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The Eagle Has Landed: Top 5 Landing Spots For Each Position

We have all likely heard the old real estate adage of location, location, location. With regards to dynasty football few things are as important as location. Following the beginning of the new league season players from both the free agent ranks and the incoming rookie class will have their dynasty values largely determined by their new locations. For this article I would like to break down the top spots for the QB, RB, WR, and TE positions in an effort to better familiarize ourselves with the best spots for our players. The situations on these teams will be fluid but I find it useful to scout the lay of the land before the NFL draft in particular. Please keep in mind that these top 5 spots are one man’s opinion, they are not a definitive list of where the best Rookies or FA’s will call home next year. However, I personally feel that each of the spots I list for the individual positions will provide an excellent opportunity for next year and beyond in Dynasty Fantasy Football.


5. New England Patriots – By now we all know just how great Tom Brady is. He is arguably the greatest Quarterback to ever play the game. However, no matter how great Brady has been throughout his career father time is undefeated. Even the great Jerry Rice eventually succumbed to the sands of time. At this point it appears likely that Josh McDaniels will eventually follow the great Bill Belichick as coach of the Patriots organization. It would not be outside the realm of possibility for the Patriots to draft their QB of the future this year and allow him to learn from Brady for the next couple of years before eventually taking the reins himself in a manner reminiscent of when Aaron Rodgers replaced Brett Favre. If the Patriots draft a QB in the first couple rounds he will be a quality pick and stash across all dynasty formats.

4. New York Giants – The Giants are in a similar situation to the Patriots. While Eli Manning is not quite the legend that Brady is he has put together a potential hall of fame career built on the backs of two Super Bowl titles. For the last couple years the talk among the New York media has been that Eli is not long for the Big Apple. I would assume that after passing on drafting their Quarterback of the future last year they will take a long hard look at this year’s crop and potentially draft Eli’s replacement. Also like New England, whomever the Giants draft, if they do draft a QB, will not have to start right away. He will have the opportunity of learning from Manning for the next year or two before taking over the helm. With the quality weapons New York possesses this will eventually be a great starting spot for a new QB.

3. Washington Redskins – Following the gruesome injury to Alex Smith last season the Redskins will have to look to address the Quarterback positon. Washington will likely look to sign a FA and draft a long term signal caller. Jay Gruden seems to be coaching for his career but that should not stop the organization from drafting a QB if they feel one of the rookies makes the grade. It is difficult to forecast a potential replacement for Gruden but it seems likely that whomever is selected to play in the nation’s capital will be in a similar situation as last year’s number 3 overall pick Sam Darnold.

2. Miami Dolphins – It has been reported that the Miami Dolphins will be parting ways with veteran QB Ryan Tannehill this offseason. The Dolphins will be a team in transition over the next couple of years with the addition of a new coaching staff and a likely large scale roster makeover. No matter how uncertain the situation may be a starting QB spot is a valuable thing in dynasty football, especially super flex leagues. Whether it is a FA or an incoming Rookie there seems to be a new sheriff on the way to South Beach.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jacksonville Jaguars are my number one landing spot for a Quarterback. Just two years ago this team made it all the way to the AFC championship game and gave the New England Patriots all they could handle with Blake Bortles at the helm. The Bortles era in Duval County is over and the Jags seem poised to make a play on a new signal caller. The incoming QB will have a power running game and diverse playmakers at his disposal. A quality D will also assist with positive game flow more often than not. I fully expect this to be the eventual landing spot of Nick Foles. Whether it is Foles or an early draft pick the next signal caller in Jacksonville will be joining a quality team ready made to compete from day one.


