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What is a Devy league?

One of the things that makes Dynasty Fantasy Football so fun is the variety of league settings and types.  I have found myself enjoying “Devy Leagues” the most. A devy league is the same as any other dynasty league but it includes the ability to draft players still in college before they have declared for the NFL Draft.  This at first glance is intimidating to owners but it should not be.  If you are an active dynasty owner, you are following college football in order to be in tune with your rookie drafts.  The Dynasty Nerds Podcast has been discussing the depth of 2017 draft class for almost a year.

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My first experience with devy was a 14 team, 50 man roster, fully functioning college-only fantasy football league.  This college team served as a farm team for a deep rostered NFL dynasty league.  While this was equivalent to jumping into 50 feet of water to try to learn how to swim, it was one way to learn that I would not recommend to anyone else.


Devy can be intimidating, but here are a few tips to help you dip your toes into the format for the first time.


Host the league on MyFantasyLeague.com.  MFL has the ability for commissioners to create placeholder players that can be added to rosters for ease of tracking. This also allows for the addition of Taxi Squads to easily store the devy players so they do not take active roster spots.  There are several other reasons to host your league on MFL, but this is another.  If you cannot host on MFL, make sure to have a clear place to track devy players that makes them available for trading.


Start with 1 college player per team.  The easiest way to do this is to hold a separate college only draft during the offseason. I would also advise to limit the devy player pool to players that are eligible for next year’s NFL draft ONLY.  This helps to level the playing field for owners that are not huge college football watchers.  Any active dynasty owner can come up with 12 college players that they are interested in owning for the dynasty team.

Be willing to experiment.  Whether it is with the same league over multiple different years, or joining multiple different leagues, be willing to try different rules surrounding devy players. Some major differences in leagues are the number of devy allowed either per team or for the league as a whole, whether the devy are included in the rookie draft or drafted separately, and when a player is eligible to be drafted as a devy player.


Have Fun.  This one speaks for itself.

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