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2024 NFL Combine: Everything You Need to Know

Today @SteveBradshawFF previews everything you need to know about the 2024 NFL Combine.

2024 NFL Combine Schedule

Wednesday, Feb. 28:              8–9 a.m. – Defensive Line (Edge)

                                                9–10 a.m. – Linebackers

                                               10–11 a.m. – Defensive Line (Interior)

Thursday, Feb. 29:                  ​9-10 a.m. – Defensive Backs (Safeties)

                                               10-11 a.m. – Tight Ends

                                               11 a.m.–12 p.m. – Defensive Backs (Cornerbacks)

Friday, March 1:                      8–9 a.m. – Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers

                                                9–10 a.m. – Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers

                                               10-11 a.m. – Running Backs

​Saturday, March 2:                  8:30–9:30 a.m. – Offensive Line/Kickers

                                               10-11 a.m. – Offensive Line​

NFL Combine Drills

40-yard dash

20-yard shuttle

60-yard shuttle

Broad jump

Vertical jump

3-cone drill

Bench press

What to Watch For

Size and Speed

The official measurements are among the most important things at the NFL Combine. Before the NFL combine, a dozen different measurements are tossed around for every player, but there’s no official source. It’s not a secret that the 40-yard dash is the most anticipated event, and that’s for a good reason. With how the modern NFL is trending, teams care about speed, speed, and more speed.

Of course, size and speed matter for everyone, but it’s most important for running backs. Starting with height and weight, we’ve historically seen that running backs need to eclipse a BMI of 29.5 to become a three-down back. BMI is calculated by a combination of a player’s height and weight.

Now, some running backs that find success may be small and fast. Others may have a great BMI, but they’re very slow. Outside of a few outliers, players who test poorly in the 40-yard dash and with their BMI tend to be massive busts. 

One example of a player that tested poorly and tanked their draft stock is Isaiah Spiller. Spiller was the consensus RB1 before the combine, but after running a 4.58, he shot down boards. The 2024 NFL Combine is weak for running backs, but Jonathon Brooks will have a lot of eyes on his 40-yard dash following his ACL injury.

Arm Strength

When evaluating quarterback prospects, scouts look for players with the best tools. Organizations want a quarterback with raw tools they believe can be developed. There’s no better example than Anthony Richardson. Richardson was never highly productive in college, but his elite arm strength and athleticism made him the 4th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Looking ahead to the 2024 combine, Jayden Daniels is one player that comes to my mind immediately. Daniels had a late breakout, and despite winning the Heisman, NFL teams don’t believe he’s a complete quarterback. That said, if Daniels can show off his arm and elite athleticism, the hype surrounding Daniels will be insane.

Route Tree

Unlike these other measurables, route running isn’t as clear-cut. That said, you can tell what players are not good route runners just by watching them work out. Jalin Hyatt is an example of a player sliding due to their poor route running. Hyatt dominated in college, but many had concerns about his route running, which came to light at the combine. Hyatt had a poor day running routes, which contributed to his third-round draft capital.

Heading into 2024, Keon Coleman is my number-one prospect to watch in the route-running category. Coleman is an athletic freak but struggled to show an expanded route tree during his time at Florida State. As the time comes closer, we will need to watch many other prospects closely, but Coleman is the most interesting by far.

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