5. Buffalo Bills – The Buffalo Bills are a team looking to arm their new franchise QB with weapons. LeSean McCoy has enjoyed a fine career but he is far closer to the end than the beginning. Buffalo is a prime candidate to draft a RB in the opening rounds of the upcoming draft or sign a big name free agent. Whomever is brought in will get to play with a highly athletic running QB. It is possible that Josh Allen will cap his RB’s touchdown numbers a la Cam Newton but the risk is worth the payoff. The harsh Buffalo winters will guarantee that the next Bills RB will be a force come fantasy playoff time year in and year out. Even if the new RB is forced to sit behind McCoy for a year he should be well worth the wait.

4. Oakland Raiders – The Jon Gruden regime came in and tore the organization down to the foundation. The team is looking for talent across the board at nearly every position. RB will be a great spot to help Carr and the organization begin to turn the corner. Gruden loves to run the ball and a hard hitting bell cow RB is just what the Dr. ordered for Oakland. Whether via free agency or the many picks the Raiders have acquired they are likely to address this weakness during the offseason. Neither M. Lynch or D. Martin figure into the long term plans of the organization and I anticipate Gruden finding a running mate to help 3rd down back Jalen Richard.

3. Chicago Bears – It has been widely reported the past couple of weeks that the Chicago Bears are shopping former Pro-Bowl RB Jordan Howard. This would leave a hole on the up and coming Matt Nagy Offense. Tarik Cohen will undoubtedly continue to occupy a large role within the system but the diminutive back simply cannot handle the entire workload. The team could address the position through free agency but due to cap concerns, they will likely look for a RB to pair with Cohen in the middle rounds of the upcoming NFL draft. Chicago does not have a pick in either the 1st or 2nd round of the draft after the Kalil Mack trade so they will be forced to go bargain shopping in the later rounds. This landing spot offers nice potential for upside.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Everybody knows that Bruce Arians utilizes his RBs in both the passing and running game. Last year’s 2nd round Ronald Jones was a catastrophic disappointment. It is possible that he could turn his career around under the new coaching regime but I highly doubt that Arians puts all of his eggs in this one basket. Tampa Bay will undoubtedly look to add talent to the RB room in either free agency or the draft. Whomever is brought in to compete with Jones will likely skyrocket up the dynasty rankings. The Buccaneers are a ready-made team with a promising skill position players across the entire Offensive Depth chart so the next RB will not have to be the centerpiece of the team. The next Bucs RB be it Ronald Jones or somebody else will become a valuable dynasty asset.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – My number one destination for a RB in the upcoming season is the Kansas City Chiefs. This is the best Offensive team in the NFL with an MVP QB a proven coach and all the bells and whistles. The one piece they lack is a talented bell cow RB. Following the release of Kareem Hunt the chiefs turned to Damien Williams. Some will see the three year contract given to Williams as a guarantee of his starting position going forward, personally I see the lack of any guaranteed money and the resemblance of this contract that the one previously given to Charcandrick West. The Chiefs will undoubtedly look to add talent to the position room. Kansas City will be seen as a prime landing spot by this year’s crop of free agents. Whoever finds their way to the starting RB position in Kansas City the position offers immense upside and dynasty potential to spare.


5. Miami Dolphins – The Miami Dolphins are a team in transition. They seem to be on the verge of cutting their former franchise QB Ryan Tannehill as well as a host of other players. I get the impression the Dolphins will be taking the long route model of rebuilding a la the Oakland Raiders. It is quite possible the Dolphins will be selecting a new franchise QB in the upcoming draft. They will likely also be looking to replace former 1st round pick D. Parker. I am not sure what type of Offensive system to anticipate out of the new look Dolphins but the lack of a true number one target means this will be a great landing spot for receivers. 

4. Oakland Raiders – As I stated above the Oakland Raiders have gone the long route in regards to building their team. They did not see the point in paying price to retain Amari Cooper and will now have to replace him on the team going forward. Oakland has the worst WR group in the entire league and will need to address the position through both free agency and the draft. They already have their QB in D. Carr and now it is time to give him back some of the toys they took away from him last year. There is room for more than one WR on the Raiders and I will be taking a real hard look at whomever finds their way to the Silver and Black this offseason.

