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Weekly Watch: College Dynasty Prospects – Week 14

We are almost to the end of the CFB season and @tristancook_ is here to go over the names to know in the ‘Weekly Watch’

We have made it to another weekend with football! We might even be seeing more conferences playing games in the near future! If you’re new to this article, the goal is to bring you the top dynasty prospects to watch in nationally televised college football games. It’s never too early to take a look forward. Who are going to be the sleepers of upcoming rookie drafts? Check back here every week for my ‘Weekly Watch’ series before you head into the weekend. Use this article each week as a place to refer back to as you get ready to watch each game.

How this article works:

I’ll give you the network, time, and teams playing in nationally televised games. Below that, I’ll list the respective schools’ prospects that are, in my opinion, worth mentioning, their position, the year they are eligible to enter the NFL Draft, and their listed heights and weights.

Feel free to reach out on Twitter (@tristancook_) if you have players you think deserve to be mentioned in next week’s article. This year will be a little different than last because of all the unknowns we face. Some of the games may be postponed or canceled by the time this article is posted, but that is just a reality of the situation we are currently navigating. I will still be trying to highlight the players to watch, but we will likely be digging a little bit deeper with fewer games. Hopefully, this will give you a few names to monitor throughout the year.

#4 Ohio State @ Michigan State

Saturday, 12/5 | 12:00 PM ET, ABC

#4 Ohio State

Justin Fields #1, QB 2021 (6’3, 228)

Credit: Adam Lacy | Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The main player to watch for OSU is still Justin Fields. He had a pretty disappointing game last time out against the Hoosiers, throwing 3 INTs in what turned into a much closer game than it needed to be. Fields looked like he was trying to do too much instead of taking what was there. I still have Fields firmly as my QB2, and I expect him to bounce back against Michigan State.

Chris Olave #2, WR 2021 (6’1, 188)

There are a few other names to note for Ohio State. The first one is junior WR Chris Olave. He had another strong game last outing with 101 yards on 8 catches. Olave hasn’t quite been as highly touted of an NFL prospect as some of the other names in this class, but I think that will make him a value pick in rookie drafts.

Garrett Wilson #5, WR 2022 (6’0, 193)

The next two players aren’t eligible to declare for the draft until 2022 at the earliest, but they are both worth noting.

First, sophomore WR Garrett Wilson has actually been the best receiver this season for the Buckeyes. He posted a 7/169/2 game last game and has been a dynamic playmaker for the Ohio State offense. He has a chance to be in the discussion for the top WR group in next year’s class.

Master Teague III #33, RB 2022 (5’11, 225)

The final player I will mention for the Buckeyes is sophomore RB Master Teague. He’s taken over the lead role in the backfield and has looked very impressive. He ran for 169 yards and 2 TDs last game and has pushed grad transfer Trey Sermon to the back burner. Teague is a powerful runner and has displayed quickness in the hole. He’s not quite the caliber of JK Dobbins but has certainly made a name for himself.

#5 Texas A&M @ Auburn

Saturday, 12/5 | 12:00 PM ET, ESPN

#5 Texas A&M

Ainias Smith #0, RB 2022 (5’10, 190) 

On the Aggies side of the ball, there are a couple of players to watch, both of which are sophomore RBs. The first is Ainias Smith, who has played more of a hybrid WR/RB role in the offense. Smith has been the best receiver for A&M and is the second leading rusher. He is dynamic with the ball in his hands, and the Aggies like to use him in many different ways. I’m not sure how I feel about his NFL potential, but he’s someone I’ll be watching.

Isaiah Spiller #28, RB 2022 (6’1, 225) 

The other name in this game is sophomore, RB Isaiah Spiller. He’s one of a few guys that I like near the top of the 2022 RB class. He doesn’t quite have the top-gear that some other players have, but he has good size and burst. He will probably go into his junior season as one of the top-5 RBs in the class.

Jhamon Ausbon #2, WR 2021 (6’2, 209) ***OPT-OUT***

The final person to know is another opt-out. WR Jhamon Ausbon opted out of the season back in September and has been preparing for the NFL since. He probably will be a mid-late round WR come draft day unless he posts surprising testing numbers. Ausbon won’t be at the top of any draft boards, but he could be someone to provide value later in a draft.

#22 Auburn

Seth Williams #18, WR 2021 (6’3, 211) 

Credit: James Gilbert | Getty Images

The two names for Auburn remain the same. First, we have the big, physical WR, Seth Williams. He was held to only three catches for 17 yards against Alabama and actually had a disappointing drop that would have resulted in a long TD. But, I’m not overly concerned about his bad game or his drop. He’s still one of my favorite WRs in this class. He’ll probably end up as one of my ‘guys,’ and I’ll have several shares after rookie drafts.

Tank Bigsby #4, RB 2023 (6’0, 204) 

The other name to know on this offense is Tank Bigsby. Tank is only a freshman, so it’s important to remember that there is a lot of time before we could see him playing on Sundays. But, he has shown everything you want out of an RB prospect. Bigsby is powerful and elusive, he’s caught the ball out of the backfield and has good speed. He is injured and will likely be limited at best on Saturday, but he’s a name to know for the future.

