rounded understanding of nearly every player in the NFL can prove to be a competitive advantage when it comes to DFS. Hence, I am writing this article to demonstrate that although dynasty is my preferred format to play in for fantasy football, DFS offers weekly monetary benefits that should not be ignored.

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In the event that you’re new to DFS, I am here to cover the basics. More specifically, I am going to overview common terms that are often associated with daily fantasy sports, yet are still applicable to dynasty leagues. I believe that as dynasty players, it is imperative to utilize our knowledge as a tool to enhance our overall fantasy experience. Participating in daily fantasy sports is one way to do so, especially due to our ability to analyze and study player value through rookie, mock and inaugural drafts. I also have found that by adding DFS terms to my fantasy football vocabulary, I have been able to expand my overall knowledge greatly.

Here are the most common terms associated with DFS, which may also apply to dynasty content as well:

Bankroll: This can be easily defined as the amount of money that you allocate to participating in daily fantasy sports. A good rule of thumb is to implement the “80/20” rule with your investments. In other words, 80 percent of your funds should be spent on cash games (50/50s, Head to Head) and only 20 percent should be distributed to tournament games, such as millionaire contests on a weekly basis.

Bearish: This term refers to having a negative view towards a player or team as a whole. Based on some of my recent articles, I would consider myself bearish against Andre Ellington and C.J. Anderson.

Bullish: As you might have guessed, bullish is the exact opposite of bearish. That is, being bullish on a player or team indicates that you view them in a positive manner. Based on some of my more recent articles, I would consider myself bullish on Arian Foster, Jarvis Landry and Carlos Hyde.

Chalk: This term is commonly associated with players that are obvious plays in a given week due to a “plus,” matchup, or the mere fact that they are going against a weak opponent.

Contrarian: Usually, this term refers to going against popular belief when creating a lineup. In short, if you make a contrarian play, it is likely that you are drafting a player that most people believe will not produce at a high level for that particular week.

Exposure: The number of times you select a player in a daily fantasy sports lineup, or the amount of money invested into him. In other words, I have large exposure to Danny Woodhead, as I own him in multiple dynasty leagues and regularly play him in DFS.

Fade: When you decide to avoid playing a player. This could be due to a predicted high ownership percentage or a last-second intuition to make a lineup adjustment.

Stacking: This term is rather common across all formats of fantasy football. Stacking is defined as combining players from the same team in a lineup. For example, it is considered a stack if you were to play Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas in the same week.

Cash Game: A DFS game that pays out up to half of all entrants. Cash games may include 50/50s or Head-to-Head showdowns.

Tournaments: An example of a tournament is DraftKings’ weekly millionaire maker contest. Typically, a tournament will have a GPP, otherwise known as a guaranteed prize pool.

Overall, I hope it is now clear that the vocabulary associated with dynasty football and daily fantasy sports can be considered interrelated. Although dynasty is my absolute favorite format to play fantasy football in, I still enjoy participating in DFS on a regular basis. In fact, I have found that my player knowledge and experience from dynasty leagues has benefitted me while playing DFS, as I am aware of players and offensive schemes that a casual DFS fan may not even consider. If you actively participate in dynasty leagues and have a strong understanding of player value, I recommend giving daily fantasy sports a shot. Moving forward, dynasty fantasy football and daily fantasy sports are sure to coexist, so it only makes sense to broaden player knowledge and increase your chances of winning money by partaking in both formats simultaneously.

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