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Throwing Darts: 2021 Rookie WR Flyers, Part 2

Here’s a final batch of data-scouted flyers for your rookie drafts! This, time out we’re looking at the small-school sleepers at the WR position

Hi, Nerds!

A few weeks back I did some analysis on what types of late-round rookie draft picks tend to hit.

You can find that here:

In my last article, I covered players that fit the first category I’d identified, Athletic Under-Achievers.

If you watched the draft last night, you may have noticed that one of my guys, Nico Collins, just got day-2 draft cap, so: wheels up.

This week, I’ll be tackling the second category of WRs that may hit, Small-School Super Producers.

Small-School Super Producers

Read the “Which Type of Late Round Players Hit” for a full workup of this profile, but, essentially, we’re looking for small-school guys with solid overall profiles and high-end production.

Kenny Golladay (Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports)

This is the Antonio Brown / Kenny Golladay / Davante Adams route to the NFL- guys that don’t get the media attention due to to playing G5 football, but that have the talent to make it at the next level. The biggest indicator for me here is an elite dominator- if you’re playing weak competition, you’d better be getting the ball on nearly every play.

Michael Strachan

Mike Strachan (WV Sports)
Speed ScoreCollege YardsY/TCH or Y/RECDOMCollege

Strachan is one of my favorite late round guys in this draft. He could easily have slotted into the “Athletes” group, but he had excellent production as well. The 6’5″, 226lb wideout was a man amongst boys playing in the D-II Mountain East, and his 4.5 40 leaves him with an high-level Speed Score as well. His tape shows a guy winning with raw physical tools more than with refined skills as a receiver, but what Strachan lacks can largely be taught.

Jaelon Darden

Daren (North Texas)
Speed ScoreCollege YardsY/TCH or Y/RECDOMCollege
84.86511203280911.630.6121North Texas

“Making someone miss is like waking up and brushing my teeth… I gotta do it every day” Said Darden. The 5’8″, 174 receiver was the DOM leader for all of college football and found his name in Biletnikoff award discussions this season. Darden reminds me of Tarik Cohen; he is the definition of shifty. He’s tiny, but he’s a highlight reel any time he gets the ball.

Isaiah McKoy

Isaiah McKoy (With The First Pick)
Speed ScoreCollege YardsY/TCH or Y/RECDOMCollege
95.8310512174814.510.3544Kent State

Of the players on this list, McKoy has the lowest DOM, but also some of the best tape and a diverse, NFL-ready skill set. He gets off press and has multiple ways to win both before and after the catch, and at 6’2″ 200 lbs, he has prototypical size to go with his good-enough speed.

Cade Johnson

Cade Johnson (gojacks.com)
Speed ScoreCollege YardsY/TCH or Y/RECDOMCollege
90.544579192,55418.40.42South Dakota

Cade is a buzzy name in dynasty sleeper circles as some of the bigger sites have been touting him. Lance Zierlien (NFL.com) graded him out as a potential NFL starter, which can’t be said for any of the other guys on my list. Johnson is a tough but undersized slot man with playmaking ability; his kick return ability may get him on the field.

Ok Nerds, that’s it for this one. Let me know who I missed! Enjoy the rest of the draft! Hit me up at @ekbaler on Twitter anytime!

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