#6 Florida @ Tennessee

Saturday, 12/5 | 3:30 PM ET, CBS

#6 Florida

Kyle Trask #11, QB 2021 (6’5, 240) 

There are three players to watch in this game for Florida. And, the names haven’t changed. First, we have senior QB Kyle Trask. Trask has had an incredible year so far. He has completed 71.4% of his passes for 2810 yards, 34 TDs, and only three INTs. I’ve seen his name as high as QB3 and as low as QB6 in this class, so the next few games and months will determine a lot for him.

Kyle Pitts #84, TE 2021 (6’6, 246) 

Credit: Sam Greenwood | Getty Images

The next player is someone you all should know. Kyle Pitts returned to the field for Florida and promptly scored three more TDs. Pitts has surpassed Freiermuth as me TE1 in this class. He’s creeping up into the area of overall rookie ranks that it’s going to be difficult for me to justify drafting him where he’ll likely go. I love his talent, but I am worried that he’ll be sneaking into the middle of the 1st round, and I don’t think I’ll want to spend that much capital.

Kadarius Toney #1, WR 2021 (6’0, 193)

The final name I will mention is speedy WR Kadarius Toney. He’s someone that has been rising up my draft board throughout the season. He had a relatively quiet receiving game against Kentucky but did spring a long punt return TD right before the half. He’s electric with the ball in his hands.


Eric Gray #3, RB 2022 (5’10, 205) 

Sophomore RB Eric Gray is the player to watch on the Vols side of the ball. Gray has looked good this year, and in the process, he’s taken charge of the backfield for Tennessee. If he continues to develop well, I expect to see him be one of the top handful of backs going into the 2022 season. He certainly has shown plenty of ability as a runner and receiver out of the backfield.

West Virginia @ #9 Iowa State

Saturday, 12/5 | 3:30 PM ET, ESPN

#9 Iowa State

Breece Hall #28, RB 2022 (6’1, 215) 

Credit: Orlin Wagner | AP

Speaking of the 2022 RB class, the main player to watch for ISU is Breece Hall. He’s firmly atop my way too early 2022 RB class rankings, but when you watch him run, it’s easy to see why. He’s quite the runner, and barring several steps back, I expect him to be one of the better players in the entire 2022 rookie class.

Brock Purdy #15, QB 2021 (6’1, 212) 

The next two players are both mid-tier at their respective positions. First, we have Brock Purdy, who is having a fine, but an unspectacular season. He came into the season as someone I was watching as a potential riser in the 2021 class. But instead, I now think it might be best for him to return for his senior year next year. I think he could benefit from another year of development and not being in the same class as the likes of Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields.

Charlie Kolar #88, TE 2021 (6’6, 257) 

The last name I will mention here is TE Charlie Kolar. Like Purdy, he is a junior but is in the midst of a better year than his classmate. Kolar has the size you look for at the TE position and has shown that he can be a dynamic receiver. He certainly isn’t in the territory of the top guys at TE but could be someone that develops nicely in the NFL.

#3 Clemson @ Virginia Tech

Saturday, 12/5 | 7:30 PM ET, ABC

#3 Clemson

Trevor Lawrence #16, QB 2021 (6’6, 220)

The Clemson players to know haven’t changed. They have my top QB and RB in this class with Lawrence and Etienne. I don’t think I need to say much about Trevor Lawrence, he’s really good, and he’s going to go 1st in any SF rookie draft. If your league is only 1QB, he is absolutely someone I’d look to target at the end of the 1st round.

Travis Etienne #9, RB 2021 (5’10, 205) 

The next name on this Clemson team is RB Travis Etienne. As I mentioned, he is my top RB in the 2021 class. It’s still razor-thin between him and Alabama’s Najee Harris, and it will probably come down to the landing spot for who I end up preferring. But, for now, I have Etienne a little bit ahead. He’s the odds on favorite to be the 1.01 in non-SF drafts right now. He’s everything you want in a three-down RB in today’s NFL.

Amari Rodgers #3, WR 2021 (5’10, 210)

Credit: Ezra Shaw | Getty Images

The next name for Clemson is their leading WR, senior Amari Rodgers. He has bounced back nicely this year. His junior year was a bit of a disappointment, but considering he tore his ACL in March of 2019 and was playing football in September of 2019, I’d say it was still impressive. Rodgers is a much smaller, quicker WR than most of the recent Clemson pass catchers, but I think he still has a promising future in the NFL as a slot WR.

#1 Alabama @ LSU

Saturday, 12/5 | 8:00 PM ET, CBS

#1 Alabama

Mac Jones #10, QB 2021 (6’3, 214) 

Credit: Vasha Hunt | AP

Alabama’s first name to know is their junior QB, Mac Jones. Jones is coming off a monster game in the Iron Bowl and has put his name squarely in the middle of the Heisman discussion. Like several of the QBs this year, I’ve seen Jones ranked as high as three and as low as six. I think for me, he’s currently closer to the low side of that range.

