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Devy Game Report: Jaren Hall vs. Oregon

Jaren Hall is quickly gaining traction among the NFL Draft community, he has proven to be more than Zach Wilson's backup. @MandrewNFL breaks down his film against Oregon in his latest Devy Game Report!

Getting a rookie quarterback or a devy quarterback like Jaren Hall, who has all the tools to be successful, can be gold for your fantasy team. Whether you stash the player until they can be used on your dynasty roster or C2C lineup, perhaps you decide to trade them for more immediate and impactful players. 

No matter what, quarterbacks are always a long and patient play. What is important is you digest as many of their game reps as possible, and if you can’t, find someone who does.

This is where Dynasty Nerds can step in.

For this report, it is worth looking at a prospect who is getting his name in the media cycle more than before. Hall, out of BYU, has a ton of tools that could make him a promising NFL talent. One issue he has that won’t be discussed is his age; Hall will be 25 years old as an NFL rookie. Now we are not saying that it will be a meaningless number. It may force him down draft boards which may make him a stash for later on dynasty rosters.

For now, by looking at his game this year against a talented Oregon defense, we see a lot of the tools teams like. Hall demonstrates excellent ball placement, leadership, and a knack for making plays. This is his devy game report.


Hall, against Oregon, didn’t do many great things for him with his accuracy. While he never missed badly on any throws, he had several big ones come up just short or be overthrown. I will add, he played this game without the team’s top two receivers, so I am not sure if that would have made a difference with timing. 

Arm Strength 

Hall has a strong arm that flashes both in the altitude in Provo and everywhere else the Cougars play. He can make throws at all levels and directions of the field. This trait pops off when he makes cross-field throws with excellent zip on those passes in this game.


Hall doesn’t have a bulldozer build like some running backs in college, but that doesn’t limit his style. He has zero issues utilizing his size as a runner, but his frame allows him to take hits in the pocket and bounce back. He’s a very sturdy player to match the tough style he presents with.


He demonstrates great mobility in the pocket and as a runner to pick up yards. His size and playstyle remind me a lot of Russell Wilson, which used to be a compliment. I am getting at that Hall will pick up first downs while also breaking off the occasional 20+ yard rush. 

Decision Making 

He doesn’t take many risks, leaving some to be desired regarding his pass attempts. For Hall against Oregon, he didn’t make any poor decisions, but he did wait a little too long for routes to develop. Had he pulled the trigger quicker in tighter windows, he may have had a different outcome to the game.

Out of Structure Ability 

He does a great job keeping his eyes downfield when forced to move around the pocket. While he can take it off and run several times in this game, Hall waits for his receivers to extend their routes. 

Pocket Awareness 

Hall has above-average pocket awareness demonstrated in this game. The Oregon defense does a good job applying pressure and covering BYU’s receivers. Because of this, we see Hall extend plays and navigate the pocket while waiting for receivers to help him.


I mentioned this earlier, but if Hall’s arm was a rifle with a scope, that scope needed to be adjusted just a little bit in this game. He was getting every pass within a catchable area for his defenders at every level. That being said, he was either missing them high or low at times. Definitely, something to look for with his games the rest of the season.


He has a clean throwing process, follows through, makes himself square when forced out of the pocket, and so many other great things about his mechanics. His lower body is again where he reminds me of Wilson because it’s as if he is never off balance. 


Hall was missing out on his top two receivers early in the year. It made him better and forced making progressions—like covering someone’s eyes and making them use their other sense. Hall has been making progressions all year long and that was no different in this game against Oregon. 

Overall Thoughts

Hall is going to be someone who tears apart Draft Twitter this offseason. He may also tear apart an NFL front office; he has so much talent, but does a team roll the dice on a 25-year-old quarterback? Perhaps, the Browns took a chance on 28-year-old Brandon Weeden at the back end of round one.

While using the Browns as an example, that may not be a glowing revue but look at it as the NFL is willing to take chances. If you are Houston, for example, you can grab two great players in the first half of April’s draft, so why not roll the dice on Hall later on? He is worth the price of a first-round pick; he needs one team to take a chance on him. Until then, you grab his devy shares where and when you can.

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