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Devy Fools Gold: Running Backs

Devy is a fickle game for so many, it is the ultimate game of long-term investing, and you don’t even know what the return will be. Some positions are easier to gauge in terms of value, others not so much. It all could be gone instantly for any player and their fantasy value. The game of getting a devy running back is easier than most positions.

Compared to most other positions, RBs tend to leave school earlier rather than later. The only recent outlier in the memory bank would be Chuba Hubbard. His staying slightly ruined his draft stock. Most RBs know they only have so much trend on their tires, and they want to get paid before they lose it.

Heading into the 2022 season, many RBs have big-time upside staring us all in the face. Does it feel like more names are worth knowing this year than any, but what names could fit the fool’s gold title? Get the ole sifter out and see what we can find in the devy running back landscape.

Travis Dye, USC 

The immediate Twitter reaction to Dye announcing he was going south from Eugene, Oregon to Los Angeles had people buzzing. Those reactions may be a bit overdramatic when it is all said and done. Dye was never used to his full potential while at Oregon; no RB was, but a new offense doesn’t change anything.

We know this USC Trojans offense will be bananas. I don’t see Dye being a part of the madness. The only madness will be coming from those that still are holding onto any devy shares.

Deuce Vaughn, Kansas State 

Size is often an overblown fabric in most football arguments, in my opinion, except when it comes to RBs. The NFL has shown how they value undersized RBs, and Vaughn may be too small to be anything more than a fun devy back. He is listed as being 5’ 5” and 175 pounds. There are small RBs, and then there is this type of small. 

Former Kansas State Wildcat Darren Sproles was listed at 5’6” and 190 pounds, and that bulk made the difference. If Vaughn can bulk up a little while not sacrificing his speed and elusiveness, maybe we can see him blossom into something. Until then, I can’t get behind him as a devy asset.

Nick Singleton, Penn State

This will come off as a bit premature, but this is more of a warning than anything. 

I believe in Singleton, the player. I worry he will have to leave Penn State to become what we all think he can be. James Franklin and his staff have not been able to have a productive running attack since Journey Brown’s early retirement. That being said, Singleton is the most talented back to get on campus since Brown. Until they show a commitment to the running game, specifically Singleton, I hesitate to get excited about him the way he deserves. 

As a devy asset, I would hold off on any buys. If you already have shares, then I would hold for now. Normally a freshman season isn’t big for RBs, but his will be.

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