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Your league-mates are Sharks: Realistic outlooks for an ever-evolving Dynasty landscape

We hear and see it all the time.  The advice that many of us have found foolproof, in the many years we’ve participated in dynasty leagues. 

Trade down in startup drafts!”

“Move X player for Y draft pick.”

“Sell high, regression is coming!”

This was and is sound advice in an almost universal aspect.  You should try and trade down in startups for maximum value.  You should be able to move X player for Y draft pick.  You should be able to sell high on player X based on last season’s performance.  But guess what?  Times have changed.  That great advice you read from your favorite expert on Twitter?  That perfect formula for success you heard on your favorite podcast?  Chances are, your league-mates have heard it too.  Chances are, your league-mates are looking to act on the same notions as you are.  Chances are, your league-mates are sharks. 


  1. A person who victimizes others, as by swindling or cheating.
  2.  A person with great ability in any given activity; adept; expert.

The internet changes everything.  Every conceivable piece of information is available to anyone at any time.  This is the world we live in, and it makes finding advantages more difficult than ever before.  It seems but a couple of years ago, being on the cutting edge of the dynasty thought process was simple.  Be the first person to read a tweet or listen to that week’s podcast, and you had the advantage.  Hell, listen to any podcasts at all, and you’re probably leaps and bounds above the competition.  But now, the market is flooded with fantastic information.  We as dynasty league enthusiasts hold court above most casual football fans.  See, for us, this is more than a hobby or a game.  This is life!  We love this stuff more than most people love their hobbies.  We eat and breathe football.  We dream X’s and O’s.  We drift off during our daily routine and imagine outcomes for teams and players across multiple dynasty leagues.  It’s time to come to terms, as a community, with the fact that almost everyone is “in the know”.  We need to change our approach to dealing with our league-mates.  Here are a few examples of how.

  •  No more lowball trade offers. 

No one, and I mean, no one, likes getting a lowball offer.  You immediately feel like your intelligence is being insulted, regardless of how calmly you approach the situation.  It’s obvious that you should always try to maximize your value when it comes to trades, but “winning” a trade out of the gate is no longer a feasible goal.  Instead, we need to take our trade partners team and team needs into account.  Offer something that suits them, and matches the value you both know exists for said assets.  Even if you fail to work something out, both parties will walk away happy and respectful of each other, with a higher likelihood of striking a deal in the future. 

  • Have honest conversations about personal preference during trade talks. 

Instead of trying to hide your desire for X player or pick, just be honest.  Honesty breeds honesty.  Sneaking our true target into the deal late in the game is an age old tactic that almost everyone is aware of now, and can instantly stall talks.  Instead, have a low and high end price in mind.  Start with your low end, and gradually work up to the high.  We don’t want to make huge overpays for our targets, but we also don’t want to break down the conversation because we aren’t “winning” the deal. 

  • Be flexible!

So, your trade partner is willing to part with your coveted player/pick.  Great news!  The bad news is, they value the target just as highly, if not more so than you.  This is very common in today’s hyper-information world.  Consensus value is a real thing, and for good reason.  Your options at this point are as follows.  Chalk it up to a lost cause, or find a way to make it work.  You may hold an asset that your partner values higher than you, and in this case, makes a great addition to accomplish a shared goal.  You can also bite the bullet, and pay up for your target.  Whether this is a smart move lies within the context.  Can your team handle the loss of assets?  Is this deal perfect for your current team construction?  The small details matter and no court of public opinion should sway your final decision on a deal.  You know what’s best for your team. 

In conclusion, our collective goal as a community should start pointing away from perceived superiority, deception, and ridicule in the quest to accomplish deals.  Understand that most of us are on the same level when it comes to player evaluation, pick values, etc. 

Apply the golden rule when it comes to your league-mates.  More often than not, it will be returned to you. 

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