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College Football Week 6 – Too Cold or Too Bold?

Our writers tell you which takes from Week 6 of the college football season are overreactions, and which ones are legitimate.

The fantasy football world, and the devy world, in particular, is littered with overreactions each week. Our writers are here to tell you which takes from week six are legit (Too Cold) and which ones are overreactions (Too Bold).

1. Spencer Rattler will not be a first-round pick

Perhaps the biggest story from a wild week of college football comes from the Red River Rivalry game. Star Oklahoma QB and a potential first-round draft pick in 2022, Spencer Rattler, was benched midway through the game. It’s the second time in two years it happened versus Texas. In comes true freshman 5-star Caleb Williams, who led Oklahoma to an incredible comeback over the Longhorns. Rattler’s poor performance combined with how well Williams did has people ready to count Spencer out as a first-round pick in 2022. Too Cold or Too Bold?

Tristan – Too bold-ish

I can’t say I’m particularly confident about this one, though. I think Rattler’s best chance to regain his pre-season draft hype is staying in college and transferring somewhere else. He needs a fresh start, a change of scenery, and perhaps he’ll get back to the way he was viewed before. If he declares this year, I don’t think he’ll get drafted in the first round. So, this belief is banking on him staying in college for another year. 

If he decides to step away from the OU program to “prepare for the draft,” I think he likely won’t get picked until day 2. It’s always possible that he’ll get a team to trade up for him at the end of the first round, but I’m not counting on that. The best move for him is another year at a new program to show why he was viewed so highly. 

Dan – Too cold

Rattler has a very serious question to answer in the weeks left in the college football season. Will he enter the 2022 NFL draft, or will he roll the dice with the transfer portal and potentially improve his stock for the 2023 class? Lincoln Riley has remained non-committal on naming his starting quarterback this week, but I seriously doubt the job belongs to Rattler moving forward. 

Rattler has enough “traits” and “tools” that there is no chance he won’t get drafted in this upcoming class. As it stands today, he is the perfect day two flyer for a team that wants to start their quarterback replacement process sooner rather than later. Teams like the Seahawks, Raiders, or Titans are all teams that have multiple years left in a starter but might want to grab a young guy to develop.

The other option that presents itself is via the transfer portal. After speaking with his agent and family, Rattler may decide that trying another season at a different school might be best. He could theoretically improve his draft stock that way and re-enter the first-round conversation with Bryce Young and DJ Uiagalelei. I don’t envy the decision for this young man as either will involve a long road of proving his worth on the football field. 


I’ve been having this conversation for the past few weeks about Rattler, and it’s tough to call it.

On the one hand, if my team took Rattler with its first pick this fall, I’d probably start burning gear. His processing and maturity aren’t there. He has happy feet, and he’s rolling out of solid pockets, eliminating quality options and cutting down the field. He’s forcing the ball into bad situations and missing open guys.

On the other hand, he has the tools. His release is NFL-ready, he can often be incredibly accurate, and he has the mobility that NFL coordinators crave. 

I’m not entirely out on Rattler as a prospect. Winning NFL QBs such as Derek Carr spent five years playing at the college level before turning pro, and even guys like Joe Burrow took a fourth year to impress. And NFL teams seem more than ever to be targeting traits rather than production at the position. We saw Jordan Love go at the back of the first after a terrible final season, and we saw Trey Lance go in the top five after just two seasons starting at the FCS level. 

Add to this the utter absence of talent at the QB position in 2022- at least at P5 schools- and I think there is still a shot that Rattler can sneak into the back end of the top 32. I don’t believe this happens unless he wins his starting job back from Williams, though, and I doubt you can find an Oklahoma fan that won’t riot if Rattler is out there this weekend. 

Final answer: Rattler transfers and spends a much-needed fourth college season playing outside of Norman. 

2. Kenneth Walker III is the clear 2022 RB3

The RB3 spot in the 2022 class has been wide open for a long time now. Michigan State RB Kenneth Walker III is starting to take a grip on it, according to many. He currently leads the nation in rushing yards by 122. He can’t go a week without breaking multiple tackles on his way to a highlight run and is leading the Spartans on their way to a 6-0 record and a #10 ranking in the AP Poll. Fans are ready to call Walker the RB3 in the class. Too Cold or Too Bold?

Tristan – Too Bold

I think that he’s one of a handful of players that could be the RB3, but I don’t think anything about that RB3 position is clear. Several guys could grab that third spot by the end of the year. I would say he is trending towards that direction right now, but I’m not willing to give him that title yet. But, I’m also not ruling it out or calling it impossible. 

Dan – Too bold, but trending towards cold.

I think the race for the RB3 spot in the 2022 class is starting to slow down, but I would disagree that anyone has a clear hold on it yet. I think he and Charbonnet are in a neck and neck race for the RB3 slot. It will be a fun end to the college football season watching these two duke it out. 

To be a bit bold, I think the RB1 and RB2 spots are more open than anyone is willing to admit. These running back rankings are not yet set in stone, and at least four guys can walk away with the title of RB1. 

Erik – BOLD! But I like it.

I’m not sure that he’s the “clear” RB3, but Walker has as good a claim as any. He’s leading CFB in yards, yards after contact, and YCO/A. And the difference that he’s made to Michigan State can’t be overstated, helping drag the Spartans from last place to a BIG 10-leading 6-0 record. 

