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What is Dynasty Fantasy Football?

So exactly, what is dynasty fantasy football? Well, to put if briefly – dynasty is fantasy football 365 days a year. When you draft a player, you have the option of having him on your team for his entire career. You are the GM; like the NFL, you build your team through drafts, trades and waiver wire. Your goal is to build a team for long sustained success. In building a dynasty team you create a strong sense of team ownership; your players are yours for as long you’ll have them. There is no greater sense of satisfaction when it comes to winning fantasy leagues as there is to winning a dynasty league.

When starting a dynasty league you have the option of creating the rules of the league to your own preference. As the league develops over time you’ll be able to change the rules as needed. Here are some key points to all dynasty leagues:

  • You keep all of your players year round ?- There is no offseason. Scouting rookies and following NFL free agency is key to finding success in your league.?- There are three ways to add to your roster: trades, drafting rookies and the waiver wire.?- A dynasty league is forever. Your will have its ups and downs. Stick with your team through the good times and bad times. Rebuilding a winner can be just as fun.?- Never stay stagnant, always try and improve your team via trades.?- Youth is an important part of your team. Having a player on your roster for seven years gives you the liberty to improve your roster at other positions compared to a guy with only a year or two left in the league.?- A player in his 30s—besides a QB—have far less value than a younger player.?- After the initial first-year draft, each year after will contain a draft of only rookies. Scouting rookies is your main task after the regular season ends and is key to future success. Cashing in on your rookie drafts can lead to years of dominance in your league.?- All players can be traded solely for draft picks.


  • When owning a dynasty team you get to play fantasy football year round. The ability to keep your players for the duration of their careers creates a great sense of team ownership. When you put together a great team you get the satisfaction of winning over a long period of time. Your team benefits with the hard work you put in over the years, compared to a regular fantasy league where the season is one and done. A dynasty league takes the luck factor out of the equation and allows the best owners to rise to the top. There’s great pride in drafting players their rookie years, them turning into a Pro Bowl players, allowing you to capitalize on their talent for many years. At the same time there is much chagrin when drafting a player who becomes a complete bust, setting your team back a year or two.

If you are a die-hard fantasy player then a dynasty league is for you. If you’re a casual fantasy player then a dynasty league will turn you into a die-hard.

Dynasty Nerds Philosophy

When it comes to dynasty fantasy football leagues, you make the rosters and rules as you seem fit. Over the last 15 years of studying and playing dynasty football, Dynasty Nerds have come up with a philosophy and set of rules that we think optimize the game. ?- A team should be created through drafts and trades. ?- The waiver wire in all leagues should be limited, not allowing anyone to be lazy in a league and just grabbing talent that is sitting out there. ?- Rosters should be between 27-30 players, with a two-year practice/taxi squad.?- Your practice/taxi squad can only be used for the rookies you draft. When you draft a player you get the rights to that player for two years. You have the ability to move such player from your practice/taxi squad to your active roster as many times as you want those two years.?- After two years you must make a decision on the player drafted. He is either added to your active roster or he becomes part of the waiver wire.?-There is no flex; it emphasizes the importance of each position. Eliminating the flex position makes it harder to build a complete team equating to a greater sense of satisfaction when winning your league.?- Tanking a season or game is absolutely prohibited. A team should be docked future draft picks for attempts at tanking. No team should ever jeopardize the integrity of the league.

With large rosters and the rights to rookies for two years, it makes the waiver wire very limited. Finding a player on the waiver wire that contributes can be more difficult to do, but can be just as gratifying as drafting a player.  This makes the rookie draft and trades essential in building a successful team. nfl draft

The rookie draft becomes one of the most exciting days of the year.  Any team in your league has the chance to draft a future Hall of Famer—whether it be in the first round or fifth round—that will be on your roster for many years.

Trades are thought out and are often negotiated over many days. With so many players accounted for it’s up to you— be as creative as possible to modify your roster. It’s important to maintain a roster of young players and veterans. A roster full of older players will soon crumble and leave you with a team of below average contributors. Never stay stagnant; always look to improve your roster. Being stuck in the middle of a league is not where you want to be. You’re either a contender or rebuilding—never settle for average!

If you still are unsure on what is Dynasty Fantasy Football then check out our forum and ask questions!

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