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Deebo Samuel is Back With the 49ers, Can He Repeat 2021?

Deebo Samuel got paid and is back with the 49ers. Can the wideback or wide receiver repeat 2021 or will he disappoint? @DarthDbacks has projections

Everyone knew Deebo Samuel was a great wide receiver and had the best name in the NFL. No way anyone expected the showcase that Samuel put on in 2021. He was the WR3 on the season after changing how NFL teams viewed playmaking wide receivers. Or, as Deebo called it, WideBack. A wide running back receiver. There were fears that Samuel was going to leave the 49ers this off-season after contract disputes and asking for a trade. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed as he signed a three-year extension for $71.55 million, which ensures his spot on San Francisco’s roster through 2025. With that contract, Samuel’s dynasty future is known. This will help to evaluate his worth and cost in fantasy football.

2021 Recap

Samuel had to work hard to get to the WR3 overall finish in PPR fantasy football. With Jimmy Garappolo at quarterback, Deebo earned 121 targets, caught 77 of them, and had 1,405 receiving yards. That’s good for an 18.2 ypc, and he added six touchdowns. He had 59 rushes for 365 yards and eight touchdowns. That’s 14 touchdowns on the season, a large number for a wide receiver. He did play in only 16 games, but that’s to be expected. Samuel has yet to play an entire season. All around, it was a terrific third season for the dynamic wide receiver.

2022 Season Projections

Samuel is entering 2022 with a new quarterback. Trey Lance is the new one throwing the football with the 49ers effectively quitting on Jimmy Garappolo. Lance has a massive arm that will suit Samuel’s deep route-running preference. However, Lance has many issues with inaccuracy. It remains to be seen how well Lance will do over a whole season with his deep throws. They will be faster and stronger than Jimmy’s, so Samuel must be ready. I’d expect Samuel not to rush as much. I doubt he reaches 50 just because he’s important to the offense. They can’t risk him getting injured. Samuel will still rush, but not as much. The only real concerns for the 26-year-old wide receiver will be whether he can stay healthy and his connection with Trey Lance.

My projections for Deebo Samuel

Samuel will be an elite wide receiver this season. I expect a top finish among the WR1s. These numbers above are over 16 games, which he played last year. I don’t expect him to play in all 17 games. In PPR, this statline is equal to 17.6 ppg. A high number suits Samuel’s importance in dynasty and the NFL. I can’t wait to watch him play on Sundays soon.

Buy/Sell Deebo Samuel

He is entering his age-26 season and will be one of the best wide receivers. Samuel scores far too much for a rebuilding club, so sell him unless you’re rebuilding over one year. He is worth at least two first-round picks. There are few cheat codes like him in the fantasy football world. Playing in the same system for the next near-half-decade with the same coach only raises his dynasty value. The certainty of his cost is ideal for dynasty owners. I can’t get enough Samuel in dynasty since he should keep performing like this for the next three-plus years, at least. The only worry is injury, but one can’t predict that. If you want to win the championship, go try to buy Samuel. He will give you excess value over those late-first picks.


Samuel is a rare NFL player that can perform excellently at multiple positions. This versatility and skillset raise his dynasty value due to him providing points in various ways. The ability to score a touchdown via air or ground only adds to the appeal. There are injury concerns, but he played in 16 games last year. That’s a strong number that should be repeated. If contending, go add Samuel since he will help you win far more than any future picks. Never enough to go around, so make sure you get a share while you can. He’s in store for a great season as the main target for young quarterback Lance. Buy some Deebo.

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As always, May the Force be with You…

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