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2024 Rookie Profile: Jayden Daniels – Quarterback

This year's QB class has some top guys, but could Jayden Daniels be the best in the class? Let's dive in to find out.

Profile Overview

  • College: LSU
  • Height: 6’4″
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Age: 23
  • Year: RS Senior
  • Draft Projection: 1st Round

College Career

Jayden Daniels went to Cajon High School in San Bernardino. He was the second-ranked quarterback in the 2019 class. He would commit to Arizona State, where he would get off to a hot start. That success was due to having a player like Brandin Aiyuk to play with for that one season.

In the following season, Daniels would get his sophomore season cut short due to Covid and only play in four games. In 2021, Daniels was not doing well as a passer. While his rushing output doubled, his passing stats fell. You see that his YPA fell, which led to fewer passing yards despite playing one more game than his rookie season. His top two receivers were Ricky Pearsall with 580 receiving yards and Bucs running back Rachaad White with 456 yards. Arizona State could not get Daniels a weapon at receiver to help his passing shine. Following a poor 2021 season, Daniels chose to leave Arizona State for LSU.

*2019Arizona StateFR1220533860.729438.79.4172149.2
2020Arizona StateSO4498458.37018.39.051145.7
*2021Arizona StateJR1319730165.423817.97.11010136.2
Passing Output

In an interview, this was said. “They did a great job at ASU, but coming here to LSU, I get to showcase my talent on a national stage,” Daniels said. Daniels wanted to be seen more with more talent with a team like LSU than Arizona State. Even in Daniels’ first season with LSU, it was just as good as his freshmen season. This was also head coach Brian Kelly’s first season with the team, so Daniels had to learn a whole new playbook with everyone. He did have career highs in rushing yardage.

In 2023, Kelly unleashed Daniels in his offense. He had 1,100 rushing yards and ten touchdowns. In the passing game, he had developed well with Malik Nabers in the offense and threw up 40 passing touchdowns. Nabers would have 14 of those touchdowns. Brian Thomas Jr. would also break out as a junior. In each game, Daniels would have three plus touchdowns from week two to 12. This would lead to Daniels winning the Heisman in 2023. 

*2019Arizona StateFR121253552.83
2020Arizona StateSO4332236.84
*2021Arizona StateJR131387105.16
Rushing Output


Deep Ball Accuracy

One of Daniels’ strongest traits is his deep ball. He has a cannon of an arm to make deep throws. In 2023, Daniels’ deep ball completion percentage was 63%, with 22 touchdowns and zero interceptions. Watching him on film, you saw plenty of beautiful deep passes, whether he threw it ahead of his receiver to catch and run or only where his receiver had a chance to catch the ball. This will be an essential trait for Daniels at the next level. If the defense knows a quarterback can’t throw deep, it’s easier to defend. Daniels will help open up an offense by throwing the ball downfield more. He can even make these big throws on the run for 20-plus yards, which makes him an exciting prospect to watch.

Elite Athleticism

One of Daniels’ most exciting traits is his ability as a runner. He is an elite athlete on the field. You saw his rushing totals increase yearly to the point where he had 1,100 rushing yards in 2023. For fantasy, many owners will drool over his potential as a runner since we’ve seen success come from many mobile quarterbacks.

Daniels’ elite ability to run will make things tough for NFL defenses since they know he can also throw deep, which would also open up the defense. If Daniels gets a light box up front, he can shine as a runner. He could easily take the ball 60-plus yards and score a touchdown on any given play. He shows off great vision while running with the ball, as well. This elite ability also makes him more challenging to sack, so he has no problem extending a play using his legs. Daniels, in an offense, will bring excitement with his athletic abilities.

A Poised Player

One crucial trait I like to see in a quarterback is being poised as a player on the field. For one, Daniels has shown outstanding leadership with his experience in college as a fifth-year player. He has the mentality to win over a locker room and a group of veterans early on. Daniels looks calm on the field when the opposing defense shows pressure. He doesn’t get frazzled and continues to find ways to make the play, whether by passing or moving out to run with the ball. Daniels is also a sound decision-maker as a quarterback. He will be smart with the football and not force it to cause turnovers. Daniels has CJ Stroud-level leadership that could help him at the NFL level.

Areas Of Concern

While Daniels has many upside traits, there are some things that he will need to work on. He does struggle at times to be consistent in throwing the ball in tight windows. You can noticeably see that in the short area of the field within ten yards of LOS. His throwing % within ten yards or less was 58%, down from the previous year. He likes quick reads rather than going through multiple progressions. He will need to be coached on that to be a solid passer.

Daniels had many quick reads when watching the film and would usually run it rather than keep it in his pocket. As a runner, he needs to learn to stop taking as many hits and get out when running with the ball. We’ve seen too many mobile quarterbacks get hurt due to the hits on them. Lastly, he is an older prospect, but he does come with experience, so it’s not a bad thing.

Projected Draft Capital/Role/Dynasty Value

Daniels has a lot of great traits that can translate to the NFL level. While he has things to work on, those can be coached up to bring his talent together. Daniels has a real shot at making noise as a rookie based on his rushing ability and big plays. He will likely make more mistakes than he has shown in college, but he is a player you can build an offense around. Daniels will likely come down to two teams that will draft him in the 2024 NFL draft: the Commanders and the Patriots. I don’t see him falling past the third pick.

If he lands with the Commanders, he may be able to get that quick stardom as a rookie based on the offense that he would be around. If he lands with the Patriots, it may take longer unless the offense gets more weapons this offseason.

There could always be a dark horse that trades up, like the Falcons or Broncos team looking to make a splash at the quarterback position. No matter where Daniels goes, he will likely be a top-four pick in rookie drafts. He would likely be the 1.03 or the 1.04, depending on where he goes. In 1QB leagues, he should be considered a borderline first-round pick due to his rushing ability. Based on his overall upside, Daniels could be the best quarterback in this class.

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