3. New England Patriots – Once again the New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions, and once again the New England Patriots are looking to retool their Offense. The only WR with an NFL track record under contract is Julian Edelman. There has also been widespread speculation about the retirement of Gronk. Despite the uncertainty surrounding his skill position Tom Brady and Josh McDaniels will remain a constant. The Patriots have a track record a mile long suggesting that if they add skill players they will turn into successful fantasy assets. While Brady’s career is nearing its end the Patriots will be a prime landing spot for WRs.

2. New York Jets – The New York Jets are a team that is looking to build around last year’s 1st round pick Sam Darnold. They have some interesting pieces in place such as Enunwa, Anderson, and Herndon. What the Jets lack is a true WR1 to grow with Darnold and help take the pressure off of the ancillary skill players. With the lack a many high end WRs on the free agent market this year I would anticipate the Jets addressing this deficiency in the upcoming draft. Adam Gase has a mixed bag when it comes to his past WRs. You would hope that whomever New York brings in will thrive more in the fashion of Gase’s players in Denver and Chicago and less like his recent stint in Miami.

1. Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck, need I say more? In all honesty the Indianapolis Colts are the prime landing spot for a new WR. They will return the diminutive burner T.Y. Hilton who will help whomever they draft transition to the NFL without having to face number 1 coverage. The situation mirrors that which Reggie Wayne was drafted into years ago with Marvin Harrison and Peyton Manning at the helm. The player Indy brings in will become the bell of the ball among this year’s rookie WR crop. Whoever is selected will eventually find themselves as the top target for one of the best signal callers in the entire league. 


5. Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals have attempted to force a round peg into a square hole for years with Tyler Eifert. The former Notre Dame product was simply never able to maintain his health long enough to nail down the TE position in Cincy. Enter a new young head coach in search of skill players to implement his new system. TE will likely be addressed fairly early in the process in order to allow the new guy to grow with the system.

4. Detroit Lions – The Detroit Lions much like the Bengals whiffed on their previous highly drafted TE. To their horror Eric Ebron moved on and seemingly blossomed in his first year with Andrew Luck in Indy. The Lions bring the Patriots philosophy of wanting The TE to be an all-around player who can not only run routes but hold his own on the end of the line in the blocking game. I would anticipate Detroit attempting to fix this issue early in this year’s draft.

3. Oakland Raiders – Somehow Jon Gruden was able to get a TE1 season out of Jared Cook. It is totally possible that Oakland brings back Cook and locks down this landing spot. It is also possible that Gruden decides to go young and addresses the position with one of his many early picks. If Oakland manages to draft one of the top three TEs in the upcoming draft I will be highly interested in drafting them and watching them Gel with Carr.

2. New England Patriots – Everything I said above about the Patriots WR situation apply equally to the TE position. Gronk has held down the TE spot in Boston for the better part of a decade but his tenure seems to be coming to a close. The Patriots have shown in the past with Aaron Hernandez that they can use other players in their system and still be successful. If Gronk retires and the Patriots draft a TE early in the draft that player will immediately just up the rankings of dynasty TEs.

1. Denver Broncos – My top spot for a rookie TE is the Denver Broncos. Ever since allowing Julius Thomas to depart in free agency team President John Elway has been looking for his replacement. Elway has traded for and drafted a handful of young players who through either injury or inefficiency have not fit the bill. With the addition of Joe Flacco who loves the TE position I expect the Broncos to again dip their toe into the TE pool. I would not be shocked for Denver to spend their 1st round pick on one of this year’s big three rookie TEs.


As I stated at the beginning of this article these are simply my musings on the best possible landing spots for players at each fantasy position. Whether the reader agrees with my destinations or beliefs on the situations individually is irrelevant. Simply put, it is always useful to do research of this nature on landing spots before the draft and free agency. Hopefully I have given you food for thought as we get ready for two of the best times for the dynasty community as a whole.

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