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Attack the 2024 Rookie Draft: 1.01

You are on the clock with the 1.01 - how do you attack the pick and what are your options?

In this series for the Dynasty Nerds, the staff will take a rookie draft pick-by-pick and evaluate who they would select. Each pick will take into account other players on the board, how the team build can affect the pick and possibly change the pick, and also the trade value of the pick.

We are operating under the assumption that the league is a SuperFlex league with a tight end-premium scoring format.

The 1.01 Pick

Being it’s SuperFlex, for me, it’s an easy pick to take the NFL overall first pick, Chicago Bears quarterback Caleb Williams.

The Bears have surrounded the rookie with weapons, adding running back D’Andre Swift, trading for DJ Moore last season and Keenan Allen more recently, and then drafting Rome Odunze with the ninth pick. Williams enters the NFL with possibly the most dangerous receiver corps and a strong pass-catching back.

Even without all that, Williams is one of the most talented quarterbacks in recent memory. He’s dangerous improvising when plays break down and can throw to all levels. Williams isn’t afraid to run and is dangerous when he does.

There are character concerns, but some may be a bit overdone; Williams is different and doesn’t fit into the mold of what the traditional NFL quarterback is thought to be. But that doesn’t affect his ability, which is undeniable.

Who Else Should You Consider?

It’s tough to even think of anyone else, but I was in a league where I had the 1.01, and my quarterbacks were Tua Tagovailoa, Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, and Anthony Richardson. I was considering Marvin Harrison Jr. with the pick before I traded Rodgers away. With the other three, I was still confident in my quarterbacks, but it’s tough not to want to horde quarterbacks in the format.

If you are set at the position, wanting to trade down is tempting. I also attempted that and ultimately made another deal and didn’t have the pick. But moving down a pick to take Harrison is also a strong move.

Harrison is the only other player in consideration here, and it depends on the team build. Harrison will likely be a top-three WR in the NFL for many years and it’s tough to pass on a talent on the level of Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase.

Should You Trade the 1.01?

Yes, it’s in the cards, as mentioned above, and the value of the 1.01 is incredible, especially now that the Draft is complete. When that clock starts on your rookie draft, expect an even bigger increase in value, particularly with teams that need a QB.

Here is the current value in our Build Your Own Trade tool to give you an idea of the 1.01/ Williams value as a one-to-one trade. The value of 1.02 is a severe drop-off, but it holds more actual value in the draft as it plays out.

For instance, I ended up trading Deshaun Watson, Deebo Samuel, and the 1.01 for Jalen Hurts, AJ Brown, and Tee Higgins. It improved my QB room from a player-for-player standpoint and gave me two strong WR assets. It was tough not to keep the 1.01 and have four QBs, but I felt like I got one of the most valuable QBs in fantasy, so I left feeling I had “won.”

The Final Word

Williams at 1.01 is one of the only locks in this draft class, and if you are considering another one of the QBs, I may have to check your sanity. I wouldn’t fault anyone for taking Harrison; he feels as safe as a prospect could be and will likely get 150 targets in year one.

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