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The Devy Dose Week 2 Rising Star: Spencer Rattler

Who was the breakout devy star of week 2?
Hop on the Spencer Rattler hype train while there’s still room

Each week we’ll be taking a look at one of college football’s breakout stars and breaking them down for devy and C2C owners.

This week we had many options, but I couldn’t look past Spencer Rattler.

The Player

Oklahoma’s sophomore QB stole the show with his utter domination of Missouri State Saturday afternoon, and he showed us some unreal traits in the process.

Check out his 247 Sports Profile here for more background on the young gunslinger.

The short version: Rattler was the most highly-recruited QB from the 2019 college class and brought to Oklahoma with him a bag of bragging rights including the Elite 11 camp MVP award and an Arizona state record for passing yards (over 11,000).

The Plays

All discussion of the Oklahoma-Missouri State game needs to prefaced by the fact that Missouri State was outclassed in every phase of the game. Rattler often had a cozy pocket for as long as he needed, his receivers ran wild, and Oklahoma’s offensive players all seemed untackle-able.

But, also:

Rattler has arm talent- at 19 years old- that is already in rarefied territory.

Anyone can hit on one highlight reel bomb, but that throw was far from a one-off. Check this:

No, that’s not the same play, it’s just another flawless 40+ yard throw to a receiver that torched his coverage.

Or there’s this one, not a bomb, but a perfectly placed ball on a drag route for yet another TD:

It seems like we might be hearing a lot of “Touchdown, Rattler to Wease” this year.

In fact, four of Rattler’s 17 passes went for touchdowns; that’s a ridiculous 23.5% TD rate.

Here’s his full passing line from two quarters of football:

Spencer Rattler Week 2, 2020

He threw more touchdowns than incompletions.

To make matters worse for his opponents, he can also do this:

It might not be Lamar-Jackson-level running, but he’s athletic and uses his blockers effectively. Rattler’s legs are just another dangerous weapon in his arsenal.

The Prognosis

It’s foolish to make sweeping proclamations about a player from his first full half of NCAA game action, and there’s certainly a lot of information we don’t have about Rattler at this point.

  • Will he be able to read defenses that present him with multiple looks?
  • How will he handle collapsing pockets? Getting hit?
  • Will he bounce back from mistakes?

But there’s some information we do have, as well. We know Rattler:

  • Has incredible accuracy and arm strength
  • Has a lightning-quick release
  • Is decisive with the ball
  • Can progress through his reads
  • From the limited snaps we have of him under pressure, he seems to keep a cool head and make good decisions
  • Can be accurate while moving

That’s a pretty good set of traits to start off one’s career with… at 19 years old!

There’s a reason he’s #2 on Heisman watch lists behind only Trevor Lawrence.

I’m sure that you don’t need a reminder that the three most recent Oklahoma QBs are all in the NFl, and that two of them went #1 overall.

The future is bright for Spencer Rattler.

Spencer Rattler (The Spun)

The Pickup

Look, if you’re in a C2C or a devy league with more than a few spots, Rattler is owned. After this past weekend, he’s not likely to be an asset you can acquire cheaply.

Try to acquire him anyway.

All signs point to Rattler being as good a QB prospect as any we’ve seen. There’s a lot of road between now and the ’22 draft, but the trajectory for this young man is crystal clear: he’s a rising star.

Grab any shares you can and enjoy the ride. If you’re eyeing a rebuild, it might be worth trading some win-now assets to secure your future.

In a traditional dynasty league, particularly SF, stocking up on ’22 draft picks is looking like a great investment. With Rattler, Slovis, and Howell leading the way, the ’22 class looks likely to be loaded with talent. Get them now before the rest of your league catches up.

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