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The Long Road to Glory: 3 Big Week 1 Takeaways

Learn, adapt, dominate. @OmalTheAlleyCat gives you his 3 Big Week 1 takeaways and how we should react with football officially underway.

They say you shouldn’t “victory lap” after one week. I don’t disagree at all. I’m just simply tieing my running shoes and getting in a glorious stretch. Breaking down the three big takeaways I had this past weekend; these will either help you with the confidence to acquire these guys or give you the added boost you need to believe in your team. I am talking about dynasty juggernauts today that will own the 2021 season and beyond. Strap your seat belts on; we are on cruise control for victory lane and telling everybody in our leagues that the champagne better be on ice upon our arrival.

Joe Mixon, Come on Down

Dylan Buell / Getty Images

With the talent of a top-five RB in the league ever since he was drafted, Joe Mixon has just been waiting for the situation and volume to match his otherworldly skill set. With the departure of Giovani Bernard, O-Line improvements, and the addition of rookie sensation Jamaar Chase – Mixon has never seen a team situation nearly as good as he has right now. The surrounding young offensive weapons are ingredients for Mixon to be a League Winner in 2021.

Mixon is part of a small group including Alvin Kumara, who can challenge Christian McCaffrey for the RB1 in 2021. Some of you may not be ready for it. Mixon has zero regard for how prepared you are for his welcome party to the top tier of RBs in dynasty. The value of Mixon makes him very hard to trade for. But I assure you that any contender would covet the crazy numbers in line for the Bengals stud RB.

I would lose zero sleep sending Ezekiel Elliot, Derrick Henry, or Austin Ekeler straight up for Mixon. This may seem wild to many, but you should never be looking to make the same moves as everyone else. People say when they all zig, you zag. I say that’s all dumpster diving nonsense in fantasy. It turns out zigging is always the right move. Just make sure you zig before everyone else even considers it. Start the fad before the cool kids get wind of it on TikTok.

This is finally the year that Mixon will be pounding on the door of Fantasy MVP. His fans will get to enjoy a hearty laugh thinking of the doubters and will be more than jubilant to have the 25-year-old running back moving forward.

How bout them, Cowboys?!?

Tom Fox / Dallas News

Whether they are playing keep up or putting the pedal to the metal, the Dallas Cowboys will be spilling out fantasy gold in all directions this whole season. It’s not just this amazing offense that creates such allure and attracts interest. It’s the fact that their defense will give up plenty of points, forcing the offense of both teams to explode. Target Cowboys games all season long.

The Weapons

Expect much better days ahead from Ezekiel Elliot and Tony Pollard, with the most challenging matchup out of the way in Week 1. Elliot no longer holds elite RB value, but that’s precisely why I am exploring trade options for him. He is still in an offense able to get him into the Top-10 RBs easily. Pollard is one of the most interesting buys in Dynasty. I would argue whatever you trade today for him; you will double that value this time next year. And you will be dancing when you see the trades you’re offered for the current RB2 in Dallas.

Apart from Michael Gallup getting hurt, the Dallas Cowboys WRs looked primed to be top-12 WR’s on the season. Cooper took center stage on Thursday Night Football to announce to anyone that he is Dak Prescott’s favorite target. The guy can go from never finishing as a WR1 to the max ceiling of the overall WR1.

Then there is the future face of elite WRs on the opposite side of the field, CeeDee Lamb. Haters will remember the drops that he had in Week 1. Lamb showed why Dak loves to target his second-year wideout like he is most teams’ WR1. He is the rare player in dynasty that’s stock rises day by day.

Truthfully, I’m not a fan of buying Cooper at this moment because you might break your team’s assets trying to acquire the absolute hotness at receiver. On the other side, I would be fine with just about any overpay for Lamb. His talent and age speak for themselves. Lamb’s dynasty value is debatably already in the top-five wide receivers.

Dalton Schultz is a sneaky buy low, and no two ways about it, simply because you want pieces in this offense. Tossing a third or a fourth-round pick for Schultz is not even risky. There is the upside that you just paid pennies for a possible back-end TE1.