I still think there’s an argument for Charbonnet at this spot- his size, hands, and gain-creating ability are NFL traits- but Walker at this spot is easy to argue for as well. 

3. Xavier Worthy is a top 10 devy WR

Freshman Longhorns WR Xavier Worthy has been lighting it up this season, producing more than any other WR in his class so far. His 531 yards and six TDs don’t just lead his class, though – they lead the whole Big 12 as well. While he was just a 4-star and only has six games to his name, some devy fans and analysts are crowning him the king of his class and a top 10 overall devy WR. Cold, or Bold?

Tristan – Too Bold

I think it’s not necessarily too far from being the case, so perhaps putting him in the top 10 a little earlier than I feel is deserving isn’t the worst thing. I think he is trending in that direction. But after only six games, I find it difficult to put him in the top 10. He’s looked incredible, and I think he’ll be up there if he keeps this level of production up for the rest of the season. So it’s not incredibly bold, but I’m not quite there. 

Dan – Too Cold

Worthy has slipped into the Top 10 for me with his production this season. Although with all rankings, they are very fluid. We can all name the studs by this point; Treylon Burks, Chris Olave, Garrett Wilson, Drake London, Kayshon Boutte, George Pickens, David Bell, etc. 

I think the real decider in Worthy’s ranking will be how the two Ohio State receivers, Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Emeka Egbuka, produce once Wilson and Olave leave. This could be the tier that Worthy finds himself in during the 2022 college football season. 

Erik – ICE COLD.

While we’ve been fooled by a few players lately (cough cough DJU cough), production as a true frosh is an excellent signpost to NFL stardom, and that’s more true at the WR position than any other. His current Y/RR of 3.21 is top 25 in the FBS and top three in his class.

Worthy’s tape backs up his numbers. He’s an electric player with round one of the NFL draft in his future. 

4. Chris Rodriguez Jr. is a Day 2 prospect 

Kentucky RB Chris Rodriguez Jr. has done nothing but produce over the last two years. Despite playing in the SEC, he’s been one of the most efficient players in the nation. He’s averaging 105.8 yards and 1.2 TDs from scrimmage in that span. He already has NFL size, listed at 5’11” and 224 lbs. It’s getting difficult for fans to ignore the production. With Kentucky rolling to 6-0 behind his performance, they’re expecting to see him on Sundays. Too Cold or Too Bold?

Tristan – Too Bold

I think this is the easiest call of all of these this week. It’s not that he hasn’t looked good, been efficient, and produced numbers in the SEC. But RBs always fall further in the draft than we expect, so I think he’s more likely a 5-7th round pick, with the potential to move up to the fourth round with impressive testing numbers. It’s possible that he could sneak into the end of the third round, but I’m not counting on it. 

Dan – Too Bold

This running back class isn’t as exciting as the 2020 or 2021 draft classes. Just last year alone we only saw four running backs go by the end of day two. 2020 saw ten, which makes sense considering how strong that class was. This 2022 class I feel is more like the 2019 class where there are only two or three big names with the potential for a fourth to sneak in. 2019 saw six running backs drafted on day one or day two. There is a chance for Rodriguez, but I don’t see it happening.


I’m not a Rodriguez guy. I’m seeing shades of Ke’shawn Vaughn, another guy that produced well in the SEC. Where’s the trait that separates him from the other good backs in this class? He’ll get attention for sure, but the difference between a day two back and a 5th/6th rounder (unless Shanahan is looking to overdraft a JAG) has to be one or more elite traits. 

Maybe I haven’t studied Rodriguez enough, but I just haven’t seen it yet.

5. Isaiah Likely is a Top Three TE in the 2022 class

In a wide-open TE class, any big performance at the position can launch any name into the conversation. And what a big performance Coastal Carolina TE Isaiah Likely had on Saturday. His 232 yards and four TDs were one of the best outputs any pass-catcher has had this year. It brought his yearly totals to 513 yards and eight TDs through six games. His athletic traits and production have some fans enamored and calling him one of the top TEs in the class. Too Cold or Too Bold?

Tristan – Too bold

I think that there are too many other TE prospects that will end up in this 2022 class and will push Likely down. If he pops off with his testing numbers at the combine, then maybe he could sneak into the top three, but I would guess he’ll max out around TE5 in this class. I also know how difficult it is to project TEs into the NFL, so it’s within the realm of possibilities. 


Likely is getting drafted for sure.  

But what I know about the NFL’s scouting of tight ends couldn’t fill a thimble. I know he looks athletic, and he’s been super productive.

The NFL has done serious SEC & P5 bias, and that’s going to hurt Likely. 

Drafted? Yes. Successful in the NFL? Maybe. As the TE3? I would be surprised. I think it’s likely that guys like Stogner and Ruckert go higher than these small-school producers that we all love for CFB FF. 

Sam – Too Bold

Likely looks like a good athlete and has been a solid producer over the last few years. As the others said, TE3 is within the realm of possibility because of the wide open nature of the class and some of the plus traits Likely has.

However, that wide-open nature is a bit of a double-edged sword. There are a lot of guys in the same tier as Likely, and he doesn’t show an elite trait to really separate himself from the rest of the pack. The likelihood of him ending up a top-three TE is relatively low since he would have to beat out numerous guys with similar production levels and skillsets, especially considering he’s already at a disadvantage simply by playing in the Sun Belt.

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