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IDP Fantasy Forecast: 2022 Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars begin a new chapter with Head coach two-time Super Bowl champion Doug Pederson. He has brought in Mike Caldwell from Tampa Bay, where he was the inside linebackers coach. Caldwell boasted two All-Pros in Lavonte David and Devin White over the last two seasons. After the teaching he received from Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles, he wasted no time finding him a DC home for himself. Plans to use the acquired knowledge to bring a 3-4 defensive scheme that gets after the quarterback to Jacksonville and return it to Sacksonville from 2017. Expect a fast, hard-hitting defense down south, and the NFL will be put on notice with what he is planning.

Remember to check your league settings on the scoring and roster when drafting your IDP this season or making trades to get better. If you have individual positions such as DT, CB, DE, LB, and S., Filling your roster with quality starters makes it a bit more challenging. Most leagues are still DL, DB, and LB, giving you a more versatile approach to building your dynasty team.

BWF- Bye-week filler

UND- Undrafted

INJ- Injury filler

Defensive Line

DT DaVon Hamilton 2021-DT48

Hamilton has brought a fierce pass rush into camp against both centers vying for the starting job. I expect him to get the starting position in the middle with Malcolm Brown and Jay Tuefle on his heels. Last year he had seven double-digit scoring games in the sixteen games he appeared in, with an average of 27.6% snap percentage. He isn’t a player you will trade for in your established leagues and is available in most leagues through free agency.


WLB Devin Lloyd Rookie

Lloyd has been injured throughout camp, but that doesn’t deter him from keeping that starting position from the coach’s standpoint. He is the guy that will be starting the WILL LB position for the foreseeable future when he returns. He should be the first IDP drafted late first or early second round in all your rookie drafts—future fantasy stud. If you missed out, Devin wouldn’t be easy to trade for because the owners that drafted him did their homework. To trade for him, you will have to give up a veteran offensive starter or a right-now starter on defense, either an LB or Safety, more than likely.

Starter, LB2/LB3

MLB Foyesade Oluokun 2021 LB2

Oluokun was signed through free agency after two stellar seasons in Atlanta. Now, he steps into Mike Caldwell’s 3-4 defense as the MLB; there should be no reason not to expect him to continue his dominance as one of the NFL’s premier tacklers. I suggest drafting him when you start to see the other LBs going. He won’t last long. If you want to trade for him, it won’t be easy as he is one of the best in the league. Unfortunately, you will have to give a solid piece to pry from an owner’s hand, so don’t be surprised if the counter is north of your original proposal.

Top 10 Starter, LB1

Expect Foye to be locked into the Top 10 for the next three years from the linebacker position. That is a bold statement, but his abilities are well known in his career. He is a Jaguar, but do not let that sway your decision-making. Side Note the last game he missed was Week 3, 2020, and if that’s not consistent, then I don’t know what is.

SAM/EDGE Travon Walker Rookie

Late-round pick in rookie drafts. Jacksonville Jaguars coaches have been raving about Walker and his ability to learn the defense, step right in and contribute. Expect him to be the SAM LB/Edge Rusher, and he should contribute in ways that won’t affect your fantasy team more than the other players around him. Many believed Aidan Hutchinson would be the #1 pick when the draft process was taking place. Aiden produced great numbers, but he lacked playmaking for his teammates when not making those production plays. Walker was completely the opposite he didn’t have eye-popping production, but his ability to create havoc from anywhere on the field made him indispensable. Walker is a great teammate and an intelligent defensive player. The Jaguars need his IQ and putting himself in the correct position for Superstar Edge Rusher Josh Allen, who will have his personal best this season with Walker on the field.

Bench Stash

What I mean when I say bench stash is waiting and see what the Jaguars plan on doing with him. It doesn’t seem right because he was the #1 overall pick. We must be patient wait-and-see how effective he is on passing downs before committing to a starting role on your fantasy team. Do not draft him as someone you expect to start.