The General

Then there is the straw that stirs the drink, the face of the Dallas Cowboys, QB Dak Prescott. This offense is so talented and in tune that they will always find ways to beat opposing defenses. Sprinkle in the caveat that the Cowboys’ defense will bleed points for their opponents, making every game a barn burner. There is fantasy potential that we haven’t seen since Patrick Mahomes’ first season as the starter for the Chiefs. Prescott breaking all sorts of records is absolutely in the cards.

There may be five QBs I wouldn’t hesitate to send a future first and a small piece to acquire in single QB leagues. Prescott more than fits the bill of someone worth your investment. Hitting his prime with many offensive pieces in every direction, Prescott has entered the top-three dynasty QBs stratosphere. Move aside Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson, make room for the man that holds the keys to this high-powered Dallas Lamborgini. 

Travis Kelce, AND STILL, TE1

Ed Zurga / AP Photo

This is not worth overthinking, and it should not be considered a hot take. It should be the only take. Travis Kelce is still firmly holding down the title of the dynasty TE1. Stop prioritizing age and potential over volume and production. We have never seen this before at the TE position. So whether it was finding the fountain of youth, making a deal with a demon at a set of crossroads, or secretly using the TB12 method, Kelce is far from done and deserves some respect for his name.

Not only has his talent not dipped, but he also had his best season a year ago. There is one thing that none of the popular arguments against Kelce for the dynasty TE1 have going for them and will never have, Mahomes. The greatest QB my eyes have ever seen will make the league his playground the next 10+ years. Yet, people are trying to get ahead of the curve year after year and rank others ahead of him. Wrong. Tyreek Hill and Kelce are almost literally the only guys Mahomes throws to.

The Challengers

The value of being attached to Mahomes can not be overstated. It results in Kelce all but never busting weekly. Maybe if Darren Waller or TJ Hockenson were paired with top-10 QBs, there would be a warranted argument for either.

Disregard the fact that the Falcons stink and can’t protect Matt Ryan long enough for him to run his offense. Kyle Pitts will always be playing behind Calvin Ridley for Ryan’s attention. His truthers that believe he is TE1, or as I call them, “People that are wrong.” They are more than likely a couple of years ahead of schedule. You don’t get any bonus points for being three years early. So I’ll take the high road and take the points I’m getting right now.

George Kittle has been on the wrong side of the TE1 debate these last couple of years. There is finally light in the distance for the people trying to skip the line Kelce has stood at the front of for years. The light at the end of the tunnel is rookie Trey Lance. My only hesitation with it not happening in the next two years is my worry about the 49ers’ target distribution. With Kittle, Deebo Samuel, and Brandon Aiyuk fighting for targets, will Kittle ever be TE1?

Also, Lance will run the clock with his scrambling ability. Combined with the fact that the 49ers are an elite running team, both will result in quicker games. Hence, less opportunity for the targets. Lance will never be Mahomes, but can Lance be great? Absolutely. Schucks, he can be a top-five QB in the league, in theory.

Catching Passes from a Great

Nobody is Mahomes, and nobody will ever surpass that talent in our lifetime at the quarterback position. Having his favorite target should not be overlooked. Riding Kelce out to the end of his career is a smarter play than bailing out early. Kelce can more likely continue this historic run for another three to five years than he is likely to fall outside the top-three in that time.

I implore you to invest in Kelce at even a slight discount of his actual value if you are close to a championship. He will always be a difference-maker for your team. Having the TE1 will already place your opponent at a disadvantage before the matchup even begins. When it comes down to it, if you want to win, you have to want it. Whatever you have to do, Kelce is more than worth pursuing from a possibly sketched-out owner looking for an out. Give him his out and take one giant step towards your championship.

Thanks for the donations; see you all next year. We’ll still have the best TE in the league in pursuit of running it back. You see, in dynasty, we should never be worried about a Week 1 victory lap, this is a victory marathon, and we’re just looking to lap the competition.

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