Najee Harris #22, RB 2021 (6’2, 230)

Next, we have the aforementioned Najee Harris. I think that Harris and Etienne are in a separate tier compared to the rest of the RBs in this class. I have Etienne slightly higher, but I would be thrilled to land either on my team if I needed an RB. I have seen some Matt Forte comps for Harris, and I can somewhat see it. I have no problem taking him at 1.01 over Etienne if you like him more, especially depending on the landing spot.

DeVonta Smith #6, WR 2021 (6’1, 175)

The final name of note is DeVonta Smith. Smith is currently firmly in my second tier of WRs for the 2021 class. I have Ja’Marr Chase, Rondale Moore, and Rashod Bateman as my top-tier in no particular order. I have seen some people rank Smith as high or even higher than some of my top tier. But, I am a bit concerned about his size and how it’ll translate at the next level, so right now, I have him a bit below the others.


Terrace Marshall Jr #6, WR 2021 (6’3, 200) 

Like many of these teams, the names to know for LSU have remained relatively the same all season. First, we have junior WR Terrace Marshall. Marshall has shown his ability to excel as the team’s top receiver in what is turning out to be a rather unforgettable season for the defending CFP champs. I was high on Marshall last year and will likely try to snag him in the middle rounds of drafts if I can.

Arik Gilbert #2, TE 2023 (6’5, 249) 

The next name to know for LSU is freshman TE Arik Gilbert. I know I mention him almost every week, but that is because Gilbert looks like he’s really THAT good. As a freshman, he has been dominating SEC defenses and has left no reason to believe he will slow down. The only concern I have for Gilbert is time. He looks like an amazing TE in the making, and as long as nothing sets him back, he should be in a couple of years.

Ja’Marr Chase #1, WR 2021 (6’0, 207) ***OPT-OUT***

The final name to note is Ja’Marr Chase. He opted out of the 2020 season and is preparing for the NFL draft. He is still my WR1 for this class, but it’s very close to Rondale Moore and Rashod Bateman. It’ll likely come down to how well he tests at the combine and the LSU pro day, but assuming those numbers resemble what I anticipate, he should stay the WR1.

Baylor @ #11 Oklahoma

Saturday, 12/5 | 8:00 PM ET, FOX


Tyquan Thornton #9, WR 2021 (6’3, 180) 

The name to know for Baylor is junior WR Tyquan Thornton. He returned last week from injury and only posted a 4/38/0 receiving line. His season certainly hasn’t gone as he would like, but Thornton has the size and skillset to potentially make it in the NFL. I don’t know that he’s done enough to warrant NFL hype this year, but I like his game and will be following him whenever he declares.

#11 Oklahoma

Charleston Rambo #14, WR 2021 (6’1, 175)

Credit: Streeter Lecka | Getty Images

On the Oklahoma side of the ball, the name to know for this upcoming draft is slender WR Charleston Rambo. He has actually been upstaged a bit by freshman teammate Marvin Mims, but I still believe that Rambo is a good WR prospect. He probably will end up sliding a bit in rookie drafts unless he wows at the combine or his pro day, but Rambo had a lot of hype coming into 2020, so we will have to see how that goes going forward.

Marvin Mims #17, WR 2023 (5’11, 177)

The next two Sooners players are names for the future. First, we have freshman Marvin Mims. He is leading the team in receptions, yards, and TDs. Mims has looked like an incredibly promising young prospect. He could be the next in line of OU WRs to make it big in the NFL. I’ll be remembering him for when he’s eligible. 

Spencer Rattler #7, QB 2023 (6’1, 205)

The last name to know is the guy who will be throwing these two the ball, Spencer Rattler. He has bounced back nicely from a mid-season slump and looks more like the hyped QB that he was entering the season. Rattler has a while before he’ll be able to declare, but he’s absolutely someone that you need to know for the future.

Oregon State @ Utah

Saturday, 12/5 | 10:30 PM ET, ESPN

Oregon State

Jermar Jefferson #6, RB 2021 (5’10, 217) 

Credit: Soobum Im | USA Today Sports

If you happen to be staying up way late or live on the west coast, the late game features one of the least discussed RBs in this class. There aren’t a ton of big names in this game, but the one you should be watching is Jermar Jefferson. Jefferson is absolutely one of the best RBs in the 2021 class. His only real problem is that he plays on the west coast and for Oregon State, so he doesn’t exactly get a lot of national exposure. But, thanks to their upset win over Oregon, Jefferson got quite a bit more attention. I was hoping to be able to grab him as a bit of a value pick in drafts, but he absolutely deserves to be in the RB3 discussion.

That’s it for this week’s games. As I previously mentioned, if there is anyone you’d like me to take a look at, or want to share your thoughts on anything dynasty related, hit me up on Twitter ( @tristancook_ ). Also, check out tape on some of these guys in the Dynasty Nerds’ Film Room. It’s an amazing tool that I plan to take full advantage of.

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