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2024 Rookie Profile: Brock Bowers – Tight End

Brock Bower is one of the most complete tight end prospects in years. Which traits can stand out to an NFL team!?

Profile Overview

  • College: Georgia
  • Height: 6’4″
  • Weight: 230 lbs
  • Age: 22
  • Year: Junior
  • Draft Projection: 1st Round

College Career


Brock Bowers went to Napa High School, where he was the second-ranked tight end in his recruitment class. He was ranked second despite not playing his senior year due to COVID. Bowers would commit to Georgia in 2021 to play ball there.

As a freshman, Bowers did not skip a beat despite not playing football the prior year. He would set Georgia records at tight end as a true freshman. His best season had to be as a freshman, and learning to adjust to the college level was very impressive. Bowers would have another great season in his sophomore year with career highs in receiving yards. He won the John Mackey Award that season.

In 2023, Bowers still had another great season, playing in only ten games. He would suffer a high ankle sprain that required surgery. Bowers freakishly returned to the field that season in only 26 days. Throughout his college career, he had ten 100-yard games. His most impressive was during the National Championship game, where he had seven receptions for 152 yards and a touchdown. Surprisingly, Bowers only had two losses in his college career, which were to Alabama. Alabama is almost like an NFL team, especially on defense, and he managed to put up 19 receptions, 228 yards, and two touchdowns in three career games.


Ball Skills

One of Bowers’ best traits is his ball skills. He had the best hands in the class and has made some crazy catches in his career. He has also been a reliable option that will translate well to the NFL. We’ve seen some of the best tight ends in the NFL to have elite ball skills. Bowers is fantastic at adjusting to the ball in the air. He has made some amazing back-shoulder fade catches. His hands also allow him to win contested catches at times. Bowers was someone in college who rarely had any drops when targeted. He should be a reliable option at the next level that a team can build around.

YAC Treat

One trait that NFL teams will fall in love with is Bowers’ Yards After Catch ability. Last season, Bowers had over 450 yards after the catch, leading among all tight ends in the country. His speed allows him to do as much as possible with the ball in his hands.

Bowers also showed strength with over 400 yards after contact as well. He can also make defenders miss, allowing him to gain those extra yards that teams will want in a playmaker. He will also be fantastic for fantasy owners who will love those extra yards he can get. Bowers takes quick passes that look like a seven-yard catch and turns them into 16-plus yards in any given play. Bowers will be someone who can lead all tight ends in receiving yards one day.

Elite Athlete

Another trait that Bowers possesses is a rare athletic skill set for the tight end position. He has elite burst and speed to race past most defenders. He isn’t a player who will likely be caught from behind once he finds open space. Bowers can find the open space on the field and use that athletic ability to make big plays on the offense.

On film, Bowers looks like a receiver but has the size of a tight end to be a mismatch on the field. He has thrived with crossers and deep routes that can be difficult to cover due to his speed. I would expect Bowers to shine at the NFL combine with his athletic traits. I wouldn’t be surprised if he can run a 4.5 during his 40 time. Bowers’ speed will translate well for the NFL. We’ve seen more athletic tight ends shine in fantasy and the NFL.

Areas Of Concern

While Bowers seems like the real deal for the tight-end position, some things can cause concerns. For one, he isn’t going to be a traditional Y tight end, but that’s okay since he can do more on the offense. While he shows strength, watching him on film with contested catches raised some questions. It didn’t consistently win when being heavily contested on plays.

If Bowers is going to line up as an inline blocker, he needs to do better with his blocking, as it is inconsistent. He doesn’t hold his blocks when the rusher is at the point of attack.

I’d like to see how he handles more man coverage at the NFL level. When watching the film on Bowers, you saw opposing defenses be in more zone coverage, which will always be easier for pass catchers. He also needs to clean his route tree, which should help him create more consistent separation.

Projected Draft Capital/Role/Dynasty Value

Bowers is going to take the NFL by storm. He is one of the best prospects to come out at tight end since Kyle Pitts. (Don’t freak out; Pitts has been unlucky playing for the Falcons the last three seasons) Bowers can continue this trend of young rookie tight ends to make an impact at the NFL level.

Bowers should likely go in the first round of the NFL draft. Bowers will likely be a top-15 pick during the NFL draft. His value has been as high as fifth overall to the Chargers, and I’ve seen in mock drafts it is falling to 1.15 to the Colts. Granted, he could fall into the twenties, but he will be a round-one pick.

I’d love to see Bowers go to the Chargers to pair up with Justin Herbert in LA. We know the Chargers are going through changes at the skill position players so that Bowers could be a star as a hybrid tight end. Other teams he could go to are the Jets, Broncos, Colts, and Seattle, which could all use game-changing tight ends. I’ve seen mock where he goes to the Bears, which they would use him in the slot more since they have Cole Kmet.

Bowers will likely be in the conversation if he lands with the Chargers as a top-six pick in rookie drafts. That is a high-power offense that would help him out a ton. If he lands with those other teams I mentioned, he would like a range from 1.06 to 1.10, depending on the owner’s needs. He could quickly come out of the gates and make an immediate impact at the NFL level. It may slightly change based on what team he lands with, but he should be in line to make some noise. He has the right blend of speed and strength with his ball skills to join the elite young group at the NFL level.

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