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2024 NFL Draft – Round 3 Fantasy Impact

We finish day two with the third round of the NFL draft. There are some key players worth noticing for dynasty rookie drafts.

Malachi Corley 3.65 – New York Jets

The first fantasy player in round three goes with Malachi Corley to the New York Jets. The Jets had Corley high on their boards since they traded to get the receiver. The Jets wanted to get their hands on a fast, electric player who could play in the slot for them. Corley has enough speed to create separation and yard after the catch ability to make some noise. He has some good strength and is a reliable receiver. He isn’t a polished receiver since his route-running ability needs work, and he didn’t run a full route tree used in college. 

Corley should be involved in this Jets offense due to the lack of playmakers in the passing game. He should be one of those rookies who can succeed in the offense because he plays in the slot. Corley should be projected as an early third-round pick in rookie drafts. 

Trey Benson 3.66 – Arizona Cardinals

We finally have a second running back off the board as Benson lands with the Cardinals. Benson, again, was another running back that I wish landed in an open backfield spot. He is a running back close to a three-down player that the Cardinals would love. He has speed and great contact balance for the position. His vision is one of the best in the class as well. Benson was the second-best running back in the class, and the Cardinals landed a stud. He does have a history of injuries in his past years, but he was fully healthy this season.

Benson should slot in as the backup to James Connor this season. I don’t think he will take over with Connor on the team. Connor does have a history of injuries and is getting older, so don’t let that stop you from getting Benson. He should be able to get some fantasy-related games with both backs on the field. Even if Benson doesn’t get much work in 2024, he should reach a workhorse-level role in the 2025 season. He is the best back to go grab in drafts for a rebuilding team. Due to the landing spot, Benson will likely be an early second-round pick. 

Jermaine Burton 3.80 – Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals seem to have found their Tee Higgins replacement on offense. Well, not in terms of size, but at the talent level. Burton is a receiver who wins in speed and route running. He does well as a vertical threat for an offense that can track the ball well and has solid hands. Burton wasn’t drafted sooner due to his play strength and ability to do things after the ball is in his hands. He did have solid production throughout his time in college. 

Burton will compete with Trenton Irwin and Andrei Isoivas in 2024 for the third receiver spot and could get a chance to start opposite Ja’Marr Chase in 2025. Burton likely won’t have enough fantasy relevant to be used often in 2024. The team already has two elite receivers and a solid run game. We saw that Tyle Boyd couldn’t be a weekly fantasy contributor. Burton will get his chance on the offense if he wins the job. He is likely a mid to late-third-round pick in rookie drafts. 

Tip Reiman 3.82 – Arizona Cardinals

We have another tight end off the board that we probably didn’t expect. This is a blocking tight-end selection. Some of Reiman’s strengths are size and blocking. He is a big-bodied person who could be a red-zone target with some untapped potential. Reiman didn’t show much in college as a receiver with limited production. He dealt with drops and was not great at separation on the field. He likely won’t be drafted in many leagues unless he is in the TE premium. Even then, I don’t expect him from Reiman in fantasy. 

Blake Corum 3.83 Los Angeles Rams

The running backs are finally coming off the board, and Corum is landing with the Rams. This is probably a decent landing spot for Corum due to his skill set. He is a natural runner who has fantastic vision. Despite his smaller frame size, he is a tough running back who can get down and dirty. Corum proved he could be an effective running back who showed great production in college. He is likely a running back who is only a two-down back and won’t have much value in the receiving game unless given the opportunity. 

Of course, the Rams already have breakout running back Kyren Williams. Williams proved last year he can be effective on fewer carries and do damage in the passing game. Corum is a nice complement for Williams on offense. Of course, Corum won’t be a starting running back, which hurts his fantasy value. He will back up Williams for two years before having a shot. The Rams could use Corum to take some of the dirty work, allowing Williams not to sustain too much damage. Corum is best suited as an early third-round pick and potentially a late second in standard leagues. 

Roman Wilson 3.84 – Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers scooped up a new receiver and took on Roman Wilson. From what I saw on film, I wasn’t the biggest Wilson fan, but many liked his talent. He is your replacement for Diontae Johnson, a receiver who is a solid route runner with decent speed. Unlike Johnson, Wilson has fantastic hands and won’t deal with drops. Wilson is a smaller frame receiver, and his play strength is questionable. He is likely destined for the slot role in the offense, which could be valuable in a Steelers offense that needs weapons.  

Wilson will compete with Calvin Austin for the slot role, and he should probably win. He is the most polished receiver despite being a rookie. Wilson could be one of those receivers who plays a big role in his rookie season. They have few options for pass catchers outside of George Pickens and Pat Freiermuth. Wilson would likely be a third-round pick in rookie drafts. 

MarShawn Llyod 3.88 – Green Bay Packers

This one hurts as Marshawn Lloyd was a big riser this offseason and lands with the Packers, who recently signed Josh Jacobs. On the surface, that seems like a death trap for Llyod for fantasy being behind Jacobs. There is an out in Jacobs’ contract in 2025 if the Packers feel he isn’t living up to his talent on the field. Llyod comes in as a change of pace with his acceleration and long speed. He also shows explosiveness and the ability to make defenders miss. His biggest issues on film were vision and balance, but his off-season made up for that. 

Due to his explosiveness on the field, Llyod should beat out AJ Dillon for the backup job or at least have a few touches in most games. He may not have a big rookie season unless Jacobs gets hurt. Lloyd has better long-term value for dynasty. An early third-round pick is still the best situation for him since his impact will better help a rebuilding team. For the Packers, it still seems like a questionable move since they already signed two running backs this offseason.   

Jalen McMillan 3.92 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The University of Washington is killing it, with their top three receivers all going in the first three rounds. Jalen McMillan is the next Washington receiver to go off the board to the Bucs. McMillan’s top strengths are his route running and speed. He was overshadowed in his senior year in college, but make no mistake, he has talent. McMillan was projected to be a slot receiver at the next level, but I could see him getting more chances to play outside. There are concerns with McMillan that he needs to fix, like his play strength and situation where he needs to fight for the ball. He was in the slot most of his career, so being only a slot receiver can turn folks off. 

McMillan will likely have to battle Trey Palmer for the slot role in the offense. I think McMillan has a more polished approach to the position, so he could start in week one. Chris Godwin is in the last year of his contract, and Mike Evans, despite a new contract, is up there in age. McMillan could easily be a full-time starter in 2025. An early third-round pick would be a smart value to take him, but I’d consider reaching in late-round two. McMillan has the talent to be a gem in this class. 

Luke McCaffrey 3.100 – Washington Commanders

The last pick of the night was Luke McCaffrey, as the Washington Commanders selected him. McCaffrey has only played the receiver position the last few seasons, so he is still learning. He projects a big slot target at the next level. He works hard to get the job done on the field. McCaffrey can play inside and outside at the next level. He showed the ability to separate during the offseason. He is also a versatile player who could be a Swiss army knife. McCaffrey’s issue is that he is still developing at the position, so it may take some time before he fully masters it. He struggles to mean press coverage and doesn’t always have the elite speed to win. 

McCaffrey comes into a situation where he is likely to be the slot receiver on the team. I don’t see him making a big impact in year one. He is a better long-term player, and I hope he can develop by 2025. There are a lot of mouths to eat in that Commander’s offense with a new quarterback who enjoys running with the football. I see McCaffrey as a mid to late-third-round pick in the rookie draft. I wouldn’t be surprised if he falls into the fourth round when all is said and done. 

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