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Apples to Oranges: Comparing Rookies to Devy Assets

Rookie drafts are always tough, knowing whether to take them or wait for devy assets can make a world of difference. @MandrewNFL breaks down which way you should lean depending on the position.

Each spring and summer, dynasty players are faced with a tough question, do I draft a rookie at position X this year or wait for devy assets? Sometimes when your team is close, the choice is simple. 

What about when it isn’t? When your team isn’t looking like it will win this year, you must decide what is worth drafting. That decision is never easy because everyone wants to win immediately, but it may be worth waiting for. Trading back to get a pick in the future or a player and a pick later could be worth it. 

What you need to be empowered with is knowledge. The knowledge of who is better, the rookie this year or the devy assets of the future. This year’s rookie class wasn’t friendly to Superflex players needing a QB. As for the other positions, you may be in luck. To know for sure, though, allow us to help.

Let us compare apples -rookie picks – to oranges – the devy assets – so you know which is more valuable.

(Disclaimer: I know everyone is quick to judge, so this is the criteria for the rookies and devy assets. I am using the top player at each position from the Dynasty Nerds rankings.)

Quarterbacks: Any Rookie Quarterback vs. Bryce Young 

Selection: Bryce Young

This 2022 rookie QB class can be best compared to a school lunch. You don’t really want to eat it, but you will if it is all you have in front of you. No one should be excited to draft any of these rookies. Punting on that position this year should 100 percent be the call. Young is currently the top devy QB for our site and is leaps and bounds above all the rookies. The reigning Heisman winner may even see his stock grow more with the improvements coming to his offense. He may not be the first overall pick in 2023, but he should be a top-five pick and one of the best fantasy assets next year.

Running Backs: Breece Hall vs. Bijan Robinson 

Selection: Bijan Robinson

I love Hall as a prospect. That being said, Robinson is in a special tier. He is, without a doubt, the best RB prospect since Saquon Barkley, bar none. His unique and rare blend of vision, power, and burst make him a lethal weapon for the Longhorns’ offense. If you want to see why people are excited about him, watch the Oklahoma game from this fall. Every aspect of his game is on display. The play in the tweet above is just a taste.

Wide Receivers: Garrett Wilson vs. Jaxon Smith-Njigba 

Selection: Garrett Wilson

This was the most challenging decision of all the situations listed. I am a fan of both players. Both have NFL skillsets and should be great in the league. For the time being, I am giving Wilson the nod because of the offense he is in with Zach Wilson. While Hall and Michael Carter will look to balance the offense, the Jets want to air it out more. Corey Davis couldn’t mesh with Zach Wilson his first year, but Garrett Wilson might be more friendly of a fit. His skill set and how the Jets may look to use him should allow him to fit in the offense better and produce. 

Tight End: Trey McBride vs. Brock Bowers

Selection: Brock Bowers

This TE class was sort of a stinker, let’s be honest. This TE devy class, though, is something much better. This coming year we have Michael Mayer leading the class, but in 2024, that has the white whale. Bowers will be the most exciting prospect since Kyle Pitts when he is eligible. He has the complete toolset and a chance to be the most complete TE prospect since T.J. Hockenson. Georgia always develops its talent. Bowers is like a fine wine while he sits down there and continues to get better.

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