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College Football Week 9: Too Cold or Too Bold

Each week, fans around the country react to big games and disappointing ones alike. Each week, our writers decide which reactions are legitimate and which aren’t.

1. Bryce Young is clearly a better devy asset than CJ Stroud

Tyler – Too bold. Though I rank Young above Stroud, the term “clearly” makes this statement too bold. The debate over the 2023 QB1 will continue long after draft day, as it rightfully should. Though it seems the only clear winner in any category would be Stroud’s size over Young, there is not too much that either QB does exceptionally better than the other. Preference will be key in which devy asset you would rather hold, but this is the truest QB1a and QB1b I can remember seeing in years. 

Dwight – Too bold! It’s not clear, I think he is, but it’s not as far apart as I thought it would be coming into the season. Young’s height worries me, but he makes many plays and can take over a game. Stroud is smart, takes care of the ball, and has an uncanny command of an offense. I like Young more, but Stroud is so close that I could see either going before the other in the draft. 

Justin – Too bold. There is a 2023 QB1a and QB1b. I have always preferred Young, but the margin is razor-thin. The case for Young is that he has maintained exceptional efficiency with fewer weapons and continues to show off a “once every ten years” skill set. His size is an obvious concern, especially his weight. I argue that if any prospect can be a size outlier, I’m betting on Young. His arm talent, creativity, pedigree, and intangibles are so compelling. He is one of the best instinctual quarterbacks I have ever scouted. The QB1 debate continues, though, because Stroud is equally as impressive. His surgical ability to manipulate defenses is his calling card. I prefer Bryce, but don’t let anyone tell you either player is clearly above the other.

The Verdict: Too Bold (3/3)

2. Quinshon Judkins is the 2025 RB1

Tyler – Too bold. Judkins has been putting on a SHOW this season, but it is hard to rank him above Nick Singleton. Singleton has been the consensus 2025 RB1 since he stepped foot on campus, and I don’t see that changing. Judkins has burst onto the scene and will be the 2025 RB2 for the foreseeable future. Judkins has excellent speed, vision, and an innate ability to get through even the smallest hole in a defense. There is still a gap between Singleton and Judkins, but Judkins has a secure hold on the 2025 RB2 spot. 

Dwight – I want to say Too Cold, but I can’t! Singleton is still the RB1 but hasn’t had the opportunity that Judkins has. Singleton is one of those backs that does everything and has the perfect size and a handful of elite traits. With that said, Judkins isn’t far behind; at this moment, he’s in the first tier for me. Because he has shown many of the same things – he’s got good size and does everything, but he is a shade less explosive than Singleton. Judkins is breaking tackles, ankles, and through barriers – he’s RB2, and it’s closer than some will say. 

Justin – Too bold. The 2025 RB1 is Singleton, period. Judkins is a monster and rightfully flying up devy boards, but he is not the only freshman back putting on a show this season. Singleton looks like an NFL-ready prospect today. His speed and explosiveness cannot be taught. Singleton runs like he has something to prove on every play and should be ranked in his tier. Very few running back prospects are so well-rounded with Saquon-level talent. Judkins is my RB2, with a tier gap between him and Singleton.

The Verdict: Too Bold (3/3)

3. Parker Washington is a Day 2 prospect

Tyler – Too cold. Parker Washington is a prototypical slot receiver in the NFL, and I think he is a lock to be a Day 2 draft pick. Whatever team picks, Washington will get a smart, proficient receiver who has arguably the best body control of anyone in this draft. Though he isn’t jumping off the stat sheet this season, Washington has all the makings of a quality Day 2 pick, and I think there’s little chance of him slipping past the middle of the 3rd round. 

Dwight – Too cold. Washington has had a quiet season, but I don’t put any of it on him. He’s borderline Day 2/Day 3, but I think the latter half of the third round is the sweet spot. The receiver class is deep, and Washington will make his money as an intelligent receiver who knows how to get open, has excellent hands, and is dangerous in the open field. Washington may not be as flashy as others in the class, but he may be one of the safest WR2/3 types. 

Justin – Too cold. Finally, an opportunity to talk about Parker Washington. It had been a mostly quiet season until he erupted against Ohio State for 11-179-1. I entered the season thinking Day 1 draft capital was on the table for Washington, but Day 2 is far more likely at this point. There is no prospect with better coordination and body control. He hauled in another one of his patented circus catches against the Buckeyes last weekend. Washington is set to have a really productive career as an NFL slot receiver.

The Verdict: Too Cold (3/3)

4. Jalin Hyatt > Cedric Tillman as an NFL prospect

Tyler – Way too bold. Jalin Hyatt caught fire at the exact right time, with huge games against big-time opponents like Alabama and Kentucky, while also registering multiple touchdowns in each of his last four games. Hyatt has put together some amazing highlight plays, but most of his production has come on the heels of a Cedric Tillman ankle injury. Tillman is the better receiver and has more skills that will translate to the NFL than Hyatt. Sometimes the excitement of an underdog team and an electric player can cloud our judgment, but there is no reason to believe that Hyatt is the better prospect unless this magical run continues strong. 

Dwight – Get on outta here with that Too Bold-ness! Hyatt is a deep threat, and he’s good at it – Tillman is far closer to a complete receiver. Hyatt will rise up boards if he keeps going, but it feels like someone will over-invest in a Will Fuller type of prospect. Tillman is out of sight and out of mind but far better overall – he can stretch the field, create separation, and has phenomenal hands. 

Justin – Too bold. Hyatt feels like fools gold to me. It’s not a coincidence that nearly all of his production has come with Tillman sidelined. I thought Hyatt was unimpressive early in the season, often looking disengaged. There is nothing wildly exciting about his profile, and he is generally not the type of receiver I gravitate towards. Tillman has a much higher ceiling. He’s big, strong, and dominates at the catch point. Give me Tillman all day. 

The Verdict: Too Bold (3/3)

5. Conner Weigman is a top 3 2025 QB

Tyler – Too bold. Weigman could finally answer Texas A&M’s QB woes, but I don’t think he will crack the top three in 2025 right now. He will certainly have the talent around him and the competition to work his way into the top three as he gets more snaps, but he still sits behind Drew Allar, Cade Klubnik, and Devin Brown in my rankings. Watching Weigman vs. Brown battle it out next season for QB3 in the 2025 class will be a great thing to watch, but Weigman falls just outside of the top three for me currently. 

Dwight – Too Bold, but he will get the chance to prove me wrong. Going into the process, I wasn’t as high on Weigman, but he’s surrounded by talent in the SEC – so he will have an opportunity to prove me wrong. He looked good in game one, but he’s got a long way to go to be top three for me. 

Justin – Too bold. This kills me because I am a big Weigman fan and thrilled to see him perform well in Year 1. I like Drew Allar, Cade Klubnik, and Devin Brown a little more. We have already seen two of those three play well, and I am willing to be patient with the third. In a strong class, Weigman is my 2025 QB4 currently. I prefer Brown’s arm talent; he is clearly in a better position to develop. Weigman being tied to Jimbo is a concern of mine.

The Verdict: Too Bold (3/3)

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