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2023 1QB Rookie Mock Draft 6.0 – Round 1

It is time to start looking to the 2023 rookie draft. The Dynasty Nerds team is here with 1QB Rookie Mock Draft 6.0 - Round 1!

Welcome to 1QB Mock Draft version 5.0. The post-Super Bowl edition. With the season officially over, it is time to dive deep into the rookie class. As we approach the combine, some narratives are starting to take shape- a strong running back class, and a weaker wide receiver class, among them. Will those storylines hold true as we get more information?

Previous mocks have seen at least one rookie quarterback taken in the first round of the 1QB drafts. Does this one follow suit?

Let’s have a look.

1QB Rookie Mock Draft 6.0 – Round 1

1.01 Bijan Robinson, RB, 5’11” 215


After the combine, there should still be no debate at the 1.01. It’s Bijan Robinson—end of the story. Robinson will be a three-down workhouse at the next level, which is so hard to find in the NFL. Even after the combine, the one knock Robinson could have had was his speed; however, he ran a 4.46, which is very good. There are no glaring holes in Robinson’s game, as he is one of the best running back prospects we’ve seen since Saquon Barkley. Robinson has the floor and ceiling combination that no one in this class can match, making him the 1.01 easily – @SteveBradshawFF

1.02 Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR, 6’1″ 196

Ohio State University

I’ve been on the JSN train for several years now. There would need to be an audible voice from Heaven telling me not to pick Smith-Njigba, for me even to consider going with someone else at 1.02. He’s no burner, but he’s fast enough. He fits most fluently as a short-intermediate slot receiver with great YAC ability. It’s not his speed that gives him the edge after the catch. It’s his body positioning and posturing adjustments that he makes during the catch. I will pay very high prices to get as much JSN on my rosters as possible. – @domffl

1.03 Jahmyr Gibbs, RB, 5’9″ 199


The Combine hasn’t changed much for at the top of my rookie running back rankings. Bijan still stands on top with Jayhmr Gibbs in a tier of his own at RB2. The one thing that has changed is where Gibbs ranks in the overall class. A disappointing week of testing for the wide receivers puts all of them behind Gibbs in my rankings. It also doesn’t hurt that Gibbs ran a 4.36 40-yard dash. That speed and his pass-catching ability will make him fantasy football gold for dynasty owners throughout his rookie contract. – @DanT_NFL

1.04 Zach Charbonnet, RB, 6’0″ 214


While not as dynamic as Bijan Robinson or Jahmyr Gibbs, Charbonnet has a bell-cow skillset. A freight train to tackle on early downs, feisty in open space, and advanced as a receiver and pass protector, Charbonnet has a 90% NFL snap share upside. Interchangeable with Gibbs for the RB2, Charbonnet will be selected in the first 50 picks of the NFL Draft and will see early career usage. Post combine tiers are developing, and Charbonnet ends tier two. He should not slide outside the top-5 of 1QB leagues. – @DynastyOasis

1.05 Quentin Johnston, WR, 6’3″ 208


Quentin Johnston is my WR1 in this draft class, so I’m stoked to get him at 1.05. He’s got the highest potential in this draft class with his size, speed, and agility combination. I won’t be shocked if he is the next AJ Brown. Don’t overthink QJ. He’s got good enough hands and wasn’t asked to run a wide variety of routes at TCU. That doesn’t mean he can’t do it. I’m all in on Quentin Johnston. – @DarthDbacks

1.06 Jordan Addison, WR, 5’11” 173


Right now, we need to remind ourselves not to overreact to the NFL combine, and Jordan Addison is a prime example. Addison’s selling point is his production. He had 3134 receiving yards across three years, peaking at 1593 his second year. We knew he was light before the combine, and his combine height is only an inch under his college-listed height. We also knew he succeeded while playing out of the slot in Pitt but had no issue transitioning to a more outside-heavy role at USC. With projected first-round capital, he should be a safe option. – @MonCalFF

1.07 Jalin Hyatt 6’0″ 176


Hyatt is one of the top wide receivers in the class. He put on a show at Tennessee in 2022 on his way to the Biletnikoff Award. He is silky smooth and tested well at the combine. Jalin Hyatt should be a fixture on his NFL team and your dynasty squads for years to come. – @ReflipeWThenuz

1.08 Zay Flowers, WR, 5’9″ 182

Boston College

This year’s wide receiver class gets slim after the top three, who are the consensus best three available. But after that top tier, I have Flowers in his own tier. He is a bit smaller at 5’9″ and 182 lbs, but what he lacks in height and weight, he makes up in aggressive play and solid route running. His display at the combine during the drills showed a smooth and crisp player ready to excel professionally. I think Flowers will ultimately be a late first-round pick in the NFL draft and will have a role on day one at the next level. – @timbmartens

1.09 Tank Bigsby, RB, 6’0″ 210


Being about to grab Bigsy in the later part of round one is a massive success for fantasy. He has all the makings and talent to be a third-down back at the NFL level. He has the speed and power you want to see in a fantasy running back. He is a touchdown machine in college and is good enough to see targets in the passing game. There is very little in his game that is concerning. He’ll argue for the top rookie running back in the class at the end of the season. – @coachstevenp

1.10 Josh Downs, WR, 5’9″ 171

North Carolina

Josh Downs might be on the smaller side, but he checks off a lot of the boxes as an early declare college producer and is likely to be a top 50 pick in April. Getting him at 1.10 in 1QB formats feels like good value. – @TheHQNerd

1.11 Kendre Miller, RB, 5’11” 215


Kendre Miller has early down size. He runs with patience and has decent vision. He navigates traffic well but seems slow to get to top speed. Miller has yet to develop in the passing game, catching just 29 passes in 34 games at TCU. Late in the first round, I’ll grab a Jordan Howard type and see if NFL coaching can improve his passing-down chops. – @Culture_Coach

1.12 Dalton Kincaid, TE, 6’4″ 246


Dennis Bennett sniped me, so I will go with my top tight end on the board in a pretty good tight end class. Kincaid is a capable blocker, but his value is as a pass catcher, and he’s a good one. He runs routes, has little nuances to his game that create separation, and has phenomenal hands – like a wide receiver. – @ffpeebleschamp

Thanks for checking out the mock draft. Hit the writer’s link in the write ups to get more detailed info about their pick. HERE is the Superflex version.

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