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Attack the 2024 Rookie Draft: 2.02

In with the 2.02 we select quarterback Bo Nix who could be steal in the second round.

In this series for the Dynasty nerds, the staff will take a rookie draft pick by pick and evaluate who they would select. Each pick will take into account other players on the board, how the team build can affect the pick and possibly change the pick, and also the trade value of the pick.

We are operating under the assumption that the league is a SuperFlex league with a tight end-premium scoring format.

PickPlayerPositionSchoolNFL Team
1.01Caleb WilliamsQBUSCBears
1.02Marvin Harrison Jr.WROhio StateCardinals
1.03Jayden DanielsQBLSUCommanders
1.04Malik NabersWRLSUGiants
1.05J.J. McCarthyQBMichiganVikings
1.06Brock BowersTEGeorgiaRaiders
1.07Rome OdunzeWRWashingtonBears
1.08Drake MayeQBUNCPatriots
1.09Brian Thomas Jr.WRLSUJaguars
1.10Xavier WorthyWRTexasChiefs
1.11Jonathon BrooksRBTexasPanthers
1.12Trey BensonRBFlorida StCardinals
2.01Ladd McConkeyWRGeorgiaChargers

The 2.02 Pick

With the second pick in round two, this team selects Bo Nix, a quarterback with the Denver Broncos. This team selected Marvin Harrison Jr. in the first round and found a steal in round two. It’s not often in SuperFlex leagues that you can get a potential starting quarterback in rookie drafts in round two. Nix gets round-one draft capital during the NFL draft with the twelfth pick. In Superflex leagues, taking a risk in round two with a quarterback makes so much sense. I’ve seen Nix go in round one, which is a wrong decision due to the risk he offers. Round two makes more sense to take a risk with Nix. 

Nix’s landing with the Broncos fits the scheme that head coach Sean Payton wants to run. Nix will have a good opportunity to be the season-opener starter for the Broncos. In SuperFlex, the quarterback position is way too valuable to allow Nix to slip past an early-round two-section. If you’re a rebuilding team, you get a quarterback that could help develop for the long run. Or you can use it to get value from a contending team who didn’t reach in round one. Nix will go through a learning curve, but he will produce fantasy points for dynasty leagues in 2024.

Who Else Should You Consider?

While taking Nix in round two has great value for Superflex leagues, there are other options you could consider if you don’t believe in his talent. You could also consider Xavier Legette, Keon Coleman, and Ricky Pearsall based on this draft. These three highly drafted receivers landed in situations that fit their playstyle. Coleman is the most likely competitor for this spot due to his landing spot. He is a big-bodied receiver who could start day one on the outside for the Bills. Coleman is a special receiver who could be a building block on a team looking for a potential long-term receiver for their lineup.

Pearsall and Legette are more long-term options as they will need time before they start producing. They made Nix a better choice during the dynasty because of the talent level they offered. Not that it happens often, but taking the long-term risk with Michael Penix, whose talent makes more sense as a first-round pick in the NFL draft (but not the 1.08). Nix’s talent did not have him projected for a first-round pick at all. Dynasty is a game of who can produce for me now when you need it, and Nix does that, unlike Penix. While they were taken earlier, you may be able to find some fallers like Trey Benson or Ladd McConkey, who falls to the 2.02 in some drafts. I’d consider both players over Nix. 

Should You Trade the 2.02?

If you own the 2.02 and don’t need to get a quarterback, float some offers out there to teams. If an owner is desperate to have the quarterback play in 2024, you may be able to get value with a 2025 1st in return. I’m also not afraid to move down and pick up a later second and a few thirds. There are players with great value in those rounds. I think you’d be throwing away value by allowing a quarterback in Superflex leagues to get past you in round two. 

For players, look towards young players like Zamir White, Brian Robinson Jr., Jameson Williams, and Jayden Reed. All those players still have upside and long-term value in this NFL, which you could be getting at 2.02. For older players, look towards Alvin Kamara, Joe Mixon, and Rhamondre Stevenson. All three can provide you with RB2 numbers in 2024. You could still likely grab older receivers like Chris Godwin, Calvin Ridley, and Amari Cooper. Each of them gives you a chance to provide WR2 numbers. 

The Final Word

Anytime you can get a quarterback for decent value, you need to take it up. You hope Nix’s talent in an offense that fits him will be a match made in heaven. Over the years, we’ve seen quarterbacks get pushed up to first-round selections that shouldn’t, and it’s a good thing for the team in early round two. Whether or not you need a quarterback on your team, Nix’s 2024 potential to start makes him an asset that could eventually get you more capital for the future or a player that better suits your starting lineup. 

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