OLB/EDGE Josh Allen 2021 DE4

Allen established himself as one of the NFL’s best DEs to start his career. Now he’s in a defense that should thrive with his abilities in the 3-4. Allen can be a top-five DL selected in all of your IDP drafts. The reason is that the #1 overall pick, Travon Walker, will bring a presence to the pass rush he hasn’t had since Calais Campbell was here. Josh Allen will have every opportunity to grab a 20-sack season with the addition of Walker opposite him.

Top 10 Starter, DL1

Pencil him into your top ten for the foreseeable future in Jacksonville. Allen is a must-start and will win you games when it matters most in any IDP format. You won’t be disappointed having him on your team in the future with your dynasties making the trade to acquire him if you need a DL1. Don’t give up any Top 10 offensive players but consider a position you are abundant at and maybe a 2023 2nd or 3rd if you feel it will be late since the 2023 draft is stacked. Even try 2024 if you can. Don’t make a massive offer because you are unsure how the other owner values the IDP.

Defensive Backs

CB Tyson Campbell 2021 CB23

Campbell is an intriguing prospect for DB leagues that start three because he could contribute double-digit points weekly. Last year, the Jaguars were atrocious on defense and constantly getting the ball ran into the secondary, so he had a lot more opportunity to make tackles. With the new guard, I see him contributing as well but not at a top-tier. Think about using him in CB-only leagues but fade in regular DB format unless you need the spot start.

Late round flier, BWF, INJ

CB Shaquill Griffin 2021 CB43

QBs picked on the rookie (Campbell) more so than Griffin. Griffin started the first six weeks with double-digit numbers. Unfortunately, coming back from the bye, he wasn’t the same. He has dealt with the injury bug, missing three games. Zero interceptions while only having one forced fumble isn’t what you’re looking for in your number one CB. There’s a new defense, and Campbell has some experience; I expect Griffin to have a much better season.

Late round pick, BWF, INJ

FS Andre Cisco 2021 DB110

Cisco couldn’t break into the starting lineup last season. He has taken every starting rep next to RayShawn Jenkins this season. Cisco is hitting hard and flashing his range throughout all of training camp. He’s also doing well to cause turnovers, becoming a consistent presence in the secondary. Cisco will get every chance to start that free safety and produce, so it’ll be interesting to see how well he takes on this role. Before the season, make a move to put Cisco on your team. He is getting the reps. Nothing significant in a trade WR3/4 is about the highest you should go.

Starter DB2/DB3

SS RayShawn Jenkins 2021 DB62

Jenkins has had a stellar camp so far and should contribute to the defense considerably throughout the season. He had an up-and-down season last year, giving fantasy owners a headache not knowing when he would do well or not. Then add missing the final three games, technically four if you count the game he was injured in, which was early on in the contest. This year, Jenkins looks to bounce back and be worth the free agent contract he signed. He came from a 3-4 defense and is back in it with something to prove. Strong Safeties are the cream of the crop for DB in IDP leagues. If you need a starter, make a move while he isn’t being talked about much. Send late-round picks or WR3/4. Keep it light. You don’t want them to take advantage.

Starter, DB2

NB Darious Willams 2021 DB24

Williams has been injured throughout camp but doesn’t seem severe and will have the starting role when he returns. He will be the nickel back in the Jaguars’ 3-4 defense, and he should flourish well in that position. I’m not sure how high of a ceiling I want to give him as far as fantasy points if he’s only on the field during passing downs. Williams is worth drafting in the later rounds, but do not pencil him into the start quite yet. We need to see how often he will be on the field to contribute to our fantasy teams.

Late round pick, BWF, INJ


The Jacksonville Jaguars are a very young team that expects mistakes to be made. Looking at the other side of the coin, though, the defense should have a lot of opportunities to make plays with the demanding schedule ahead of them. Do not sleep on the IDPs on this team. They can win you games all season and beyond.

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